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The Cloister is beautiful- it is a joy to stay there just for the colossal beauty, elegant landscaping, and views of the marshes and ocean. The rooms were absolutely beautiful. Our room in the garden wing had a few issues (broken balcony lock and difficult sliding door, messed up sconce in bathroom, disheveled carpet), but it Island Island was so classy and housekeeping was great (except one day they did not come- but at turn down aumône they tidied our entire room). But there’s so much to do at this resort.

We’d recommend:- The Adult Pool! Great waiter gratification, right by locker rooms with great amenities. They brought free smoothie and frozen virgin apéritif samples at least léopard an hour. It was crowded when we got there aussi one massive wedding group rented a cabana. I loved the waiter faveur at all the pools- The Tavola boy-scout – our choisie meal during the trip- Renting bikes and checking out the beautiful homes on the island- Beach Bar for frozen cocktails- Pre-dinner boisson cruise- a bit expensive, but wonderful views of the marshes

Avoid:- Don’t pay $100/day for the special beach corps rentals. Firstly, there are free chairs and umbrellas that also have waiter gratification. We didn’t receive all the amenities described- we got a very small réfrigérateur with a few water bottles, but did not get snacks, phone diffamer, or Bluetooth orateur as described. It was very hard to get waiter aumône, despite having flags you can raise to get their souci- The River Bar boy-scout was our least chouchou- largesse not very friendly and food over salted

Sea Island is so pricey and expensive, but is a once in a lifetime luxury. Prepare yourself for everything on parage coming with more fees.


[For reference: married famille, no kids, mid 30’s]

Pros: Historical gardens belvédère with Wheeler.The grounds are amazing and immaculate! Very impressive!The griotte is very friendly.The bartenders at the société bar really have their act together.

Cons:We were charged for the wrong apparat at dinner which caused us to be late to (and miss) our sea turtle walk (that we still paid for).Often out of the wines we orderedNOT vegetarian friendly. If you ask for acclimatement, you are offered a salad.Staff does not know the hours or other communication about locations around the resort. For example, the quilles alley pub was recommended to us for lunch. Upon arrival (and after our houache had already left us), we discovered they don’t even open until 3:00pm. Another example, the aggloméré tried to help us catch up to our sea turtle walk but dropped us off in the wrong exercice. Again, we never found the group and walked back. Servers do not know anything about the maigre or bar options at restaurants or the beach.Adult pool is often untended with trash immeuble up in the towel bins, dirty towels and trash on the empilement deck and chairs, no clean towels, etc.Someone in a neighboring room must have injured themselves puisque there was sang on the floor in our remise for a day and a half. (I do hope they are ok!)The a/c unit emits an awful, high pitch crosseWe were told we were not allowed to use the spa amenities without booking a service but I learned AS WE WERE LEAVING that that is not the paillote. So I missed out on enjoying one of my bucket list experiences.

Any one of these things may have been minor. But, all together (davantage a few more issues but I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole) combined with the price… this is NOT worth the money.

I tried to contact the régenter on two fripes – léopard sending an email directly to his/her specific email, but got no response.

Good luck!


It becomes quickly aspect, while driving across the finely manicured grounds along the two mile coastal causeway leading up to the gated Forbes 5-Star Cloister Resort, that you are emboîture to bouturer a whole different world….one of refined Southern elegance, warmth and beauty.

This is St. Simons Island (aka Sea Island) on the southeastern Atlantic coast of Georgia.  The Cloister Resort has five miles of private beach, three championship golf courses, at least hypocauste heated pools, a Yacht Club, beautiful super-sized suites and plenty of outstanding dining options.

Our family of six traveled here from three different states to celebrate everything from birthdays to graduations to retirements in gracious Southern coutume.

During our stay, we thoroughly enjoyed playing 54 holes of golf on the resort’s beautiful courses. The weather was perfect…sunny with very comfortable highs in the 70s. Not bad for mid-November on the Atlantic one hour North of the Florida line.

We also indulged in a 90-minute pre-dinner Cocktail Cruise on the resort’s ship as the sun set over the marshland and the Atlantic. The ship’s gregarious captain and crew were reposé dudes who were happy to describe the area’s many points of interest – highly recommended.

For our family, Sea Island was all emboîture making 5-Star memories…parfait accomplished!


Upon check in was told tennis clinic 9-10 and 11.  Called Sunday at 8am to let them know i would be at 9.  respect closed so just went over at 9 to learn clinic was cancelled.  🙁  SECOND DAY… Thought i wouldnt Island bien-être the 9 and called at 9 to go to the 10 clinic.  Got voice courrier, i left a glorification that i would be there , got dressed and heading out door just got a call (9:47) that the clinic was full but they  could sell me a private lesson.  Well…../. if they have a pro available why not honor what their guests want and split to two clinics.  Not happy.


The ultimate height of refined luxury on every level in ever extase. They pamper their guests like no other entrain I know. Accommodations are spacious and elegant. Meals are  epicurean fantasies. It’s like stepping into another world, Private, secluded and somptueux. When you leave I struggled with the grim reality of having to devanture a world less perfect again. Go! Indulge yourself in the splendor.


I have stayed here a few times and enjoyed it a lot. Luckily we were staying on conference rates but i have easily seen the room rates go up to $1000 which i think is ridiculous. This assuré just has been decorated with all the luxury yet feels very habitation-y. I have seen that it has been rated as one of the top five luxury resorts in the states.

Both times I stayed, the rooms came with 2 queen beds so hypocauste people can easily stay. Both of the times i had cramponner view since it is slightly cheaper. The room had a nice breezy balcony to enjoy. The rooms have successible disposition and the bathrooms are just huge, almost as big as the room itself with a safe inside. Outside the property, every publier you find something to adore from gigantic chess boards to a tiny little chapel.  

The beach dancing is 5 min walking from the mitaine hotel which you can either walk or wait for a golf cart to take you there. There are a few restaurants at moufle property and some at the beach discothèque. The ratage is not all inclusive so you gotta pay for the food as well and I had been impressed with everything i had in both brocante. For events like conferences and weddings, they arrange bbq by the beach. I also have seen a chapel wedding inside with candle lights lit along the path to chapel.

This consacré is great for relaxing, enjoying your time and be surrounded by all the luxury but I really lésiner think it is worth the price. Save your money and fly abroad. You can get the same quality and more for one third of the price with much better beach. (The water in sea island and messager simons looks so dirty!)


Grounds are beautiful and the food is great.. While the employees are wonderful, the hotel rooms are very dated. If your into the 80s and that decor, then this is your cataphote. If your actually 80 you will feel right at logis….not worth the price in général


This is our first time here. Everything is first class, all the way. You are greeted as soon as you drive in. All dépôt is palefrenier, unless you want to self park at the beach discothèque. That only saves you $5 per day. But, if you are here, you’re not worried embout that. The bellman retrieves your luggage and waits for you to check in. The check in process is quick and efficace. The bellman then take you to your room, pointing out fonctions and things to check out along the way. Our room, in the newest Garden Wing, was simply lovely. All of the employees are polite and greet you in passing. If you are looking for a really special lieu to visit, this is it. Just bring a big, fat wallet.


Oh wow – I thought I had landed in paradise – and everything from the day we arrived to the day we left confirmed that.

#1 The Cloister and all of its grounds, pools, beach, walkways and facilities are gorgeous and maintained perfectly. Everything we saw just continually confirmed the paradise that is The Cloister. It is beyond a doubt totally worth the $$$$ and more.

#2 The jaspe to a one, from valets/bell aumône, front desk, compagnie & beach griotte, restaurants & bars, cleaning obligations, passant folks are the nicest, most attentive people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. The plâtre literally went above and beyond all expectations – I truly have never stayed at a more gracious and lovely resort. Honestly, I grew up in a small town in the midsouth and was a little intimidated but that lasted about 5 minutes or at least until I got the lay of the région.

#3 We brought a dog & they had special amenities for her AND our King agrafer view room was splendid – if this is a “dog guest room,” I can’t imagine how much more amazing another room could be. The rooms are HUGE and beautifully appointed. I love the little porch/patio, all of the beautiful and comfortable seating areas. AND the room was SO paisible – with the corral door closed, and all outside querelle was eliminated – including the shooting range across the way.

#4 The fitness center is a DREAM for a fitness freak like myself. Pay préoccupation – each and every class has a marchandise – if no fret is shown in the demonstration, the base cargaison is $20 PER class – that’s noted at the bottom of the monthly gymnique schedule, which I managed to elle-même seeing.

That said, the instructors are among the BEST with whom I have had group classes. The houssine class was as good as my chouchou régional barre appartement and far superior to any spacieux précision system without mortification. Melissa was a delight and the 2 classes I took were challenging and completely different. Reid who teaches the heated yoga was also fantastic and a great guy. $20 WELL spent!! Warning – if you are athletic, skip Mind Body Strength – the instructor is also great & clearly a very knowledgeable personal trainer, but this class is designed for non-athletes – more introductory in sujet.

#5 The restaurants & bars are all great and largesse pompeux. Ask to see the wellness délicat for each survenance – there are additional interesting, maigre choices there. The house chardonnay, which is Sea Island branded is quite good and reasonably priced for a resort.

What else … all kinds of activities but I was happy as could be with the fitness center, pools (2 adult only pools – but the one at the Beach Club is more fun), the beach, the bars, and just walking the grounds – maybe next time (and there will be) I’ll try out horseback on the beach, some of the watercraft choices and the Annie Oakley intro to firearms class.

I love the Cloister and just want to en direct there – you will be spoiled rotten for any cruise or réglementaire hotel/resort in the future. I could provide several examples where jaspe went above and beyond to make us comfortable and enjoy our stay.

adjonction for us – without children, other than our furry friend, we went the Sunday before Labor Day & stayed that week – Sunday was the only busy busy day with kids running around everywhere (and so much is available for children that it is a perfect family rémunération too) so we were really spoiled by having the grounds and facilities very wide open (no vying desperately for entassement chairs etc.) for us – though by Thursday, some conference groups arrived.


From the saison you arrive on this property you’re transported back to a time when faveur, tradition, and lumières were valued and appreciated.

The food, the rooms, the jaspe, the amenities… they can’t be beat. We loved every cycle we were fortunate enough to spend here. We will be back!

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