Pinnacle 10 Things To Do In St Lucia

An exciting reality about Saint Lucia which I currently visited is that it is the only country within the global Caribbean to be named after a girl. Named by way of the French after Lucia of Syracuse (283–304 AD) a Christian martyr who died in the course of the Diocletianic Persecution, the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia has lovely seashores along with a mountainous lush inexperienced panorama and the majestic-searching Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Coupled with her heat, friendly and alluring humans with historical web sites and wealthy culture, Saint Lucia attracts round four hundred,000 live-over vacationers each year. Popular with couples on their honeymoon in addition to others searching for rejuvenation and journey, underneath you’ll discover my list of pinnacle ten activities in St Lucia which has year-spherical sunshine.

High above the clouds searching down at St Lucia even as flying towards Hewanorra International Airport.

1. Tour Lushan Country Life

Website recommend a visit to the Lushan Country Life which provides insight on the tradition and background of Saint Lucia. As you are guided through the previous banana plantation, you’ll see a Kai Pye, a conventional Amerindian Hut as well as over a hundred and thirty plant species which can be domestic to over thirty native species of birds together with the Black finch that is maximum common. You’ll study the records of Saint Lucia in addition to the Anthony circle of relatives who’ve owned the 7 acres of land where Lushan Country Life is located for over 200 years. For example, the Lovers Lane Flower Garden Trail tells the story of Georgina and BJ Anthony who were married for fifty nine years married and had six children, nineteen grandchild, and two extraordinary-grandchildren. The Lovers Lane Flower Garden is similarly to other gardens consisting of the Medicinal Gardens and Herbal Garden.

A highlight of the heritage Lushan Country Life excursion is on the stop sampling local dishes and rums together with the Saint Lucia Spice Rum made with white rum, Grenadine syrup at the side of cinnamon, bwabaday, bay leaf, big name aniseed, nutmeg, cloves, and different spices. According to folklore, Saint Lucia Spice Rum is a natural viagra for men and may assist reduce the pain associated with a female’s menstrual cycle, reduce cold/flu symptoms, chills, and bellyaches. Taken on its personal, it’s extremely sturdy, but may be blended with a fruit juice to make a scrumptious cocktail.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Entrance to Lushan Country Life Tour.

Partial view of Lovers Lane flower garden nature path at Lushan Country Life.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Sampling Local Spice at some stage in Lushan Country Life Tour.

2. Visit Eudovic Art Studio

Website changed into mounted in 1975 by means of Vincent Joseph Eudovic one of the Caribbean’s main wood sculptors. His sculptures can be found in some of the prominent artwork galleries and museums throughout the globe. Here in Saint Lucia, his summary sculptures are on show within the artwork gallery phase of Eudovic Art Studio. The beautiful sculptures with a darkish end range in cost from US$200 to US$28,000 and are crafted from nearby woods which includes Laurier Canelle, Mahogany, Teak, Laurier Mabouey, and red/white Cedar. As nopiece of wood is the same, every sculpture is specific.

Along with Eudovic’s paintings, you’ll also discover sculptures by different artists in residence along with his son Jallim Eudovic and Earl Claude Joseph. And relying on the time of day you go to Eudovic’s Art Studio, you may see and be capable of have a talk with one of them running in the studio which is open to visitors. Beyond the studio and art gallery, there’s also a shop with greater moderately priced objects which make for amazing souvenirs. Two of the high-quality promoting items at Eudovic Art Studio are the conventional mask and plaques which give perception on Saint Lucia’s records. More specially, the face within the plaques usually represents the farmers and trees are banana which use to be the primary crop grown and exported from Saint Lucia.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Visit Eudovic Art Studio.

Famed Saint Lucian sculptor Vincent Joseph Eudovic in Art Gallery at Eudovic Art Studio.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Shop at Eudovic Art Studio.

Sidebar: As you pressure from Eudovic’s Art Studio to Castries Central Market, have your driving force gradual down on the crest of Morne Fortune to get a glimpse of Government House, the professional residence of the Governor-General in Saint Lucia. Government House in Saint Lucia is not open to the public but worthy of a glance as it’s far historic and picturesque. Just underneath is Morne Layby in which you could officially stop to take photos of Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia.

View of Government House in Saint Lucia.

View of Castries from Morne Layby in Saint Lucia.

three. Shop At Castries Central Market & Vendor’s Arcade Annex

Address: Castries Central Market, Jeremie and Peynier Street, Castries, Saint Lucia Another of the pinnacle activities in St Lucia is to explore and save at Castries Central Market. Hustling and bustling like most Caribbean markets, Castries Central Market homes over three hundred normal carriers and neighborhood sellers hawking a extensive variety of merchandise along with spices, end result, and vegetables. So if traveling in the summertime, be sure to try guavas and guineps, two of my favored Caribbean culmination.

Beyond fresh fruits and greens, you could also purchase a extensive range of artwork, pottery, souvenirs, wood carvings and trinkets at Castries Central Market. There are also some restaurants and food stalls. Beyond the 300 buyers located in the main Castries Central Market constructing opened in 1894, there are a further 100 investors within the Vendor’s Arcade Annex which opened in 1996. The merchandise offered in both are pretty comparable but it is still amusing to walk via each to test out what is on provide. That stated, don’t be intimated via the companies calling out to your interest as all are pleasant and simply in search of to get noticed. Note that the busiest days at Castries Central Market are when cruise ships are in port and on Saturdays whilst locals do much in their searching for culmination, vegetables, and meat.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Shop at Castries Central Market.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Shop for souvenirs and trinkets at Castries Central Market.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Shop for spices at Castries Central Market.

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4 Address: Dauphin Street, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia Another top factor to do in St Lucia is attending the Gros Islet Street Party which has been held every week for the final 50 years. Every Friday night, come rain or shine, besides on Good Fridays, vacationers and locals accumulate for the Gros Islet Street Party to bop the night time away at the same time as munching on nearby dishes including BBQ bird or seafood and sipping on bottles of Piton beer or rum cocktails. One of the pinnacle locations to get meals is Duke’s Place with its mythical fish dishes.

The atmosphere at Gros Islet Street Party recognized regionally as “leap-up” could be very friendly and laid back, so noticeably suggest for a massive group of family, pals or even singles. I surely went on my own to the Gros Islet Street Party as there has been a shuttle from my hotel, the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa. If your inn doesn’t offer a trip provider, taxis are abundant so that you can arrange one to take you there and lower back. Note that Gros Islet is a colourful fishing village on Saint Lucia’s northwest tip, so in case you are staying in addition South, consider Anse La Raye Seafood Friday or Dennery Fish Fry on Saturday nights.

If you are in Saint Lucia on a Friday night, the fine region to be is at Gros Islet Street Party in Rodney Bay. Locals and travelers blend to eat, drink, and dance the night away. 🥘🍹🍻#TravelSaintLucia #ccStLucia Posted by means of Caribbean & Co. on Friday, 2 November 2018

A supplier at Gros Islet Street Party in Saint Lucia.

five Address: Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia Located off the northwest coast of Saint Lucia, Pigeon Island National Landmark is a forty four-acres national landmark with a lot to see and explore. Occupied through both the British and French all through the 18th-century, Pigeon Island National Landmark is now a residing museum with army ruins, numerous hiking trails, two seashores, andrestaurants. Pigeon Island National Landmark is also the venue for important gala’s like the annual Saint Lucia Jazz Festival.

To avoid the crowds, would advise an early begin at Pigeon Island National Landmark with a hike as much as Fort Rodney to take in the picturesque perspectives of Saint Lucia and additionally Martinique off within the distance. After taking a image orof the scenic views from the top of Fort Rodney, would then endorse trekking to Signal Peak which also has a few splendid perspectives consisting of of Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort. Take word of the plush green landscape and the contrasts within the blue waters from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With hiking complete, could then suggest exploring the navy ruins near the entrance consisting of Soldiers Barracks. The afternoon can then be spent having lunch at one of the restaurants followed by means of enjoyable at one of the two seashores at Pigeon Island National Landmark.

From of Fort Rodney from Signal Peak at Pigeon Island National Park.

View of Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort while trekking in Pigeon Island National Park.

View of Soldiers Barracks at Pigeon Island National Park.

6. Zipline Through The St Lucia Rainforest

Website you are into nature and an adrenaline junkie, then a pinnacle thing to do in St Lucia is ziplining thru the rainforest with Treetop Adventure Park or Rainforest Adventures. I went with ziplining Rainforest Adventures, and their base is placed simply 25 minutes from port Castries within the highland network of Chassin, in Babonneau. There you get hitched as much as a series of cables and zip from eight unique structures within the tree cover. As you progress through the systems within the rainforest, each receives a bit extra hard Caribbean however all very safe with the assist of the 2 guides. If you choose no longer to zipline but nonetheless need to explore and take in views of the rainforest, you can take the aerial tram which is a metallic gondola that goes to the pinnacle of the mountain and affords incredible views of the rainforest. Hikers can also experience the Jacquot nature path main as much as the very best point of the aerial tram.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Zipline through the Saint Lucia Rainforest.

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7. Take In Views Of The Pitons, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Address: The Pitons, Soufriere, Saint Lucia My first view of the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the reason that 2004 such as two mountainous volcanic plugs turned into from the automobile riding on St Judes Highway in the direction of Soufriere in Saint Lucia. Once in sight, I become mesmerized by using the Pitons which incorporates Petit Piton at 2,438 toes high, and Gros Piton at 2,530 feet excessive. And as I explored traveler points of interest round Soufriere which changed into the capital of Saint Lucia when it turned into underneath French rule, I couldn’t preserve my eyes off the Pitons which at 2,909 ha (7,190 acres) in size are related by the Piton Mitan ridge.

Thankfully, my resort room from Jade Mountain Resort provided first-rate perspectives of the Pitons. Failing that, I could have hiked the Tet Paul Nature Trail. Taking Caribbean approximately forty five-mins to complete, the Tet Paul Nature Trial also offers remarkable views of Petit Piton and Gros Piton and different areas of Saint Lucia which include Fond Gens Libre, Choiseul, Maria Island, and Vieux Fort. From the Tet Paul Nature Trail, on a clean day, you can also view different Caribbean islands like Martinique and St. Vincent.  Schedule permitting, you may additionally climb Gros Piton starting within the town of Fond Gens Libre.  For this mountain climb, would propose going with a local manual who knows the terrain properly.  Hiking Gros Piton takes between three to 6 hours in a single path, so could advise starting early morning to make sure that you make it again to the bottom appropriately earlier than sundown. 

View of the Pitons driving toward the town of Soufrière in Saint Lucia.

UB in infinity Pool at Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia looking on the Pitons.

eight. Take A Mud Bath After Touring Sulphur Springs Park

Website mud tub at Sulphur Springs Park, the sector’s best force-via volcano has turn out to be one of the pinnacle things to do in St Lucia. Here, could suggest beginning with the short excursion of the volcano which permits you to get close to the swimming pools and effervescent warm springs belching with sulfur-encumbered steam. Now I need to admit it a piece bizarre and slightly emotional being at this volcano in Saint Lucia. It become atypical due to the fact I have reminiscences of trekking near the Soufriere Hills volcano in Montserrat as a baby by no means imagining that 20+ years ago at the same time as I was living in Chicago phrase could come that the Montserrat volcano had erupted leaving maximum of the island in an exclusion region and majority of the population leaving to begin over someplace else.

But worry not, the drive-thru volcano in Saint Lucia is secure as it has been inactive because the last important eruption in 1766. Also, approximately eighty to a hundred humans presently stay simply above the fallen-in crater of the volcano in Saint Lucia. I certainly noticed some local humans the use of one of the streams to do their daily wash. After seeing this at some stage in the excursion, I took the dust tub close to the entrance of Sulphur Springs Park which become rejuvenating and clean for my frame and skin. A amusing issue to do at the same time as taking the dust tub is to spread grey mineral dust over your body observed by way of black mineral mud in the shape of handprints. That stated, note that the area for the mud tub is tiny so if you want to avoid the crowds, move early within the morning. Note that there is a converting region in conjunction with showers to wash offer after you end.

Things To Do In St Lucia: View volcano crate at Sulphur Springs Park.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Mud Bath at Sulphur Springs Park.

Sidebar: Consider combining a go to to Sulphur Springs Park with nearby Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, the oldest botanical gardens at the island of Saint Lucia bursting with tropical vegetation. There is likewise the Diamond Waterfall, the most colorful within the Caribean at 17 meters in top and crafted from a mixture of rainwater and volcanism fed by using the Sulphur Springs Park. After this, I’d propose having a chilled lunch at Dasheene Restaurant at Ladera Resort. The meals at Dasheene Restaurant is award-winning, but on a vivid sunny day, the megastar of the display right here is the extremely good view of UNESCO World Heritage Site Petit Piton and the Caribbean Sea.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Have a seafood lunch at Dasheene Restaurant at Ladera Resort.

9 Address: Bon Nouvel, Ravineau, Choiseul, Soufrière, Saint Lucia Bon Nouvel is an agriculture tourism revel in at the historical Esperance Estate nestled at the foot of the majestic Pitons. A former slave plantation that cultivated a huge type of plants such as sugarcane, it’s far now a working property with four nature trails which includes the glace trail, the Carib trail, the rainforest path, and river-ridge trail. As you’re taking the guided excursion which depending for your pace will take abouthours, you learn about the history of fifty seven acres property in addition to about the diverse herbs, plants, and trees in abundance. You also get to sample the fruits in season, and as we went along the hike, I munched on the fruit from a cacao pod, starfruit, and coconut. At the stop of the hike, you furthermore mght rewarded with a traditional drink and snack.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Tour Bon Nouvel.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Eating fruit from a cocoa pod at Bon Nouvel.

Things To Do In St Lucia: Look at plant life which include Birds of paradise at Bon Nouvel.

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10. Attend A Festival In Saint Lucia

Website long list of visitor sights in Saint Lucia 12 months-spherical, there are six fairs on the calendar. Part of Saint Lucia’s SOLEIL Summer Festival collection, this consists of the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival (May), Saint Lucia Carnival (June/July), Mercury Festival (August), Saint Lucia Roots & Soul Festival (August), Saint Lucia Food & Rum Festival (September), and Saint Lucia Arts & Heritage Festival (October).

On this recent journey to Saint Lucia, I got to peer first-hand celebrations for Jounen Kwéyòl, the highlight of the Saint Lucia Arts & Heritage Festival. Also called Creole Day, this has been celebrated in Saint Lucia for 30+ years on the final Sunday of October. Jounen Kwéyòl / Creole Day is packed with humans getting together sporting traditional dress even as playing traditional meals, music, and folklore. And as you pressure around the island on Jounen Kwéyòl / Creole Day in Saint Lucia, you’ll see roadside gatherings small and big, but there are also official centers of hobby along with Soufriere and Vieux Fort Town. At those authentic centers, there are a wide form of cultural performances and those placing out with circle of relatives and buddies on the whole sporting the Saint Lucian country wide dress (The Jip / Madras) or African print in all paperwork.

Miss Vieux Fort at Creole Day celebrations in Saint Lucia.

Traditional dancers at Vieux Fort Creole Day celebrations in Saint Lucia.

Young own family at Vieux Fort Creole Day celebrations in Saint Lucia.


11. Lounge & Go Snorkelling At Anse Chastanet Beach

Address: Anse Chastanet Beach, Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia like most Caribbean islands has a number stunning seashores. And similarly to beaches at Pigeon Island National Park cited above, a number of the extra popular seashores in Saint Lucia include Sugar Beach, Marigot Bay, Grande Anse Beach, Reduit Beach, La Toc Beach, and Anse Chastanet Beach. One of my favorites is Anse Chastanet Beach used on the whole by using visitors at Anse Chastanet Resort and Jade Mountain Resort. Surrounded with the aid of a lush inexperienced panorama, there you’ll find a beautiful black sand seashore with palm timber along side a restaurant, boutique and snorkel store. What’s additionally first rate is that you may take a short 10-minute stroll to the extra secluded Anse Mamin Beach which has a great grill on the Jungle Beach Bar.

Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia: A view of Anse Chastanet Beach.

Jade Mountain Resort in Saint Lucia: Ursula at Anse Mamin Beach.

These are however a number of the top activities in St Lucia. If you have got children, might also advise Caribbean journeying Splash Island Water Park placed near Gardens Beach Resort & Spa in Rodney Bay Village, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia. For chocolate fans, at the should listing might be taking one or greater of the excursions to historic cacao plantations together with Rabot, Morne Coubaril, and Fond Doux.

Where To Stay In St Lucia

Saint Lucia has a extensive range of lodges and throughout the primary half of of my recent go to, I stayed at the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa an all-inclusive luxury resort positioned on the island’s northern tip. With 456 suites in a sequence of multi-tale buildings clustered around a seashore, 4 pools, thirteen bars, nine eating places and severa facilities consisting of spa and kids’s water park, the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa is best for a massive institution of own family and friends.

For couples in search of an grownup-handiest all-inclusive hotel in Saint Lucia, then might don’t forget one of 3 beachfront Sandals Resorts: Sandals Regency La Toc, Sandals Grande St. Lucian and Sandals Halcyon Beach. These are also rather large hotels, so for couples searching for a smaller greater exceptional inn, recall Jade Mountain Resort which has simply 29 luxuriously designed rooms which they call sanctuaries. I spent the second 1/2 of my recent visit at Jade Mountain Resort and with maximum of the sanctuaries having infinity pools and lovely perspectives of The Pitons, its one of the pleasant and most romantic motels you’ll find anywhere inside the international. Sister resort Anse Chastanet Resort with 49 rooms is simply below at the six hundred acres beachfront estate.

For other places to stay in Saint Lucia, check out powered by HotelsCombined which compares prices from all the pinnacle journey web sites.

How To Get To Saint Lucia

The lovely island of Saint Lucia protecting 238 rectangular miles is placed north/northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. Caribbean Visitors arrive in Saint Lucia through cruise ports La Place Carenage within the center of the capital Castries, or at Pointe Seraphine. Via plane, traffic arrive via Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) that is placed at the southern tip in Vieux Fort. A 2nd airport George F. L. Charles Airport (SLU) is positioned in Castries and is more often than not utilized by regional airlines and smaller planes.

To get to Saint Lucia from the United States, take a look at flights thru American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, and United Airlines.  From Canada to Saint Lucia, take a look at flights thru Air Canada, Sunwing Airlines, Transat, and WestJet.  Within the Caribbean, take a look at flights through Air Caraibes, Air Antilles, Caribbean Airlines and LIAT.  From Europe to Saint Lucia, you may take British Airways (day by day) or Virgin Atlantic (five-instances a week) from London Gatwick Airport. Thomas Cook additionally flies direct to Saint Lucia from Manchester. Also, you could fly to Saint Lucia via Condor Airlines in Frankfurt.

Once in Saint Lucia, you can use a number of airport switch offerings which include Travel St. Lucia who became my motive force for the whole week.  With regards to money, the professional forex is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar however the United States Dollar is widely standard.   Should you wish to change money, the pleasant location to accomplish that is on the Hewanorra International Airport where there’s a currency trading/bank positioned in the nook when you clean immigration.

Finally, Saint Lucia is heat and tropical and so I remember it to be a year-round holiday destination. This journey changed into in October, however observe that the more popular and possibly great time to go to Saint Lucia is from November through April, the dry season. This is likewise the greater steeply-priced time to go to Saint Lucia so don’t completely discount the other months of the 12 months as there is lots to see and do in Saint Lucia and there isn’t a massive version in temperature.

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