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Oct 10, 2011Wendy Darlingrated itit changed into ok

Recommended to Wendy Darling by:Leanne

Clearly, it’s vital that books like thLUNA is are written, no longer most effective so that teenagers who’re transgender have a voice in young person literature, but also in order that our society as a whole has a chance to better understand gender identification and gender expression.

Regan’s older broLUNA ther Liam has usually felt as if he was exclusive. Through the years, he’s been in the direction of her woman buddies than any guy his personal age, and he is constantly been interested in typically “female” toys and clothes. Eventually, Liam begi


This book were given underneath my skin in a huge way.

For starters, all characters in this novel felt flat to me — all stereotype and cool animated film; no actual depth. In short, they were unlikable due to the fact there was nothing earnestly human approximately them — their imperfections had been pressured instead of fluid (Regan’s self-deprication, as an instance) and their conflicts have been heavy-passed.

Liam/Luna is portrayed as an object in this novel, not anything extra, and is extreeeeemely underdeveloped. Regan is meant to be Luna’s clo


Jun 03, 2009Brookerated itit changed into adequate

Hmm. Well, I’m glad this ebook changed into written because there certainly may be extra books for and about the trans network. I did have some issues with this book, but. Some thoughts and a few questions.

It become interesting how the mother and father had non-traditional roles (him not working,her operating). Im not sure if this became essential though or clearly served the LUNA plot in any way.

There is this subject matter or as a minimum a few scenes wherein Liam is painted as a person who “can’t assist himself” from move


Although Luna is a properly-written e-book on a topic that needs more wide-unfold exploration, its narrative in the end promotes the “wrongness” and/or “otherness” of trans characters with the aid of specializing in a cis hetero (and ultimately lots much less thrilling) most important person.

Luna is one of those books I study a long time ago — long sufficient that I can’t, in accurate conscience, assessment the prose, due to the fact I do not consider it… though, perhaps this is telling in and of itself. I read Luna at the same time as I changed into in high school a


This ebook is an wonderful leap forward in YA literature. Other reviewers have given you the idea of the plot, I simply wanted to add that I concept it changed into BRILLIANT that it was instructed from the sister’s point of view. Within the largely conservative region I live in, now not plenty of human beings would be interested by this e-book had it been instructed from Liam/Luna’s factor of view. But because it comes from the sister, it’s a secure vantage. It’s the perfect vehicle for introducing a LOT of human beings to an difficulty they might no…more

Overall I did honestly like this e book. There have been a few things that could have been higher but it changed into exact.

Firstly, I concept this e book became thrilling and it kept my interest throughout. This e-book is genuinely easy in phrases of language, story and writing fashion and that simplicity had its professionals and cons. A seasoned turned into the truth that it changed into so simple that it become actually easy to understand and I assume that is ideal due to the fact younger readers can hold close the entirety very without problems. Another pro to the simplicity was


DNF at forty seven%.

When I first began this e-book, I concept I would like it. I became dissatisfied that the book wasn’t from Luna’s factor of view, however I idea maybe it would be an excellent e-book to get my family members, maybe reading approximately Regan’s journey of discovery with regards to her sister would help them.

Except then Regan became out to be a brat.

She continues speaking about how she has no existence due to Luna, but definitely all I see is a spoiled brat who can not step away from her own innane high faculty drama


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Reviewed by way of Me for

LUNA is the first e-book I’ve ever read that offers especially with transgender troubles. Although you get a sense for what the e book is set via studying the lower back reproduction–in effect, that Regan’s brother, Liam, is a woman trapped in a man’s frame–you do not get the whole spectrum of what this definitely way until you attain the give up of chapter one.

“Rolling over, I muttered, ‘You’re this sort of freakshow.’ Her hair splayed across my pillow, tickling my face. ‘I recognize,’ she murmu

…greaterbecame reading some critiques for other YA LGBT+ books I desired to try to considered one of them, additionally concerning a teenage trans-lady, had a assessment that said some thing like, “This is a ebook about transgender people written for cis human beings.” And I concept about that lots while reading LUNA due to the fact I sort of sense like this ebook is, too. Luna, the eponymous younger trans-woman individual, isn’t always the heroine of her very own story. That privilege goes to her sist


Jan 12, 2012Emily Annrated itit became high-quality

My five superstar score can be a touch deceptive.

In a [future?] global wherein masses of first-rate lit (YA and otherwise) is written with trans characters, in which trans humans experience less silenced and less invisible, I think that is a absolutely terrific book.

In the contemporary fact, I even have a few problems with this e-book. They commonly are approximately silencing the trans voice by giving control of the narrative to the trans person’s cis-gendered sister.

I assume it made the story greater palatable because we hear approximately the pain


Jul 23, 2009Arlenerated itit became first-rate

Luna, by means of Julie Ann Peters, is an first rate e book. I want I could deliver it more than five stars because it pushes the bounds of YA literature to unchartered territory and does it so perfectly. This is like no other book I’ve ever read, and one with a purpose to live on my mind for pretty a while. It changed into beautifully written, with flawlessly developed characters that were wrapped round a subject remember that got me to reconsider how I experience approximately subjects no longer usually discussed.

The attention of the e-book is extremely s


Aug 20, 2008Krated itit turned into high-quality

I am so glad this ebook exists! While running in a public library a few years returned, I got here across Luna, and feature encouraged it a hundred instances over ever due to the fact. It is one of the few younger person books I actually have seen up to now that addresses the truth/experience of transgender young adults, which has been needed for years! (Before this e-book, it become the Francesca Lia Block books that I would love for addressing queer children experience. They are classics and deal with issues of gender for sure, but I recognize th…more

Apr 19, 2021jessicarated itreally favored it

✦✦✦✦ / 5 stars

Like a butterfly rising from a chrysalis, I thought. An top notch and delicate creature, unfolding her wings and flying away. Except in Luna’s case, the butterfly is forced to rein in her wings and reinsert herself into the cocoon every day. Every single day, she has to come to be this shell of a person.

This is the primary book I have study which offers at once with transgender troubles.

I am no longer knowledgeable sufficient at the situation to offer the same old designated assessment (which I plan to repair in t


I cried and cried even as I examine this ebook. But don’t examine it unless you’re ready to assume difficult about some tough troubles and stereotypes….greater

This evaluate also can be located right here!

DNF at 20%

TW: transphobia, misgendering, deadnaming, and others due to the fact that I DNFed it

Wow turned into this reread difficult.

But allow’s back down.

When I changed into a younger transman, still identifying what the fuck that supposed for me, I examine this ebook. Along with some others. But this one absolutely stood out for me because I remember enjoying it. And it helped me ground myself in basic information.

But LUNA rereading it?

Nope. Just… nope.

First of all, it’s told from the angle of Liam/Lia M


May 19, 2015Kristenrated itliked it

three/5 stars

“Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, I thought. An tremendous and sensitive creature, unfolding her wings and flying away. Except in Luna’s case, the butterfly is pressured to rein in her wings and reinsert herself into the cocoon each day. Every unmarried day, she has to come to be a shell of a person.”

The Skinny:This is the story of a young guy, Liam; a boy at the out of doors, but a female on the inside. By night, Liam is Luna, a female who loves makeup and style. By day, Liam is an introve


Nov 30, 2016Emma Getchellrated itit became remarkable

I read this e book returned in sixth grade. But I nonetheless don’t forget the effect it had on me. By the stop of this book, all I wanted became any other e-book continuing existence for her. I hadn’t absolutely ever positioned a great deal idea into human beings that were born feeling like they should be someone else. It just never genuinely crossed my thoughts. This e book opened my eyes as much as a whole new international. I become able to get a better know-how, and I could definitely advise this to all people who is open minded toward this challenge. Maybe, even…greater

Feb 06, 2015giorated itreally liked it

Recommended and sent by way of Lys. And then she dares deny she’s puccia.

Anyway, this became both adorable and significant. And nicely, unhappy and irritating and all of the FEELS.

I do now not recognise if I can write an english evaluate in this example. I’ll try my pleasant.

Liam is a female. He has usually felt like a woman and he is been hiding the real him (or her, genuinely) for all his existence. The simplest person who knows approximately Luna, Liam’s genuine self, is her sister, Regan.

I do not know how realistic Luna is, because I honestly can not imagine how di


Sep 25, 2017yt_rhirated itliked it

THIS BOOK WAS GREAT. SUPERB, WARMING, CRY WORTHY. NOT A WASTE OF PRECIOUS TEAR DROPPING IN THIS STORY. OKAY? OKAY! So this transgender transition e-book was so SO just, the entirety. I study it over the weekend and I want to marry it and take it to Vegas. I don’t even need to marry humans, thats how high-quality this e book is. there better be another book, If not I will kill a person….more

Nov 09, 2011Hallierated itit became adequate

I genuinely, actually wanted to like this ebook because there isn’t sufficient (large understatement) wonderful illustration of transgender characters in YA fiction. But the narrator took over the book and made it about herself, no longer about her trans sibling Liam/Luna. I don’t know what the cause there was – probably to reveal the inner battle one could should undergo to accept a trans family member. But she ricocheted among juvenile self-involvement and acting as a mouthpiece for PSAs approximately t…extra

Sep 26, 2011Mirandarated itit become remarkable

This e book is getting honestly right. Luna wants to tell he is parents that he’s a female. Thats what he wants to be. No a man however a girl….more

This was quite a quick e-book however it informed a clearly thrilling story about a female’s courting together with her transgender sister.

Regan’s older sister, Luna, can handiest come out at night. Because by means of day, she’s trapped inside the body of Liam, a boy constantly below pressurre from the people in his small town to be more of a man, do sports activities and different gender-conforming crap.

This ebook honestly focusses on Regan’s tale and how Luna’s transition impacts her, as well as the stuff she’s going via at college. Her f


Julie Ann Peters’s LUNA, published in 2004, was one of the first memories about a youngster transitioning.

Liam is transitioning from his assigned gender to her real identity as Luna. Only her more youthful sister Regan knows. Regan tells the tale of her brother’s transformation, suicidal feelings, eagerness to stay authentically, bullying and parental gender expectations. Regan risks the entirety to guide her brother (she uses brother and sister/he and she, interchangeably depending on whether her sibl


Jun 23, 2010Stephrated itit was high-quality


become born Liam. When we meet him, he’s a high faculty senior, but he is recognised he is a woman trapped in a boy’s body in view that he turned into much younger. When Liam was nine years antique, he requested his mom for a Barbie and a bra. Then, at his celebration, he could not recognize why, after having given the list to his mom, he failed to get the presents.

His more youthful sister, Regan, is the most effective other character who is aware of his mystery. The secret would not simply weigh heavily on Liam/Luna, it’s also taking its toll on Regan. She


Nov 24, 2019Moriahrated itit become exceptional

I read this in excessive school and cherished it. Totally forgot approximately it however It’s one I need to reread

Oct 21, 2009Helena Millerrated itit became tremendous

This become a National Book Award finalist and I can see why. In many approaches, it is a standard young grownup novel with a girl suffering together with her family, her brother, and a new love hobby. The love-hobby component became lovable however pretty traditional. The truth that her brother, however, is transgender (he changed into born bodily a boy however appears like a woman at the internal) is NOT typical of YA literature and adds first-rate complexity. I suppose the writer realistically portrayed this struggle, now not making it any easy…extra

If it wasn’t for the whole transgender trouble this will were this kind of snore fest. In reality, Regan’s love affair with Chris reminded me of all of the Babysitters’ Club books I used to read once I turned into eleven; clichéd, clumsy and over-the-pinnacle “humorous”. Peters’ writing is not anything to get enthusiastic about and Luna/Liam comes throughout as a flaky individual who cannot assist herself and have to. go-get dressed. at. all. times. Transgender teenagers (and adults, for that be counted) is such an essential difficulty and hence I would ac…greater

Jan 29, 2019Krista Ivyrated itreally appreciated it

I examine this e-book for an LGBTQ e book club that I am in. It turned into quick, simple, and complete of drama. As could be expected whilst managing teenagers. The difference in this e-book is that the main protagonist is the sister to the character that the e-book is named after. Instead of it simply being a tale of transitioning and coming up, it will become a story of circle of relatives and siblings maintaining us up and knocking us down. I in my view favored this book because of it being so practical and having an authentic approach and outl…greater

Jun 26, 2015Samantharated itreally favored it

This is going to be a difficult one to write a assessment for. Overall, I think it’s miles a quite brilliant book. But I do think that it has suffered a piece of dated-ness because it was first published (best in 2004! That is dated to me now!)”Luna” tells the story of Luna, who was born a male named Liam, via the attitude of her little sister, Regan. It is definitely (I hate to mention it) interesting to see this story instructed thru a immediately cis-woman perspective, considering you’ll think the power of the tale…more

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