Haunted Places In Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Point Breeze Club and HotelNantucket, Massachusetts

The ghost Nantucke Massachusetts Nantucke Massachusetts of a man in period clothing has been seen in rooms of this old hotel. Various other ghostly activity has been reported.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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George C. Gardner HouseNantucket, Massachusetts

The house has been resNantucke Massachusetts tored to its former glory, but is currently on the market again. Former residents reported hearing disembodied footsteps and seeing the silverware move around by itself.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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The Wauwinet HotelNantucket, Massachusetts

The hotel is rumored to be built on Native American burial grounds, which some say have led to its being haunted. Lights turn on by themselves, and there is a ghostly unexplained sound of running water in the lobby. Footsteps have been heard, and an apparition of a woman seen …

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Yarmouth ResortYarmouth, Massachusetts

26.6 miles from Nantucket, MA

Spooky occurrences reported here have included sounds of slamming doors in areas where all doors are locked tight, and items that move from their Nantucke Massachusetts original position when no one else is around. Folks here say there is a clue to the identity of a ghost: A small hair barrette was …

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Old Yarmouth InnYarmouth, Massachusetts

30 miles from Nantucket, MA

The inn was established in 1696, and is the oldest on Cape Cod. It is said to be haunted. One witness reported an apparition that appeared at the foot of his bed in 1999. The ghost was a jowly man wearing a flounced white blouse. Another witness, in 2002, reported …

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Colonial House InnYarmouth, Massachusetts

30.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

Three haunts are said to reside in Room 224: Dr. John Minot, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and a Native American girl. In the dining room, a customer’s credit card disappeared while a waiter was trying to run it through the machine. The card was found later in a cabinet. And the …

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Beechwood InnBarnstable, Massachusetts

31.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

According to reports, there is a ghostly lady who haunts the inn’s Rose Room.

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Village Green InnFalmouth, Massachusetts

32.8 miles from Nantucket, MA

This 1804 building is said to be haunted by its original owners, the Dimmick family. Sarah, a teenage daughter who died here in 1823, has been spotted in some rooms wearing an old-fashioned white nightgown. She may hover over guests as they sleep looking at them strangely, as if wondering …

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Captain Freeman InnBrewster, Massachusetts

33.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

A ghost they call Roberta resides here; she dates to the early l900s. She has been spotted both in the hallways and in guest rooms.

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Bramble Inn and RestaurantBrewster, Massachusetts

33.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

The Bramble Inn dates back to 1861, and according to its owner (Ruth Manchester) it is definitely haunted.The Manchesters bought the Bramble Inn in April of 1985.A 1987 renovation seems to have stirred up some ghostly activity.Guests report seeing and feeling Nantucke Massachusetts presences in the …

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Highfield HallFalmouth, Massachusetts

33.4 miles from Nantucket, MA

Highfield Hall, built in 1878 for the Beebe Family, was in disrepair when Historic Highfield ttook over to renovate it. The stately mansion is said to have a ghost who peers out the center upstairs window. Locals believe it is Mary Louisa Beebe, who succumbed to cancer in this room …

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Crosby MansionBrewster, Massachusetts

34.5 miles from Nantucket, MA

Crosby Mansion was finished in 1888 and belonged to Albert Crosby, a “medicinal alcohol” mogul who had the 35-room mansion built to wrap around his childhood home.

The grand mansion was called Tawasentha and had 15 fireplaces and a parlor patterned after one at the Palace of Versailles. Some say …

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Orleans Waterfront InnOrleans, Massachusetts

35.8 miles from Nantucket, MA

This historic restored seaside inn is known for more than its beauty–guests have reported unexplained wind gusts and footsteps, slamming doors, and a ghost the owners nicknamed Hannah, believed to be the spirit of a 1920s brothel worker who was murdered. The ghost has been seen naked walking through the …

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Penny House InnEastham, Massachusetts

40.4 miles from Nantucket, MA

Rumor has it that if you stay in the “old side” of the house, you may meet a ghost. She is called the Goodnight Ghost because she is often seen at night, touching guests in their sleep or whispering to them. She’s also been known to move their personal items …

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Millicent LibraryFairhaven, Massachusetts

48.2 miles from Nantucket, MA

Millicent Library is believed to be haunted by its namesake, the daughter of Huttleston Rogers, a well-known financial backer of historical buildings in Fairhaven. Rumor has it that Millicent was buried in the library’s foundation, and her apparition, say witnesses, walks in that very building, haloed by a blue light. …

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New Bedford ArmoryNew Bedford, Massachusetts

49.5 miles from Nantucket, MA

The 1903 New Bedford Armory, featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost Hunters, is said to be haunted. In a room where a sergeant hanged himself, paranormalists saw a strange mist that ran right through one of them.

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Plaza Guest HouseProvincetown, Massachusetts

53.5 miles from Nantucket, MA

This guest house is believed to be haunted by many apparitions. People have reportedly seen figures in period clothing walking around the guest house, especially in Room #006. On the floor in this room, there is a bloodstains that will not go away no matter how much the floor is …

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Plymouth Light – Gurnet LightDuxbury, Massachusetts

56.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

Built in 1769, the structure is thought to be haunted by the first female lightkeeper, Hannah Thomas, who took over after her husband John was killed in the Revolutionary War. Tales tell of a photographer who spent the night here and saw an apparition of the upper half of a …

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Homelands EstateTiverton, Rhode Island

61.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

Several times witnessed doors closing or opening with no-one in the house, shadows or shapes in windows, furniture moved, strange sounds, shadow figures seen, extreme cold spots in various rooms.The house dates to the mid-18th century.

(Submitted by John)

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Oak Grove CemeteryFall River, Massachusetts

61.3 miles from Nantucket, MA

The 1855 Oak Grove Cemetery is known for being the burial place of Lizzie Borden and her family. Witnesses say they have heard screaming from the Borden plot and felt uneasy while in its vicinity. Some claim to have seen unexplained lights within the cemetery.

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Lizzie Borden HouseFall River, Massachusetts

61.8 miles from Nantucket, MA

The home where Lizzie Borden lived is now a bed-and-breakfast. The historic house was the site of the famous double axe murder of Lizzie Borden’s parents, and is said to be haunted. Witnesses have reported apparitions and unexplained noises.

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Quequechan ClubFall River, Massachusetts

61.9 miles from Nantucket, MA

The Quequechan Club, founded in 1894, is housed in an 1861 private home. Witnesses here have seen the apparition of a lady in a Victorian dress and captured several electronic voice phenomena. Orbs also have shown up in photographs, reflected in a mirror.

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The Sun TavernDuxbury, Massachusetts

62.9 miles from Nantucket, MA

The Sun Tavern is known for two things: casual fine dining inside a pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse, and a ghost named Lysander Walker, who creates cold spots and has been known to tip over tables. Lysander’s story is told on the restaurant’s placemats.

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Newport Beach Hotel and SuitesMiddletown, Rhode Island

63.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

There are a number of ghosts that inhabit the historic side of this hotel.

Little Girl: Nantucke Massachusetts When there are a large amount of children staying in the hotel, a small girl wearing a bright blue dress and gold shoes can be seen running and laughing in the hallways.You can …

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Breakers MansionNewport, Rhode Island

63.5 miles from Nantucket, MA

The Renaissance style mansion was built in 1895 after a fire destroyed the manor house of Cornelius and Alice Vanderbilt, the latter of whom is believed to still haunt the house museum. Staff and visitors to the building have reported sighting her apparition on various levels of the building, and …

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Seaview Terrace – Carey MansionNewport, Rhode Island

63.7 miles from Nantucket, MA

Seaview Terrace, aka Carey Mansion, was built by (and is said to be haunted by) whiskey magnate Edson Bradley and his wife Julia. Witnesses have reported apparitions, unexplained sounds, the playing of a defunct organ, temperature drops, and footsteps. The site has been featured on an episode of TV’s Ghost …

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Beechwood MansionNewport, Rhode Island

63.7 miles from Nantucket, MA

Beechwood Mansion, also known as Astor’s Beechwood Mansion because it was owned by the wealthy Astor family, was originally built in 1851 by wealthy merchant Daniel Parrish, and today it is said to be haunted by many spirits. Witnesses say doors open on their own, cold spots are rampant (especially …

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Belcourt CastleNewport, Rhode Island

63.7 miles from Nantucket, MA

Belcourt Castle itself does not seem to have a ghost, but it is believed that several of the objects and antiques it showcases are haunted. From a suit of armor that echoes with the death cries of its original owner, to haunted chairs that move and send tingles up the …

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Villa One Twenty – Inn at Shadow LawnMiddletown, Rhode Island

64 miles from Nantucket, MA

Villa One Twenty, formerly the Inn at Shadow Lawn, was originally an 1856 private mansion. The apparition of a woman has been seen here, believed to be a former owner of the mansion when it was a private home. Her voice has been heard as well.

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Redwood Library and AthenauemNewport, Rhode Island

64.2 miles from Nantucket, MA

Founded in 1747, it is the oldest community library still occupying its original building in the United States. A male entity has been sighted by staff wandering around the library during the evening, and people report that the eyes in the paintings on the walls follow them as they move …

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Hotel VikingNewport, Rhode Island

64.3 miles from Nantucket, MA

The Hotel Viking is believed to be haunted by a ghostly group of party-goers. At first, guests complained about the noise of a great party in the night, heard above one of the ballrooms (a space used for storage). But after renovations, the location of the spectral party seems to …

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Pilgrim House InnNewport, Rhode Island

64.5 miles from Nantucket, MA

The bed and breakfast was built in the late eighteenth century, and has been an inn since the early 1800’s. The apparition of a young girl has been seen staring down from rooms into the street, and has been known to appear to guests in Room #8 and Room #11. …

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Camp TiticutRaynham, Massachusetts

64.6 miles from Nantucket, MA

An old summertime campsite for Native Americans, complete with a burial ground, Camp Titicut is believed to be haunted by King Phillip, whose body reportedly was drawn and quartered here. The sound of leaves rustling, according to local tales, is his body parts trying to get back together. The area …

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White Horse TavernNewport, Rhode Island

64.6 miles from Nantucket, MA

White Horse Tavern dates back to the 1600s, and is said to be haunted by several spirits including an elderly male in Colonial clothing, a guest who died on the premises and shows up in the dining room near a fireplace. He is said to prefer to appear female guests. …

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Rose Island LighthouseNewport, Rhode Island

66.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

Rose Island Lighthouse is thought to be haunted by the ghosts of cholera sufferers who were exiled here long ago and, possibly, a former lighthouse keeper named Charles Curtis. Witnesses say they’ve heard voices and footsteps, and a photo has turned up a reflection of a ghost.

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Old Plymouth County HospitalHanson, Massachusetts

66.1 miles from Nantucket, MA

Plymouth County Hospital, once Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital, is said to be haunted by some of those who have died within its walls. Passersby have described screaming and laughter coming from the empty building, or simply a feeling that something inside is watching them.

*Note* The public is not allowed here …

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Bridgewater State UniversityBridgewater, Massachusetts

66.3 miles from Nantucket, MA

Bridgewater State University is said to be haunted by a former headmaster in Tillinghast (Tilly) Hall. According to legend, she died when she fell off the roof after climbing up there to discipline some residents who were up there making noise in the night. Also, a ghost named George is …

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The Barn – Roger Williams University TheatreBristol, Rhode Island

66.5 miles from Nantucket, MA

The William N. Grandgeorge Theatre at The Barn was originally two barns built in 1840 and 1894. They were located on the Whipple Steere Farm in Glocester, Rhode Island, and were disassembled and rebuilt in the 1980s. Now, a ghost nicknamed Banquo is said to haunt the theater, playing tricks …

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Castle Hill InnNewport, Rhode Island

66.6 miles from Nantucket, MA

The female ghost who resides here has been seen by several staff members. She is said to be a relative of the original builder, Mr. Agassiz. Witnesses say she occasionally throws china in the pantry.

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Fort Wetherill State ParkJamestown, Rhode Island

67 miles from Nantucket, MA

The historic fort is believed to be the home of a phantom black dog, seen here since the Revolutionary War era. When the British took over the fort in 1776, they were menaced by a terrifying black dog prowling the place, and a black dog symbolizes death in British folklore. …

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Colt State ParkBristol, Rhode Island

67.8 miles from Nantucket, MA

This state park was a farm until the middle of the 20th century. A stable hand reportedly died in the barn, now the park office, and his ghost is said to play pranks with the lights and doors. He shares the park with the ghosts of two young girls who …

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Holiday Inn TauntonTaunton, Massachusetts

70.8 miles from Nantucket, MA

The stairway near the 28 rooms are said to be haunted; voices in the stairway order “Leave here now.”

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South County MuseumNarragansett, Rhode Island

71.4 miles from Nantucket, MA

The South County Museum, founded in 1933, was moved twice before 1984 when it arrived here at Canochet Farm, former home of 12th governor of Rhode Island, Colonel William Sprague and his wife Kate Chase, daughter of Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase. Apparitions have been reported …

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Aldrich MansionWarwick, Rhode Island

71.6 miles from Nantucket, MA

Aldrich Mansion, built by former Sen. Nelson W. Aldrich in the early 1900s, is believed to be haunted by one of his children who committed suicide by jumping from a balcony. Her apparition has been seen by employees often, as well as a few visitors.

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Cape Cod CafeBrockton, Massachusetts

71.9 miles from Nantucket, MA

At Cape Cod Café, a ghostly baby has been heard crying. Rumor has it that a mother once left her baby alone at a table so she could go drink at the bar. While she was there, the baby choked to death.

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Crescent Park Looff CarouselEast Providence, Rhode Island

72.9 miles from Nantucket, MA

The century-old Charles Loof Carousel, a.k.a. Crescent Park Carousel, was once part of an amusement complex and ballroom. The ballroom burned down in the 1960s, and it is said that those who perished in the fire still haunt the ride. Employees report that the music turns on by itself, the …

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Hoof-Fin-Feathers – Carriage Inn and SaloonNorth Kingstown, Rhode Island

73.3 miles from Nantucket, MA

Formerly Hoof Fin Feathers, the place will reopen in 2014 as The Carriage Inn and Saloon. Featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters, the establishment is saidi to be haunted by a number of apparitions, including those of a little girl with burn scars, several brothel women, and a small boy who …

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Stonehill CollegeEaston, Massachusetts

73.4 miles from Nantucket, MA

Rumor has it that an eerie scene re-creates itself on a deadly anniversary at Stonehill College. Years ago, a small passenger plane crashed into the college’s pond. Now, every year on the same night, a blue mist comes off the pond and creates a blanket of fog over the campus. …

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Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity HouseSouth Kingstown, Rhode Island

75 miles from Nantucket, MA

The Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House is said to be haunted by a little girl named Abigail who died by falling down the stairs here. Legend has it that the words “Help Me” appear on the wall no matter how many times they paint over it. Also said to be …

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Melrose CemeteryBrockton, Massachusetts

75 miles from Nantucket, MA

Running footsteps and disembodied laughter are some of the mysterious things that have been reported in Melrose Cemetery. The laughter most often comes from the back corner of the cemetery on the left side.

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