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Pennsylvania I loved this place pre-Covid and am equally impressed this time around. Highly recommend!

The facilities are wonderful, classes and activities are great, instructors and staff go over and above, the spa staff and amenities are awesome, and the Pennsylvania food is consistently very good. Overall there is nothing critical to say about any part of the experience.

There are so many people to shout out for their exceptional service I can’t even name them, but Robert at the security gate left such an amazing first impression it set the tone for the entire experience.

As a second timer I can say I will for sure be back again. Everything is clean and well cared for. They do a good job minimizing class sizes and other activities where you’d typically be a lot closer to other people. Other than masks and some changed protocols, it really feels like a relaxing getaway where you can feel safe and not think about everything going on in the world.


This place really is 5 star worthy so let me start with my issue first. With a few exceptions, the staff were very friendly and professional. When we arrived the lady who checked us in was wonderful and even encouraged us to catch lunch before it closed in 15 minutes. What I didn’t know but was told by the not so friendly lady who checked us out was that eating lunch upon arrival denied us the opportunity for lunch when we left – unless we paid extra for it. I should note that 3 meals a day is included in the price you pay. I should also say that one night we did not eat dinner. However, I suppose that meal goes back to the house and couldn’t be used for our departing lunch.

Ok, the bad aside, this place is absolutely fabulous! The grounds and rooms are exceptionally clean and it is so quiet everywhere. Pennsylvania In fact, they encourage you upon arrival to keep phones on silent and not to talk on them around others who are trying to enjoy the tranquility.

For the most part, I just walked the trails, gazed at the trees, sky and chipmunks in the hammocks, and on one occasion I tried out my archery skills. I’m no Arrow, or Eagle the Archer but it was still fun. I also tried my hand at watercolors and made a pretty good painting in my first effort at it!

They take COVID seriously which I appreciated. You have to get temperature checked upon arrival, and you must wear your mask at all times when indoors. Housekeeping do not enter your room but leave the necessary provisions at the door. If you didn’t want to dine in their restaurant you could pick up the food or have it delivered. I should note the food was above average but not spectacular.

Lastly, I purchased the Gourmond Package and honestly forgot what all it entailed – and unfortunately they really didn’t remind me so I did not get the bang for my buck. I was supposed to get:

Lavish accommodations – YES

3 consecutive artfully-crafted gourmet meals per night of stay – NO, only the dining room menu and was not offered any special menu

Enjoy a custom Amuse Bouche with dinner from our Chef each night – SORT OF, they brought it down on the second night but the first night we didn’t go down for dinner and no one mentioned we had anything so I never got it

Signature trail mix as a ride-home snack from our Chef – it was such a small package, it would have been nice if we received two packages since my wife was with me

So, I love the premises and most of the people were nice. They really didn’t need to charge me for an outgoing meal since I didn’t get some of what I was supposed to get for the package I paid for – so in the end the house wins I guess. Oh well, I’ll still return because the place truly is special. But I’ll be more savvy next time to make sure I get what I pay for.


Just got married and we were searching for a secluded spa resort to spend a few days for a mini-moon given the health concerns of late. The Lodge was the perfect setting to get away and feel completely comfortable/at ease knowing that they have all the proper protocols in place to keep guests safe.

Ambience- located in a remote part of Pennsylvania, the 2-hour drive to the lodge from Newark airport was beautiful. The Poconos are gorgeous and it is such a serene and peaceful place to unplug from all the chaos going on. The lodge itself has pretty traditional decor and an Pennsylvania overall “mountain vibe”, but the rooms still looked updated and renovated. In theory you can walk around the resort all weekend in your spa robe, except for dinner when you should be wearing at least business casual attire. The spa is absolutely beautiful (I had one of the best massages ever), and there is an indoor pool with an outdoor sundeck and small hot tub overlooking the forest. It would have been nice to have a bigger pool outdoors given how scenic the area is but overall, the ambience was beautiful. They have a ton of outdoor activities including a beautiful golf course, kayaking, ax throwing, archery, fitness classes, cooking classes, wine tasting etc etc.

Service- this is the reason for my 4 star rating, as I would have expected a bit better service considering the price you pay to stay here. When we arrived, the valet was very helpful and welcoming. I went to the counter to check in and the whole process took about 2 minutes and was spent mostly explaining the COVID precaution form I needed to sign online. There was no explanation of the property itself, the amenities, or how the meals worked (the resort cost includes 3 meals per day for you and a guest). In addition, there were several items we asked for but there was a significant delay in even getting ice delivered to the room. The staff are not allowed to come in to your room to leave items for safety purposes which is great, but this is even more of a reason to step up service in other areas if possible.

Food- for each meal you can pick an appetizer/soup/salad, plus entree and a dessert. The breakfast was fantastic each day and there were lots of choices. Lunch was probably my least favorite because the options were the same every day. Dinner was pretty good though my salmon was pretty undercooked one night- the kitchen was prompt to take care of this. The one big downside is that there is no room service option for late night food, and you are pretty much stuck going to the same place for every meal but overall the food is good. Cocktails/beer/wine are available but not included in the meal cost.

Given our service issues, the manager was very willing to rectify the situation appropriately. We were overall satisfied with our stay at the Lodge and definitely recommend a visit.


Usually, I am the queen of an organized, well thought out vacation; but for this spring break, I was caught off guard! I had grandiose plans for going to Jamaica…then there was Woodloch. With the hustle and bustle of last minute planning, I decided to take a chance on a suggestion by a coworker who frequents The Lodge at Woodloch bi-annually. I can never thank her enough.

When we arrived at the gated entry, the attendant wholeheartedly welcomed us. We introduced ourselves and instantly he belted, “Happy Birthday!’ I was moved and thankful. When we arrived at the massive, ornate front door, the valet driver opened our driver’s side door and reiterated a happy birthday salutation! They immediately removed our luggage to be delivered to our room. We were free to relax and breathe.

At the welcoming desk, more happy birthday greetings, along with two (2) tote bags full with goodies, and a customized itinerary of activities that we previously requested. They bid us a fond ado to enjoy lunch; afterwards, our room would be ready.

Lunch was exceptional and most definitely of the quality and distinction that you would expect at this price point. We dined on a 5 star menu and drank naturally crafted ‘mocktails.’ After lunch we headed to our room; which was spared no detail. Every whim that one could want was within reach. The Lodge’s signature Rosemary Mint products were strategically placed in the bathroom. There were two (2) high quality robes and white, thick, luxury wash clothes, hand towels, and towels.

We spent the next 3 days: fine dining with an experienced, dedicated, and warm dining staff headed by Robin; biking, relaxing, and being spoiled. Our every need was covered. I lavished in yoga, TRX with Sarah; Tread and Shed with Cindy; open fitness room with Mark; and a relaxing pedicure and manicure by the spa staff. No need to go abroad for the luxury….The Lodge has it all!


Had such a great weekend at this peaceful resort for a wintertime bachelorette. The pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, and rooms themselves are top-notch and in such good condition. There are all these beautiful living room-style nooks with fireplaces and magazines that are so cozy.

My absolute favorite activities and teachers were Debra from the pastels class and Derrick from the bone broth cooking demo. They both so obviously love what they’re doing and are so thankful to be doing it in this corner of country paradise. It is a joy to learn from talented people who love what they do.

The resort loses a star because of the all-inclusive price for two nights and the cost of the massages. However, the quality is incredibly high here, and we made such great memories.


Wow. 5 stars that are well deserved. From the moment you drive through the gate you feel relaxed and at ease. The staff was beyond friendly and accommodating and everyone went above and beyond to make it an incredible experience. Even after spending 1 night and almost two full days at the spa, I feel renewed and refreshed. The spa facilities were very relaxing, well run, and CLEAN. I had the Delaware river stone massage and loved every minute of it. My massage therapist was very knowledgeable and really took her time making sure the massage was effective and relaxing. The steam room, sauna and outdoor hot tub followed by tea in the whisper room really made the day.  Our accommodations at the lodge were equally as pleasant– clean and relaxing. The bed was quite honestly one of the most comfortable hotel beds I’ve ever stayed on. The food was good spa food and they had a wide range of healthier options including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free.

Lodge at woodloch doesn’t even compare to other resort spas including Mohonk, Woodstock, and Mirbeau.

My one complaint was with the Pilates instructor– she was in a terrible mood and made us seem like an inconvenience. There was barely any background music and the props were awkward and uncoordinated with the moves. It seemed more like a waste of my time than a workout.


I recently was lucky enough to stay with family and friends at the Woodloch spa. I love that the lodge is fairly small, so everything is close walking distance. The building has beautiful floor to ceiling windows, so we could see the water and fall foliage nearly everywhere we went. I even saw a deer from one of my morning yoga classes! I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of classes, and I tried several unique experiences, like “Splash Dance”, “Drums Alive,” and “Great Wall of Yoga”. While I was there they also offered a variety of fitness classes including yoga, TRX, spin, and barre, cooking demos, meditation, photography, and an essential oils workshop to name a few. There is also a beautiful fitness space with rooms for workout classes, rowing, or weights and cardio. Our room was spacious and gorgeous, overlooking the forest and lake. I loved the cozy fire places all over and outdoor fire pits with s’mores. They offer kayaking and paddle boarding in the summer as well. Though they had a variety of evening activities on the schedule, we found an empty room with couches and had fun playing games that we brought from home one night.

The spa was phenomenal- easily the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve probably been to 8-10 others. It has literally everything you could imagine. It included an indoor whirlpool, eucalyptus steam room, sauna, indoor heated pool, hot tub with a waterfall that massages your shoulders, an outdoor infinity hot tub, all the amenities you need including blow dryers, q-tips, hairspray, deodorant, razors, face wash, lotions etc and private showers (individual rooms with vanities, not just a curtain to rinse off) a whisper room if you want silence and also a social gathering room. There is also fresh fruit, nuts, and tea everywhere with honey from the bees on the property. I had a wonderful “Lodge facial” and others enjoyed their “tension tamer” massages. Staff was very helpful and friendly, and they have wonderful lines of skin care and beauty products (though they weren’t pushy at all about purchasing after our services). I also absolutely loved the little boutique shop.

The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is for the lack of organization in the restaurant, though the food and service were pretty good (with some gf, vegan, and vegetarian options). I understand that it was a little bit complicated that our dinner party Saturday night included some guests who had purchased a day pass (and therefore needed to pay extra for dinner) and some people who were staying for the weekend; however, we confirmed the number of guests and their names multiple times before arriving both over the phone and via email. It was so disorganized when we arrived, that it was almost comical how one woman asked us to confirm who was a day pass versus weekend guest on 4 separate occasions and then the waiter asked us twice more. I don’t really understand why it wasn’t just written down once and then done. This seems like a problem that can easily be fixed for our next visit!


In the midst of this pandemic I decided it was time to take advantage of a long weekend and go someplace safe and peaceful. I had recently seen a travelagent friend  post about 2 recent trips she had been on…saying that the covid procedures were stellar and there were very safe and clean places to visit. I don’t have much free time between work and single motherhood. Much of my “off weekends” are spent doing laundry, food shopping or running errands for the following week. After months of homeschooling, and working around the clock, I decided it was time to take care of me. (Or at least go someplace where others would “Pamper” me!!) I put my faith in my friend’s hands and placed my fears aside. (Who am I kidding? I was anxious until I got there!) Upon arriving at Woodloch, I felt immediately welcome and special. I gave my name at the security gate and as soon as I pulled up to the front entrance a masked valet was there greeting me by name, telling me my room number and offering to take my bags directly to my room. Valet parking is suspended due to covid so I was told how to park my own car. Masks are REQUIRED by all guests and staff whenever they are inside public areas. (With the exception of swimming in the indoor pool or while seated at a table and eating). Once again I was greeted by name at registration – where tables separated me from the check-in desk. A new pen wrapped in plastic was given to me to sign paperwork and they even give everyone a name tag for the water bottles they give away – so no one uses anyone else’s accidentally. The staff is constantly walking around cleaning with masks and gloves. I was told that the air is filtered 3x the amount recommended by the CDC throughout the resort. Every room is sprayed with a disinfectant when it becomes vacant and that spray has to remain on all surfaces for a certain period of time before it is wiped away. They must allow one hour after cleaning a room before another guest can go inside. Before the property reopened staff had to go through a rigorous training in how to sanitize and operate under the “new normal” circumstances. Every employee was kind and safe. I felt like a VIP everywhere I went and met the nicest people. From Tommy who helped me with many things – rescuing a chipmunk that fell in a garbage receptacle outside, opening my bottle of wine and bringing me ice…to Dan who saved me from the forest today…to Sam who encouraged me to get on that paddle board!  Meals are served inside (or you can get room service or “to go” and take your food outside and eat at tables on the patio). Inside, tables are spaced more than 6 feet away. Servers are masked and food is brought from the kitchen impeccably prepared, farm fresh, insanely delicious and totally covered up. Meals are uncovered by you or the server as the are placed at your setting. Even small fruit bowls and pats of butter are delivered wrapped in plastic. Room remotes are cleaned and placed in plastic bags and there is no maid service throughout your stay. You are asked to leave dirty towels outside and they are replaced wrapped and sitting on a small table outside of your room. The property is running at about 75% capacity and class sizes are cut in half. My only complaint was that staff did not wipe down any outside furniture when I was there. I am not sure how critical that is (wood benches, wood chairs, lounge chairs), but I never felt unsafe at all. The resort has hand sanitizing stations set up everywhere so I simplyused them whenever I passed by. I took a boot camp class that kicked my ass outside, I did a peaceful mediation in their outdoor labyrinth, a brief wine tasting, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, ( all gym equipment, boat, life vest and oar are wiped down between every use) got an incredible massage, took a self-massage class, hiked 2 miles today and got lost (see golf cart picture of me with the valet that rescued me), ran into a friend, took a flower painting class, ate a lot of amazing food and had great company. I stepped out of my comfort zone (in the lap of luxury), taking myself away from my bubble on Long Island and listening to what my heart, head and soul needed most. It was a true recharge. A great spot for couples, a girls weekend or parents and their adult children. I highly recommend The Lodge at Woodloch and can’t wait to plan my next stay!!!


I was absolutely floored by The Lodge at Woodloch. The moment we arrived, we were greeted at the gate by the most cheerful man. When we gave him our name, he saw it was our Anniversary and he was just so happy for us and so sweet. The bellman and front desk staff did the exact same thing. We were early, but they had our room ready and our luggage already in it. The classes we took, both workout classes and chakra classes, were led by phenomenal women and the food. WOW! THE FOOD! 5 Star, exceptional and creative. 100 compliments to the chef! And the service was top notch! We will definitely be going back!


My husband and I visited The Spa at Woodloch the end of February 2018 for a long weekend getaway. We had heard many good things about the Spa..and were happy to find that all recommendations were right!

Plus:Bathrobes – plushLots of pillows Extremely friendly staff Knew our names upon arrival Gratuities included – no tipping Valet is supremeMagnifying mirror in bathroom Beautiful mountain bikes available for use on property trailsExcellent excellent gymRoom service is not room service…only available during designated meal times High staff to client ratioBeds are temperedic…I didn’t mind. Hubby was very uncomfortable Beautiful property and groundsI had an upset stomach…The restaurant manager recommended “sports tea”, and I felt so much better!Seems to be high ratio of women guestsFood is beyond excellent!!

I would recommend.

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