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Is tGeorgia here a coat-check area or locker area?


Yes! When you enter it will be on the left hGeorgia and side where the bathrooms also are!

Tiffany L. 

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Anybody been to the High since the remodeling?

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I had the best time here this past Sunday for the free admission day. It happens on the second Sunday of the month. Go around 1, lines aren’t as long. Georgia The Phillips collection is on display now and it’s absolutely breathtaking!! There’s two entrance to the building ( aside from the main entrance there is a side entrance on the right of the building). If you love art as much as me, go check it out. It’s a sleek white building with a geometric abstract architectural design. It’s ad beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. 🙂


There is a wide variety of art to view. We spent four hours  discussing and viewing the artwork. The whole family enjoyed it.


Even after living in Atlanta for the best 8 years, I’ve only been to the High Museum two or three times. Even so, it’s definitely a nice lazy day activity where you can pretend you’re cultured.

Parking is not cheap, so we chose not to park in the deck and found some free parking on the street – FYI, a lot of street parking is free around the High on Sundays!

My friends are all Bank of America holders, so they came during the first weekend of the month for free. I, on the other hand, paid $14.50 for admission. We were pretty excited for the Andy Warhol exhibit, so I didn’t mind, although I would have loved a free admission myself.

I’m not an expert on all the floors of the High, but there’s something different on each floor. If I’m not mistaken, as you go higher and higher up, you get more and more modern. But don’t quote me on that. For some reason, I can’t appreciate the talent and beauty of the artwork in the more çağdaş eras as I do the Renaissance or Impressionist periods, but that may be personal preference.

Andy Warhol certainly özgü a different approach to art than many of his time – and while I may not understand the meanings behind his artistic choices, they do make for a great Instagram photo.

I’m not an art connoisseur and I’m not a longtime patron of the High Museum of Arts, but it’s a different way to spend the afternoon in Atlanta, other than the usual eating and drinking.


I came here for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Advanced tickets were sold out in Atlanta, GA. You have 20-30 seconds to view 6 rooms. Was it worth the Georgia wait?? Yes and no.

Yes if you got the tickets for free or someone is brining you. Yes if you love Yayoi Kusama’s artwork or love this type of artwork. No if you had to wait in line since 4AM or earlier the previous day. I believe the actual museum opens at 10AM and there are 100 tickets available per day for this exhibit. So good luck!

The rooms were definitely beautiful. Some made me laugh, some I hit my head by accident, and overall each room a work of art.  

If your ticket özgü a time, get there 15-30 minutes early. Prepare to wait about 15-30 minutes to get to each room. Give yourself a good 2 hours to see all 6 rooms with wait times, other creations on the wall, and seeing the gift shop.

Not related to the exhibit, there also 2 kid’s rooms which have no line and are really fun even for 20 something’s. Check it out!

Thank you for hosting Kusama’s works. It was done beautifully.

Parking: I have no tips. We parked like a block away.Suggestion to not take photos: Probably hard to do,  but take it for some and don’t take it for others. You only get 20ish seconds and it flies by! The monitors have actual timers in their hands so you cannot take longer.

Until next time!Cherie

11/4/2018Updated review

The High has finally completed their rennovations. Have Georgia mixed feelings on it. Very big on folk art, which puts traditional art in the background. Good luck finding their nice collection of Monets!

11/7/2014Previous review

The High is the bomb!

The architecture of the three buildings is magnificent and worth admiring above and beyond The High’s collection.  They do a great job on the rotating collections and go to the website to find out what is on display.  Currently they have ‘Mia Casa, Your Casa’ on display in the courtyard which is a bunch of swings, but cleverly done and very inviting (wish I could describe it better).  Also ‘Make a Joyful Noise’ on the 2nd floor which is nice, but not as clever as some of their past rotating collections like ‘Frida & Diego’.  The 2nd floor is dedicated to rotating collections.  Don’t miss the portrait of Mrs. High our benefactor in a hallway between the two main buildings. The High is relatively new museum and many articles have been contributed by Mr. Kresge.  Thank you 5 & dime stores!  The High is very inviting and you can easily spend 1/2 day there without getting bored.  Also check out the Highlights tour at 1:00PM given by local volunteers.  We did this and it was time well spent.  We especially enjoyed local GA folk artist Howard Finster’s collection.  The staff is friendly but seems more concerned with making sure you keep your hands off things than describing the wonderful art you are seeing.

A couple of downsides. The permanent collection rarely changes, so it gets boring seeing the same things all the time.  The High needs to shake this up a little bit. The other downside is parking in this section of Atlanta is a nightmare, and public transportation is a good option. Considering the parking and rotating collections are changed about every three months, we normally go down to The High  on a Sunday when parking/traffic is much easier about four times a year.  The High admission is a little pricey but definitely worth it.

All in all a real gem in Atlanta and worth the trip anytime.

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10/8/2017Updated review

A few years later and I’m back in Atlanta so I made a point of stopping by the High. I found that there’s an entire other side to it. Oops, I never saw the other building or walked across the bridges the last time. How did that happen?

The exhibit I saw before is long gone, but this time I was into the areas of the permanent collection. I spent a good two hours over there this time, most of it in the American and European artworks sections. And as last time, there are some terrific works from the masters here. Pissarro, Monet, Ellsworth Kelly and more. Some great displays that mix the paintings with furniture and sculptures. Lots of space here that keeps the noise to a minimum, the building itself is a piece of art.

4/19/2012Previous review

Impressive museum with several really nice permanent collections. I was in for the “Picasso to Warhol” exhibit, a limited engagement. Which was super excellent! Well organized and a great display of 20th century artists including Jackson Pollack, Jasper Johns, Piet Mondrian and Henri Matisse. An extra $6 for the audio guide, but the guide only worked for that one exhibit. Bummer. Special gift shop specifically for this exhibit.

After that exhibit, I wandered the rest of the museum. Really good stuff including the “Art of Golf” and “Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement”.

Pictures are permitted of some exhibits and some not.

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I love a museum, especially one that I can go to and enjoy with my man and with my kids. Then you add in free admissions on second Sundays. And I am in heaven. The high Museum özgü it all. And beautiful exhibits, great places for the kids to enjoy creative learning, and even have the smart art box. It is literally a wonderful place to be. I have nothing but good to say. We were inspired and learned about Romare Bearden!


I reallllly enjoyed this museum!  

I actually came here for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, which was magical, but I ended up staying afterward and exploring the rest of the museum for a couple of hours and am glad I did!

The museum is a lovely space, especially the center area with high ceilings, natural sunlight, winding stairs and a lovely geometric mural.  The rest of the museum looks pretty typical but is set up really cool where you kinda wind through like a maze.  

My favorite part of the current exhibit was a space that had a soundsuit by Nick Cave (my favorite artist!), a large wall piece by Kara Walker, a Basquiat painting and a Kehinde Wiley painting.  So much art by powerful black artists.  

They have a great selection of modern and not-so-uygar artwork.  I spent most of my time in the modern art, but there is a whole floor I believe dedicated to European and American art as well.  

I would definitely visit the museum again, great place!


Great art museum in Atlanta to go every once in awhile or to take your friends. The single entry fees are a bit steep but if you go on the second Sunday of every month, your entrance is free! They have some great art pieces from artists like Monet and Pissarro. My favorite is the porcelain sculpture room, as they have really neat art from the 17-18th centuries from Europe. They also have some cool special exhibits, like a Monet exhibit, that is seasonal. Free Wi-Fi is also a plus!

The only downside of this museum is that it’s fairly small for how much you have to hisse, but it’s definitely worth coming here atleast once if you live in or around the Atlanta area

My favorite Pissarro painting


Pro tip: if you’re a bank of america card holder, you can get in for free on the first full weekend of every month, which saves you some dollars!! the only con to this perk is that it does get packed on those days. i still think it’s worth it to go when it’s free, though.

The workers at the High are usually pretty helpful and nice. It’s also almost always too warm inside of the museum – i wish they’d change that. I’d rather it be too chilly than stuffy! especially when you’re surrounded by tons of people.

Overall, I enjoy visiting the museum. I would say it’s a must see if you’re a Bank of America cardholder, or even if you have friends and family coming in from out of town. I always like seeing the new exhibits here. Plus, it’s been featured in a few movies now, so that’s pretty tight!!

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