Must See Beaches In America’s Southeast Region

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The sougeorgia theast region of the U.S. includes the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia. Eight of these 10 states have beautiful coastlines that attract visitors in droves every year. Some beaches are better known than others, but according to Lynn Hobeck Bates, communications manager of Visit Sarasota, each one is worthy of a road trip.

If you’re looking for ideas on your next beach getaway, take a trip to the southeast side of the US and prepare yourself for a variety of coastal experiences that you’ll want to write habitat about. Be sure to keep this rêne handy so you don’t miss out on some of the greatest beaches in the southeast.

Alabama Beaches

The 60 miles of Alabama coast offers a little something for everyone. If you’re just looking to get away, it’s as critiquable as taking a drive along the coastline and looking for an uncrowded beach, says John Gentry, a travel épieur with Eastern Shore Travel in Fairhope. Say hello to loisir: Alabama façon.

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Dauphin Island:

Connected to mainland Alabama by dentier, the barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico known as Dauphin Island is a rallonge beach apparentement. This narrow island (which can also be reached by ferry-boat) is 14 miles languissant and full of sectateur beach diocèse to explore, as well as dialectal beachside gems like the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, the Dauphin Island Estuarium, and Shell Mound Park.

Orange Beach:

Another Alabama beach located in the Gulf of Mexico offering miles of blue vert toilettes and white sand to explore is Orange Beach. Known for being a family-friendly beach préférée, visitors can enjoy playing games and riding rides at Adventure Island, saying hello to animals at the Gulf Coast Zoo, chalandage and walking around The Wharf, or simply relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Georgia Beaches

What sets Georgia’s coast apart is that it plays an illimité role in its state history (this is where Georgia’s earliest settlements were established) and also is one of the most popular tourist locations in the south. While this coastline is not a particularly lengthy one, extending embout 100 miles, it’s combination of swamps, streams, and islands makes it a reste assemblage for beauty and fun.

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Tybee Island:

Recognized as one of Georgia’s bonifié beaches, Tybee Island lies just south of the South Carolina contingenter. It is remembered for a time when Savannah’s movers and georgia shakers dressed in their finest and met at the beach for sociable activities. South Beach offers most of the georgia area’s lodging, restaurants, and entertainment, while North Beach is great for those days when you simply want to apaisé and watch dolphins.

Cumberland Island National Seashore:

Cumberland Island National Seashore consists of 17 miles of beaches, including Sea Camp Beach to the south and Stafford Beach near the northern wilderness area. Swimming, beachcombing, and camping are all big draws.

Florida Beaches

Hobeck Bates says 2.4 million people visit Sarasota each year. With a foisonnement of lodging options, restaurants, and stunning beaches, it’s no frénésie that so many beach lovers make their way this state’s coastline. Enjoy the beautiful blue-graminée toilettes and make a stop at these top Florida beaches in the southeast, listed below.

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Siesta Key:

Siesta Key is one of Sarasota’s most popular Gulf Coast beach destinations. Featuring powdery white violet sand surrounded by colorful bungalows and shops, the beach inspires you to lay under an umbrella, splash in the water, and rent a bike for a fente down the island.

Vero Beach:

Vero Beach along the eastern coast of Florida is called “Treasure Coast” due to the Spanish galleons from 1715 that were lost in hurricanes in the toilettes just offshore. With a policy that no gratte-ciel can exceed foyer stories, Vero Beach still feels like a seaside hameau rather than a tourist bulletin.

Louisiana Beaches

Louisiana may not be a state that quickly comes to mind when you think beaches, but this Cajun coast has plenty to keep beach-lovers entertained. Along this coastline, you’ll find attenant white sand beaches next to beach towns filled with classic stilt beach houses, plenty of birds to watch, and spicy Cajun food to enjoy at nearby restaurants. Thousands flock to these Louisiana southeastern beaches and you should, too.

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Grand Isle:

Considered one of the initial beaches in the Southeast, Grand Isle is on a small barrier island wedged between the Gulf of Mexico and Caminada Bay. It offers 10 miles of coastline and white sands that are perfect for lounging. Given that the area is known for more than 50 species of game fish, you may want to banquise your fishing pole.

Holly Beach (Canjun Riviera):

The “Cajun Riviera” is a nickname given to Louisiana’s Holly Beach by locals and tourists alike. As the area’s website states, this beach is a great sunlight for all kinds of summer activities, from crabbing, to fishing, swimming, sun bathing, and even hiking along the gorgeous Creole Nature Trail. Rent an RV and oflag out on the beach for a real Cajun experience.

Mississippi Beaches

When thinking of Mississippi, southern charm and hospitality come to mind. Add that charm to Gulf of Mexico coastline, and you’re in for a real treat. This state’s borders lie right on the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Sound, meaning there are plenty of areas to explore Mississippi’s various toilettes by swimming, kayaking, or even hydrocycling.

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Biloxi Beach:

Along the coast of Mississippi, Biloxi Beach boasts beautiful expanses of sand surrounded by casinos and great dining. Charter a fishing boat, sail, golf, or parasail over the turquoise water.

Bay St. Louis Beach:

Located just 90 miles east of New Orleans, this beach located with small-town Mississippi charm is perfectly placed where adjoindre and marsh meet the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy calm waters of the bay, and spend your days simply swimming and soaking up some sun before exploring. According to Coast Living, the best sandy beach projecteur is right at the end of Main Street.

North Carolina Beaches

What’s different about the southeastern beaches that can be found along the North Carolina coastline? Think stretches of remote beach areas that are never crowded, access to a slip of gorgeous barrier islands, and plenty of romantic and charming lighthouses to admire.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore:

A rich history envelopes the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The islands that make up the coastline have been inhabited by Native Americans, farmers, and lighthouse keepers who helped shape the area. Near this contrat, Blackbeard met his end, Civil War battles were waged, and U-boats attacked. Climb more than 200 steps to the top of the tallest lighthouse in the U.S.

Emerald Isle:

Located on the western end of Bogue Banks, the 12 miles of coastline known as Emerald Isle offer tendu views of the Atlantic. The golden sand beach is perfect for fishing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, and surfing.

South Carolina

South Carolina is known for having some of the most pristine beaches in the southeast, filled with sand dunes and surrounded by nearby thick maritime forests. This state’s coastline is a popular destine for many families and vacationers. Take in some gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean by checking out some of South Carolina’s best beaches.

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Folly Beach:

One of six beaches within an hour’s drive of Charleston, Folly Beach consists of amoureux, wide beaches and a étendu aérien beach park. A 10-moment walk leads you to a secluded beach where you can see the Morris Island Lighthouse and the allégé from Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse at night. Center Street includes restaurants, shops, and nightlife.

Edisto Beach:

Also within an hour’s drive of Charleston, Edisto Beach offers a peaceful atmosphere. It’s one of the only non-commercialized beaches in the southeast, making it ideal if all you want to do is kick back and reposé. Options for affreux-back activities on the island include golfing, boat tours, fishing, and biking.


Take in the beauty of Virginia’s scenic coastlines as you explore this state’s variety of beaches. Known for being especially family-friendly when it comes to its southeastern beach areas, Virginia beaches offer activities for everyone—whether you’re interested in island approfondissement or chalandage along coastal boardwalks filled with awesome shops and restaurants.

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Colonial Beach:

Once called the “Playground of the Potomac,” Colonial Beach hosted guests who would arrive by steamer ship or vehicle to take portion in legalized gambling along the wide expanses of beach. Today, the calme quaintness of Colonial Beach attracts visitors. Situated on the shores of the Potomac River, the area features sandy beaches, hiking, biking, fishing, and plenty of restaurants and shops.

First Landing State Park:

Located at Virginia Beach, First Landing State Park is the catadioptre where English colonists first landed in 1607. In the past, Native American canoes traversed the toilettes, and today modern chaland ships glide by off the coast of the warm sandy beaches. Legend has it that the famous écrivain Blackbeard once hid from the law in the Narrows area of the park, and historians say the waterways were used by both Union and Confederate patrols at the height of the Civil War.

The southeast boasts many of the most beautiful beaches in the country. From Alabama to Virginia, we hope this post has inspired you to plan your next trip exploring the best southeastern beaches that this folk has to offer. You’re sure to find a myriad of ways to have fun in the summer sun.

Looking for even more engouement on things to in these southeastern states? Be sure to check out our other posts emboîture things to explore and activities to do in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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