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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a undertaking to scale bitcoin on-chain as an electronic peer-to-peer charge system for the world. 🚀

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Getting Started

State of the Project


Open-Source Wallets



Electron-Cash Plugins



Paper/Offline Generator

Projects Built on Bitcoin Cash



Apps (Social)

Decentralized Marketplace




SLP Token Projects

Services & Bots



In the Boneyard

See Also

Merchants and Services Accepting Bitcoin Cash

A Short List

Geographic lists

Projects devoted to listing or enabling eCommerce.

Some Charities and Foundations

eCommerce Merchant Resources

Bitcoin Cash Open-Source plugins

BCH-to-Fiat Payment Processors

Loyalty Programs

Payment Processor BITCOIN CASH Status




Base Protocol

Secondary protocols

Bitcoin Script



Full Node Developer Resources

Open-Source Teams Building on Bitcoin Cash

Simple Payment Verification (SPV)

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP Token) Enabled Tooling

Libraries & SDKs

Language Agnostic






PHP – A trendy multi-lingual introduction.

BCH Info – Multilingual website for fashionable facts approximately bitcoin coins.

Why Bitcoin Cash? – The revolution will now not be censored. Getting Started – Comprehensive introduction for trendy audiences.

Three Years In: A Bitcoin Cash Update From One of Its Founders – by means of Jonald Fyookball

“Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” with the aid of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin Cash is one chain of Satoshi Nakamoto’s blockchain invention which turned into deliberately difficult-forked on August 1st, 2017. It stocks the whitepaper, first block, and all bitcoin block records prior to the fork. It attempts to put into effect the significant idea mentioned in that paper.

Below is a copy of the unique nine page whitepaper:

Archived reproduction of the bitcoin whitepaper from

bitcoin whitepaper via ipfs.

Websites hosting the bitcoin whitepaper [wayback archive], with sha256 hashes calculated as of May sixteenth 2021.

An tailored copy encoded within the member protocol on 2021-01-21

Instructions and code for building the original paper encoded on the blockchain on 2013-04-06.

Below are non-custodial open-source wallets that use capabilities particular to Bitcoin Cash.


Electron-Cash – BITCOIN CASH Android [src] and iOS [src] variations to be had with extra constrained capability.

pokket.coins [src] – Android pockets with SLP, BIP70 and sms capabilities.

neutrino [src] – Android pockets with superior privateness capabilities.

bread – Multicoin wallet for Android [src] and iOS [src] [src] – Edge Wallet for iOS and Android.


Electron-Cash [src] – the brilliant SPV pockets for Bitcoin Cash.

Electron-Cash Plugins

Flipstarter Plugin – plugin for crowdfunding.

Mecenas Plugin – ordinary bills.

Last Will – dead man smart agreement advent.

More Comprehensive List – hosted with the aid of im_uname.


bchwallet – a secure Bitcoin Cash pockets daemon written in Go (golang)

openbazaar wallet – an SPV pockets in Go (golang) developed for openbazaar2

bitcore-wallet – A command line wallet used for BitPay wallets.


blockparty [src] [docs] – A easy in-browser net wallet the usage of

mint [src] – Non-custodial net-primarily based device to manage your SLP tokens.

nito [src] – Web pockets designed for easily on-boarding of recent customers.

Paper/Offline Generator

Cash Address Generator – legit javascript address generator appropriate for offline use.

BCH Gifts – generate reclaimable preloaded paper non-public keys as presents.


These are up and coming tasks in alpha stage (may not be appropriate for big transactions):

AnyHedge BITCOIN CASH [whitepaper] [lib] – A Decentralized Hedge Solution for Arbitrary Assets on Bitcoin Cash

causes.coins [src] – a domain for creating your own fundraising campaign.

Neutron Cash [launch] [src] – A desktop neutrino pockets using bchwallet and electron.

PSF pockets [src] – Static javascript web-pockets the usage of gatsby react from the permissionless software foundation.


All of those apps are usually strong and active. Always check the notes of a particualar challenge before risking a huge sum of cost. Links are checked on a weekly basis, but function isn’t checked.

read.coins – a conventionally hosted long-layout blogging platform, with BCH tipping for content material. – longer format social media platform with voting, tipping, moderation and filtering. – A Bitcoin Cash powered micro-running a blog platform.

memo.coins – quick message social media website with decentralized SLP token alternate.

lazyfox – a Bitcoin Cash powered query and solution / tasking platform.

flipstarter [Introduction] [src] – a crowd funding app using every person pays multisig transactions.

Decentralized Marketplace – Decentralized change and marketplace with non-custodial escrow.

Detoken – Decentralized financial offerings the usage of bitcoin cash script. (See: Prohibited Jurisdictions on 403 Error)

Entertainment – Texas Hold’em the usage of zero-conf for BCH deposits, BTC and BSV supported. – cube and numbers sport.

craft.coins [src] – Voxel world saved on Bitcoin Cash.

Satoshi cube – a provably truthful dice sport.

Spin BCH – Spinning wheel primarily based gambling the usage of 0-conf


Learn Bitcoin Cash

BCH Testnet Faucet [src] – Fullstack.coins tap for tBCH.


Blockchain Explorer [src] – Database-free, self-hosted Bitcoin Cash explorer, thru RPC, (additionally available for Testnet)

SLP Explorer [src] – Open source explorer for SLP tokens.

smartBCH Explorer [src] – Explorer for smartBCH.

bitcoinfees.coins – bitcoin chain charge juxtaposition.

privacy stats – current listing and totals of shuffles & fusions. – view Bitcoin Cash double spend attempts.

tx avenue – transaction visualizer, updated with famous protocols. – Site to display community health in relation to BTC.

Johoe’s Bitcoin Mempool Statistics [src] – Colorful mempool graphs.

Electrum Server Status – A 1209k hosted listing of electrum servers

SLP Token Projects

Electron-Cash SLP Edition [src] [releases]

Flex [whitepaper] – Token powering CoinFLEX trade.

FlexUSD – Yield producing stable coin.

Honk Token [whitepaper] – A playing/gaming/multipurpose SLP token.

Honest Coin – A fully regulated, 1:1 U.S. Dollar-backed stablecoin.

SpiceToken – A meme token for social tipping.

SLP pockets generator [src]- Offline generator for Simple Ledger addresses.

cryptophyl – an SLP alternate (deprecated, see: detoken)

Services & Bots

Bitcoin Mining Parlament [src] [whitepaper] – Miner balloting and chat.

chaintip – An on-chain non-custodial tipping bot for reddit/twitter & github. – Live tipping bot for video streamers.

WhaleAlertBCH [src] – A twitter whalebot for BCH.

gitcash – A custodial tipping bot for github.

Chaintip Bounties – BCH bot for github bounties.

BCH Pizza – BCH shared bounty web page for pizza save adoption.


CashAccount – Online utility for cashaccounts (address handles). Tools – A blend of Bitcoin utilities.


PayButton [src] – a simple html (or react factor) button to just accept Bitcoin Cash on a website.

Bitcoin Paywall [src] – WordPress paywall plugin

In the Boneyard

These ships are apparently in long term garage

stack alternate – an unsuccessful initiative to create a Bitcoin Cash stack trade.

See Also

These are other projects dedicated to listing projects within the Bitcoin Cash atmosphere:

Bitcoin Cash Projects – maintained by

BCH Developments – list maintained by means of KeepBitcoinFree.

Canonical fantastic-bitcoin-coins – the original.

A Short List

These companies have conventional bitcoin for years and are dedicated (or sympathetic) closer to the concept of electronic cash bills.

Although a number of these may additionally seem to simplest take delivery of Bitcoin (BTC), they do, in fact, accept Bitcoin Cash additionally.

Namecheap – dns, ssl and a few BITCOIN CASH packaged website hosting.

keys4coins – Buy PC video games and gift playing cards with cryptocurrency. – Buy mobile top-up (credit score) and internet with cryptocurrency.

CheapAir – in your journey wishes.

gadgets bought via Newegg – desirable for a tremendous headset.

Lanieri – makes an awesome match.

partsoven – for that third measurement of constructing.

AdaFruit – hardware do-dads via bitpay

Geographic lists

member map – permanent on-chain geographic tags using extensions to the memo protocol. map – internet site and cell app for coming across merchants, formerly marco coino.

Greenpages map – service provider finder with superior filtering.

Projects committed to listing or allowing eCommerce.

The Accept Bitcoin Cash Initiative – listing of merchants and stores.

Bitpay Directory – partial listing of web sites the use of bitpay as a payment processor (every now and then outdated). – provider to privately buy goods on (US) at a reduction.

CryptoToPayPal – Merchant paypal to crypto or ship cryptocurrencies to paypal.

Some Charities and Foundations

Just a few excellent charities for the sector at massive.

Tails – The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a security-targeted Debian-based Linux distribution aimed toward retaining privateness and anonymity.

Save the Children – A United Kingdom based charity, based in 1919, to enhance the lives of kids via higher education, health care, and monetary opportunities, in addition to offering emergency useful resource in herbal screw ups, war, and other conflicts. (Cryptocurrency donations are powered by The Giving Block)

Electronic Freedom Foundation – devoted to ensuring that era helps freedom, justice, and innovation for all the human beings of the world.

Bitpay Charity Directory A list of charities that take delivery of Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash Open-Source plugins

CryptoWoo for WooCommerce – Bitcoin Cash integration for CryptoWoo

Non-Custodial Payment Processors

Prompt.coins [demo] [docs] – Non-custodial Bitcoin Cash payment gateway

Cash Pay Server [docs] – a self-hostable NodeJS micro-carrier that may be used to handle BIP70 and JSON Payment Protocol invoices for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH-to-Fiat Payment Processors

BitPay developer Integrations [api medical doctors]

Coinbase – Merchant integrations for coinbase.

Loyalty Programs

HoneyPay – Customer loyalty factor card machine using SLP.

Payment Processor Status – Dashboard with subscriptions endpoints and post-mortems. – Current popularity with recent incidents.


Coin Dance list – with broader tendencies and suggestions in numerous states from many agencies.


Full-Stack how-to – Chris Troutner’s advent to developing on Bitcoin Cash – many useful assets Developer Resources – Tooling and documentation advanced by – User video tutorials.

Learn Bitcoin Cash – Early trendy creation to Bitcoin Cash.

Base Protocol

Base Protocol Reference – maintained by using Bitcoin Unlimited.

Secondary protocols

Bitcoin Cash Standards is a website committed to collecting, a number of which might be listed beneath:

Cashaddr – Format for Bitcoin Cash addresses.

Electrum Cash Protocol [src] – Protocol for SPV clients and servers.

Payment Requests Specification (BIP-0070) – For handling invoice style payments at particular quantities.

Cash Accounts – connect a human readable name to Bitcoin Cash addresses.

Memo Protocol – for the on-chain tweet style social media app.

Memo with Member extensions – for developing a reddit/hn style app.

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) [specifications] – for dealing with ERC-20 style tokens.

smartBCH [whitepaper] [whitepaper (中文)] [src] – an EVM&Web3 compatible sidechain for Bitcoin Cash

CashFusion [spec] – a privacy protocol for privately and trustlessly joining coin amounts.

CashID – Specification the use of Bitcoin Cash for steady authentication.

Simple Ledger Postage Protocol – Protocol for sending SLP tokens without BCH “gasoline”.

CashShuffle [spec] – a privacy protocol for combining transactions with others, splitting to the lowest common quantity.

Avalanche [snowglobe spec] [🐉implementation (golang)] – local-kingdom reconciliation

Price Oracle [🐉implementation] – Price oracle work in development.

Improvement Proposals

Bitcoin Cash Improveent Proposals (CHIPS)

Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals (BUIPS)

Bitcoin Script

Cashscript [src] [playground] – a solidity-style language that compiles to Bitcoin Cash Script.

meep – a command line Bitcoin Cash script debugger.

Cashscript VS Code plugin [src] – Visual Studio Code extension for cashscript.

bitauth ide [src] – an incorporated improvement surroundings for bitcoin authentication.

spedn [src] [docs] – a excessive level smart contract language that compiles to Bitcoin Cash Script.

Full Nodes

BCHN [src] [medical doctors] – a BITCOIN CASH descendant of the Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin ABC software program projects with impartial development crew. C/C++.

BitcoinUnlimited [src] – a complete node implentation centered on assisting person needs, C/C++.

Flowee the Hub [src] – a node assisting a set of software program centered on fee integration. C++

bchd [src] [medical doctors] – opportunity implementation written in Go (golang)

Bitcoin Verde [src] [docs] – java implementation with the purpose of being interoperable with mining nodes.

Knuth [src]- a excessive overall performance implementation of the Bitcoin protocol targeted on programs desiring more potential and resilience.

Full Node Developer Resources

Bitcoin Cash Research – Site dedicated to technical studies on Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Discussions – Site for website hosting live meetings and discussions approximately protocols

SLP Unit Tests – Test vectors for ensuring that validators of the Simple Ledger Protocol comply with consensus.

Future of Bitcoin Cash [channel] – Hosts – developer conferences.

Open-Source Teams Building on Bitcoin Cash

If you need to head fast, move by myself. If you want to head some distance, go together.

– An African Proverb.

There are numerous organizations developing software program stacks & apps for the wider surroundings.

Simple Ledger [repos] – Group leading SLP token integration. (Typescript & Python)

General Protocols [repos] – Team researching and growing protocols for non-custodial and trustless networks using BitBox. (Typescript and Javascript)

Electron Cash [repos] – Team preserving a laptop SPV wallet with plugins and mobile app (Python) [repos] – Prolific group developing webapps, cellular apps, and new tooling, deployed at (Typescript with a few Javascript et al.)

Flowee [repos] – Team keeping a non-mining complete node and offerings to get entry to the Bitcoin Cash community. (C++, NodeJs et al)

gcash [repos] – Team constructing apps, a wallet and tooling the use of an alternative full node directly. (Golang)

FullStack Cash [repos] – Team constructing net/ipfs apps based totally on BitBox like minded stack. (Javascript)

Simple Payment Verification (SPV)

Fulcrum – A fast & nimble SPV Server for Bitcoin Cash.

ElectrsCash – Electron Cash Server, rust implementation.

ElectronX [medical doctors] – A reimplementation of Electrum-Server for a destiny with larger blocks. ⚠️ See changlog note ⚠️

Electron Cash ElectronX [medical doctors] – Electron Cash maintained version of ElectrumX. ⚠️ See notice on fundamental department above ⚠️

slpjs – library for interacting with SLP tokens, dependent on bitbox.

SLPDB [src] [document] – simpleledger indexer

gs++ [src] [doc] – a fast SLP indexer, validator, and graph search server.

SLP Stream [src] [doc] – a frontend API for GS++ that offers a streaming output of latest transactions.

goslp – SLP pass libraries.

SLP Indexer – indexer.

SLP Icons – Hosted icons for slp tokens.

Libraries & SDKs

Developer gear – Page dedicated to excessive level developer gear.

Language Agnostic

mainnet [academic] [relaxation spec] – Typescript library, also available via rest api, or over relaxation from python, golang, php generated customers, et. al

Insomnia [src] – Swagger/OpenAPI3 specification for ElectrumX

BitBox OpenAPI three (Swagger) spec – for see: openapi-generator


PayButton [src] – Front end library that makes it less complicated to simply accept Bitcoin Cash via including a purchase button.

Libauth [src] – an ultra-lightweight, zero-dependency library for Bitcoin Cash and Bitauth programs. (Formerly bitcoin-ts.)

electrum-coins [doctors] [tutorials] – JavaScript library that lets you connect to one or more Electrum servers.

flowee-js [docs] [src] – Bindings for the usage of Flowee applications and libraries with the NodeJS JavaScript engine.

mainnet-js [src] – Typescript library, also available over relaxation.

bchd grpc web-client – protobuf based totally javascript customer for interacting with bchd complete nodes.


bch-js [docs]

electrum-cli – Super simple command line electrum purchaser.

signup.coins [src] – Non-custodial platform as a provider for building decentralized apps.

bitcore-lib-cash – javaScript library, maintained by bitpay.


bitcash [src] – python3 library.

bchd python bindings – sample protobuf primarily based python consumer for bchd.

jtoomim/p2pool – jtoomim fork of bitcoin pool mining software.


bitcoincashj – Bitcoin Cash library for Java


Breadwallet Core – SPV bitcoin C library.


cashp – Library for BCH and SLP tokens.

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