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Although I majored LUNA in Sequential Art (comics) in college, I also took performing training as electives because—like many—it become a early life dream. But what a professor said to me become a take-heed call. LUNA

Obviously, it wasn’t just one moment or person that deterred me from pursuing acting. It ultimately wasn’t my calling—comics have been. But I highlight this moment as it’s a symptom of the way Asians are regarded and portrayed on a bigger societal and institutional level.

SCAD became majority-LUNA white, so there were few Asians and different POC on campus. I keep in mind being shocked seeing a Filipino man perform inside the play HAIR, and at the time, a lot of Hollywood productions have been being filmed in Savannah. So this LUNA surroundings inspired me to try out appearing.

For the most part, I realized breaking in required two matters: knowing martial arts, and serving up Asianness for laughs. This isn’t to knock martial arts because it’s a part of our tradition and we ought to be proud of it. The hassle is Asians are rarely depicted as complete humans.

In every sort of media, Asians have been and continue to be used as props for a non-Asian gaze, restrained from the overall spectrum of the human revel in. For Asian guys, this means kung fu masters, anonymous goons, or Ken Jeong-types whose sole motive is to self-denigrate.

It says a lot that to at the moment, forty two% of Americans can’t name a unmarried famous Asian American. When requested to call one, the pinnacle response was “don’t know,” observed by means of actor Jackie Chan in 2nd—who isn’t always a U.S. citizen—and deceased actor Bruce Lee in third.

The worst part is Asians are blamed for our own oppression. We’re fed myths approximately how we lack personalities, marketability, proper seems, and so forth. Usually, Asians are perceived as likeable only if there’s white historical past—that’s why half of-white Asians have a tendency to get extra possibilities.

Although I entered the comic ebook industry as a creator and artist, I ended up in Hollywood areas besides through the TV/film version method. From there I learned it doesn’t depend if Asians are in the front of or in the back of the digicam—the stereotypes hold us back no matter wherein we are.

This is why Asians need to be in control of our own tales, and we need Asian creators who don’t cater to a non-Asian gaze. For more of my thoughts on this situation:

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For the past few years, I’ve been mastering to cook dinner Filipino dishes I grew up ingesting. Along with my comics, it’s been part of my process of “relearning” my Fil-Am identification. So far, I’ve made Tinola, Sinigang, Chicken Adobo, Pancit, and now Kare-Kare!

Kare-Kare usually regarded like an intimidating dish to make, mainly due to the elements involved. My dad and mom might consume Bagoong with it, and its strong scent and the masses of beady black eyes of toddler crustaceans freaked me out. But I tried that too remaining night time, and it become all scrumptious.

It’s critical to practice self Kare-Kare 😉

Pet owners don’t usually think about how our culture influences our pets. Seeing my dog Pogi grow up, I surprise how tons of his preferences are influenced by way of being in a Fil-Am home.

Here’s Pogi. No matter what’s happening in life, he always makes me smile.

#StopAsianHate is incomprehensible till we renowned white men as the architects of anti-Asian racism, and the blueprints they use to divide the Asian community and sabotage progress.

Understanding anti-Asian racism method connecting its history within the U.S. with its records in Asia, in preference to treating them separately. U.S. imperialism, war, and colonization abroad without delay informs the racism Asian Americans enjoy because the aim is the identical: divide, conquer, and kill.

White men used conflict to cut up Korea and Vietnam in , and divide AsAms the same manner. One blueprint of the U.S.’s home anti-Asian approach is the Mixed Marriage Policy of 1942-1943. Implemented at some stage in Japanese Internment, it gave certain Asians special exemptions to leave camp.

Internment changed into meant to harm Japanese Americans, not white men with Japanese families (whiteness is why few German and Italian Americans were interned). So, the Mixed Marriage Policy permit Japanese depart camps if they:

1) married a non-Japanese

2) proved a “Caucasian environment.”

The Mixed Marriage Policy hadvariations. In 1942, few Asians have been eligible—specially monoracial Japanese men. The 1943 version greatly extended eligibility for monoracial Japanese ladies and combined-Japanese adults, but eliminated nearly all eligibility for monoracial Japanese men.

Each eligible case required proving a “Caucasian surroundings.” So even as on paper the MMP offered exemptions to non-white combined-Japanese couples and their children, they were hardly ever granted. The MMP’s real goal was to benefit white guys with Japanese other halves and mixed-white Japanese children.

Overall, the Mixed Marriage Policy well-knownshows white men’s hierarchy of Asians:

1) mixed-white Asian adults

2) monoracial Asian girls married to white men and with white-mixed youngsters

three) monoracial Asian guys—ideally deported, divorced, detained in an internment camp, or useless.

By explicitly laying out white guys’s hierarchy of Asians, the MMP is an extremely revealing anti-Asian record. Which is perhaps why it’s so tough to discover—the original documents are at the National Archives and aren’t digitized (need to pay to look them).

There’s precise motive for white guys wanting to cover the MMP. It’s a Rosetta Stone for understanding the motivations of many current anti-Asian hate crimes like the NYC Hammer killings, Atlanta spa shootings, and Isla Vista massacre. Each can be without delay tied to the roadmap MMP presents.

The 2019 NYC hammer killings happened when a white guy saw movies vilifying Asian guys and wanted to “guard” Asian women. He entered a buffet to hammer random Asian men inside the head. They all died slowly: Fufai LUNA Pun later that day, Kheong Ng-Thang 3 days later, Tsz Pun every week later.

The 2021 Atlanta spa shootings came about because a white man blamed Asian ladies for his “sex dependancy.” He shot at more than one Asian massage workers and planned on targeting greater. Victims consist of Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Hyun Jung Grant, Soon Chung Park, Suncha Kim, and Yong Ae Yue.

The 2014 Isla Vista bloodbath took place because a functionally-white, white-blended Asian hated white women who rejected him & guys of shade. He assaulted monoracial Asian men several times and murdered three—Cheng Yuan Hong, Weihan Wang, and George Chen—by using stabbing them 15, 25, and ninety four instances.

Many human beings believe anti-Asian racism began with COVID, but as those examples display, Asians have usually suffered violence. The hassle is our memories are purposely erased and twisted to double-victimize us and beef up the lies of the Model Minority Myth. This occurs two approaches.

The first erasure comes from white human beings in authorities, information, schooling, and extra. White men know coverage can humanize—or ruin. That’s why the racial factor of Isla Vista become eliminated, the hammer killings had been downplayed, and “intercourse addiction” was used to justify Atlanta.

The 2nd erasure unfortunately comes from complicit Asians. The MMP’s middle concept is obvious: to be spared deadly anti-Asian racism, you should actively show loyalty to whiteness by proving a “Caucasian surroundings”—in different phrases, circumvent the bullet via redirecting it to another Asian’s head.

Complicit Asians say criticizing their complicity condemns interracial relationships. It doesn’t. There had been Japanese whose white spouses stood through them—like Arthur Ishigo, whose wife Estelle voluntarily joined his camp. He later died of cancer and she or he misplaced her legs to gangrene.

These days complicit Asians aren’t limited by way of gender or marriage. Anyone can be one (despite the fact that partnering with white guys stays the very best manner to do this). To show their “Caucasian environment,” they need to punch down on Asians with identical or more hate than white men do.

For ex, complicit Asians write articles telling Asian Americans to not label anti-Asian violence as hate crimes till white officers say so, disrespect Asian male Isla Vista victims through blaming their deaths on Asianness, and so forth. They’re now not bringing attention—they’re sabotaging it.

That’s by means of design. White guys recognize in-preventing wastes AsAm strength. So, they recruit complicit Asians, deliver them a monopoly on AsAm sources, microphones, and systems—in spite of being a minority in AsAm spaces—and watch as they perpetuate the fame quo in preference to dismantle it.

This all comes returned to the identical violent, imperialist strategies white guys have used towards Asian international locations for centuries: rape and pillage, divide and overcome, install puppet leaders. Drive Asians out of Asia thru violence, hold the “American dream,” then homicide us more.

This approach the MMP’s relevance is twofold: 1) white men’s hierarchy of Asians endures to this present day, and a couple of) growing hate crimes display how clean it is to convey internment back. Between 2020 and 2021, average hate crimes dropped through 7%, however anti-Asian hate crimes spiked 149%.

So to #StopAsianHate, it’s not enough to speak approximately the “easy” topics. We need to additionally cope with the “taboos.” This includes the violent methods whiteness recruits Asians so it could Trojan Horse its manner into our groups, shut down progress, and endanger us all—precisely as meant.

It’sbeenyears seeing that Image gave me pushback for pitchingAMERICANIZASIAN to them. Yesterday I was informed they’ve tweeted#StopAsianHate and placed out a list of AAPI creators to aid, so I’dlike to talk approximately what that means in the context of my bookAMERICANIZASIAN.

For folks that don’t realize, right here’s a summary: The Image partner I pitchedto described my comics as “irritated,” with out a relatable story, and didn’ttalk approximately AsAm problems within the “proper manner.” They later shifted tolegality as their purpose to no longer put up.

Iknow my comics make people uncomfortable. That’s the point—anti-Asianracism is uncomfortable. It’s violent and hateful. You don’t restoration it byhand-holding bigots and coddling their emotions. You do it by way of preserving upa mirror to their conduct to permit their bigotry talk for itself.

Ihaven’t spoken lots approximately this, but it’s vital to recognize who’s happythat Image didn’t submit AMERICANIZASIAN: bigots with white supremacistideologies. I was already getting pressured previous to speaking publiclyabout Image, however afterwards it became a feeding frenzy.

Thousandsof Nazis regularly repost and denigrate my work, calling me anti-Asianslurs & other hateful phrases—fl*p, ch*nk, g**k, Filipino/islandn*gg*r, ricecel/incel, MRAsian, autist, b*tch, and so forth. They post images ofme to mock my functions, and edit swastikas and Hitler onto my comics.

These are loud white supremacists—the ones so-referred to as progressives willeasily denounce. But I’ve additionally been harassed through “quiet” bigots who pushto deplatform me through blacklisting and DMs. They used to do itpublicly till they found out it tarnished their picture as progressives.

Allof those reactions show what I already knew—I *am* speaking approximately AsAmissues in the “proper way.” Because if white supremacists and theirenablers aren’t deeply troubled approximately how you communicate about race and doingeverything they are able to to forestall you, are you even speakme approximately race?

Iknow I’m no longer the “exact Asian” Image wants to promote. I realize theyresent me for publicly calling them out. I’d actually want to believethis new push for AAPI voices and content material shows regret and boom, butgrowth can’t appear without proudly owning as much as and acknowledging beyond damage.

So if Image desires to #StopAsianHate,they have to do extra than use the hashtag and quietly encompass me intheir list of AAPI creators. They must renowned and rectify howthey handled me. Otherwise, it’s hypocritical at exceptional, and a grossattempt at PR harm manage at worst.

And the irony isn’t misplaced on me that Image is tweeting these items during #AsianPacificHeritageMonth #AAPIHM #APAHM

When you suspect of Mormons, you in all likelihood think about

whiteness—and you’d be correct, due to the fact that 93% are white. What you don’t think of is


And but, for two years, I become a Mormon.

Before this, I grew up in a loosely Catholic upbringing and infrequently went to

church. But after my dad left the U.S. Navy and our family, we moved back to

the U.S. and lived with cousins who were Mormons. There, we were often

visited by means of missionaries, and in the end converted.

Much like being a Navy brat, converting turned into less of a

choice and greater of a package deal own family deal. I just went along side it to make

everyone happy. But what I didn’t recognise changed into that going from type-of-Catholic to

Mormon became stepping out of the kiddie pool and going inside the deep stop.

I found out in their residing prophet and apostles, the

Book of Mormon and its golden plates records, and Jesus coming to America after

resurrection. I noticed ostentatious temples, and heard approximately unique undies and

polygamy. But I wasn’t taught its racist roots—that became something I felt, not


Meanwhile, my artwork on the time was inspired by way of

graffiti/tagging and the AZN satisfaction generation, a pan-Asian motion that cultivated a

tremendous view of being Asian American. It changed into the generation of tuner subculture, souped

up Hondas, spiky hair, TRG, Asian Avenue, and AIM screennames like aZnBbyGrL.

AZN spaces weren’t utopias with the aid of any stretch. But at its

middle, it represented community and herd safety in a country that failed to—and

nevertheless doesn’t—want AsAms here. While non-Asian areas pressured me to

assimilate, AZN areas furnished a bubble where I may be myself more.

For Asians, the strain to assimilate and examine

self-hate is familiar. But for Filipinx, there’s an brought stress with

religion. Everyone who hears I was as soon as Mormon thinks it’s the strangest thing

(which I get), but the concept of Filipinx being transformed is a long way from new.

Catholicism changed into forcibly thrust onto the Philippines

upon Magellan’s arrival, and finally reinforced thru 333 years of

violent Spanish colonization. Today, the Philippines is 1 of 2 Southeast Asian

international locations with a majority Christian population (the alternative is East Timor).

Even even though I’m Fil-Am, I sense related to my ancestors

through my revel in of white Mormon missionaries dunking me of their

colonizing waters, washing off “sinful” mindsets or behaviors that

didn’t fit their unique mold. No remember in which Filipinx stay, whiteness finds


To at the moment, I experience pressure to “purify” my

artwork and make myself smaller as a Filipino man. I recognise I’m not by myself. Every day,

Asians war with “baptisms.” We search for an AsAm delight, however

it’s something we should create ourselves—not no matter anti-Asian racism however

because of it.

(Please don’t repost or edit my art. Reblogs are

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For Fil-Ams and different people of coloration,

the “American Dream” regularly way toiling away simply to attain a small

piece of the spoils that had been violently ripped faraway from your community.

Second-gen Asian Americans like me develop up oblivious approximately

our personal histories due to the fact the U.S. education system purposely withholds

statistics about it, and our parents try to outrun their trauma with the aid of never

sharing their studies, instead pushing their children closer to an

assimilation sleepwalk.

AsAms realize too overdue we’ve inherited a cope with the satan

we by no means agreed to: we are able to keep our language, but handiest if we speak it

privately. Our meals, if we serve it. Our tradition, if it upholds the phantasm of

America as a benevolent melting pot that saved us from ourselves.

But AsAms aren’t the most effective ones blind to this history. Few

Americans realize of the Philippine-American War and the atrocities the US

committed. Even fewer understand how the U.S.’s ongoing legacy of struggle,

destruction, and colonization in Asia is a prime purpose the AsAm diaspora



aren’t taught about how centuries of exploitation of the Philippines’ sources

by using Western powers has caused most of its staff immigrating and becoming a

worldwide servant elegance called Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Instead, they’re

taught that poverty is inherent to Filipinx subculture.


aren’t taught about how the USA installs and props up puppet leaders and

dictators—like how Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan fully sponsored Marcos as he

dominated under martial regulation and committed human rights violations. Instead, they’re

taught corruption is inherent to Filipinx lifestyle.


aren’t taught that colonization is bipartisan and Trump and Biden agree on

their view of the Philippines: a de facto colony whose sources and bodies can

be exploited with impunity for the United States warfare system. Instead, they’re taught

servitude is inherent to Filipinx subculture.

Americans aren’t

taught about one-sided US military agreements used to maintain an imperialist

foothold: the Mutual Defense Treaty, Mutual Logistics Support Agreement,

Visiting Forces Agreement & Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement.

Instead, they’re informed it’s for mutual benefit.

American’s aren’t taught approximately how many

AsAms struggle with poverty, institutional racism, and violence. Instead,

they’re taught the Model Minority Myth—created with the aid of white people and propagated

by using all races—that asserts Asians don’t suffer race-based oppression.

Americans aren’t taught approximately how Fil-Ams deliver income to

family, stay in multi-generational families to pool cash together, and how

the Philippines’ financial system might disintegrate without OFW remittances. Instead,

they’re taught Fil-Ams have a high median family income amongst AsAms.

Americans aren’t taught approximately how AsAm leaders are mounted

with white backing the identical manner puppet leaders are, and use their shared race

to hurt their very own and prevent genuine development. Instead, they’re taught that privileged,

out-of-touch blue-assessments are the voice of our network.

So if Americans aren’t taught any of this, who will educate

them? The ugly fact is that AsAms who attempt to talk up are often beaten into

silence with the aid of non-Asians who benefit from the popularity quo, and through Asian puppet

leaders who’ve been hooked up to shield their masters’ pastimes.

Overall, being Filipinx and Asian way

constantly navigating survival between rotating oppressors.

As an ex-Navy brat who grew up

overseas, I’ve struggled with my concept of domestic and at one point believed

“home” changed into a US army base. But perhaps LUNA that’s as Fil-Am because it gets.

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55studies asked:

i saw your art educasian put up and cherished it lots !! it made me reflect onconsideration on my own self in my eyes. what i loved most even though, changed into that i saw myself to your artwork for the first time !! on every occasion there are posts made about inclusivity, i see different POC, but never one that looks as if me. you had a hindu lady (carrying a bindi) on your drawing and it made me feel identified and really happy ! thank you to your artwork, and thank you for making me feel visible:)

(Please don’t repost or edit my paintings. Reblogs are usually favored.

Support my paintings right here:

History has shown Filipinx are valued

for our exertions, not our voices. But the best aspect more consistent than our

exploitation and oppression is our resilience within the face of it. #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth

There are many horror stories approximately Filipinx being mistreated. Whether

running in our home countries or as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), we’re

handled as a servant magnificence no matter where we are—suffering long hours, low

wages and advantages, and intentionally dehumanizing remedy.

For instance, in 2019, a Filipina maid in Saudi Arabia turned into tied to a

tree as “punishment” by way of her employers. An animator inside the Philippines

become fired for traumatic a full-time profits for his full-time work. Filipina

nurses who attempted to give up an abusive New York nursing home were given caught in indentured

servitude. Out of sixty six US allies in WWII, simplest Filipino vets had been denied fee

and blessings that the US promised. Call center personnel operating as outsourced

low-wage labor for US corps who’ve earned promotions and higher pay are given

unrealistic quotas to get them fired. The listing goes on.

I even experienced this myself in May, when I misplaced my publisher of 10+

years for—satirically—speaking approximately the racism and oppression Filipinx and other

Asians face. They had been satisfied to submit my testimonies centering non-Filipinx, but

no longer once I determined to center myself and different Fil-Ams.

In my enterprise (comics), the exploitation of Filipinx is a properly-saved

secret. In a lately launched video by way of DC Comics—which changed into supposed to spotlight

Filipinx creators—they inadvertently admit to hiring Filipinx only to

circumvent paying putting American creators higher wages.

But Filipinx don’t live silent, we fight returned. From mythical

Lapu-Lapu, Gabriela Silang, and the Katipunan—who resisted Spanish colonization

and fought for independence—to Fil-Am labor chief Larry Itliong, Filipinx have

an extended subculture of organizing protests and revolutions.

Yet while we do communicate up, our contributions can still be

erased—on occasion by means of other POC. Itliong spearheaded a quite effective labor

motion in the 30s and 40s while he organized the Delano grape strike and

unionized worker’s, but his paintings is often credited totally to César Chávez. A

search for Itliong’s name will bring about articles and books that usually

acknowledge his collaboration with Chávez. But if you search for Chávez’s name,

Itliong is hardly ever cited. This erasure hurts even extra so due to the fact the whole

movement turned into about team spirit between Mexican-Americans and Fil-Ams.

What this means is Filipinx are seen as exploitable hard work by way of quite

plenty absolutely everyone: whites, different POC, even our personal. That’s why a main part of the

Philippines’ financial system relies on remittances from OFWs sending their profits

domestic—one of the u . s .’s biggest exports is people.

So on this final day of #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth, allow’s all decide to

fighting racial and class injustice, uplifting Fil-Am and Filipinx voices, and

spotting Filipinx contributions all yr-round.

If you revel in my comics, please pledge

to Patreon or donate to Paypal. I currently misplaced my publisher for trying to

post those strips, so your help maintains me going until I can find a new

publisher/lit agent.

Happy Birthday to Fil-Am hero, Larry Itliong, who gave America the finger. (Three, in truth, which he lost in a cannery twist of fate.)

floofyconfusednerd requested:

Hi! I stumbled upon your comic wherein Uncle Fil-Am Man spanked “Uncle” Sam, told human beings to vote, and have become our new uncle, and I simply desired to inform you that I complete-heartedly trust changing “Uncle” Sam with Uncle Fil-Am Man without derailing your comedian about how important it’s miles to vote ESPECIALLY as minorities and POC, in particular Asians who’re often pitted towards different POC! Thank you for everything you’re doing! Your comics are genuinely wonderful!

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