Greyhawk Deities – Master Listing

Reading the Entries Poster

Alignments – some deities have more than one alignments listed in the alignment column, this is due to the fact that unique deity has mutiple aspects. Alignments have additionally been abbreviated due to area considerations. (you all ought to realize these).

Portfolio – The area or vicinity’s the Deity mainly problem themselves with.

Deity Domains are indexed in alphabetical order, Deity Sub-Domains are listed in domain order. You will be aware that some Domains indexed within the Domain column aren’t currently inside the Pathfinder sport; these are preserve over Domains from D&D three.five. I blanketed those because I agree with that in the end those Domains might be up-graded to Pathfinder. If for some reason a 3.5 D&D Domain indexed inside the dieties column is now absolutely a Pathfinder Sub-Domain however is not in the Sub-Domain column, it can be brought the Sub-Domain list. To view greater information at the Deity Domains please visit: Pathfinder Domains

Weapon – On Oerth deities may additionally and frequently do have multiple favored weapons.

Rank –has additionally been abbreviated because Poster Poster of area concerns:

GG = Greater God

IG = Intermediate God

LG = Lesser God

DG = Demi-God

HG = Hero-God

DL = Demon Lord

Holy Symbol – There is two or three deities that I couldn’t find their holy symbol (and trust me I regarded) if for a few reason you want to select that deity – then I will make one up.

Alot of work went into this so Clerics and different divine casters should pick out a deity as opposed to a pressure. (Druids – may additionally choose an issue of nature I.e. a pressure) All in Told there are 304 Deities in this list – I am certain you will be able to locate one which suits your person idea.

Human Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolBeoryNGGoddess of the Oerth, Nature, and Rain.Animal, Earth, Plant, Water, StormsFeather, Caves, Growth, OceansClubGGHer Symbol is a Green Disk marked with CircleBoccobNGod of Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Balance, Foresight and Non-interventionKnowledge, Magic, Mind, Oracle, Trickery,Rune, SpellsMemory, Arcane, Deception, WardsQuarterstaffGGHis Symbol is a Eye within a PentagramIncabulosNEGod of Plagues, Sickness, Famine, Nightmares, Drought, and DisastersDeath, Destruction, Dream, Evil,Hunger, Madness, Pestilence, SufferingMurder, Devil, CatastropheQuarterstaffGGHis Symbol is a Magic Icon for the Eye of PossessionIstusNGoddess of Fate, Destiny, Divination, Future, and Honesty.Celerity, Chaos, Destiny, Fate, Knowledge, Law, Luck, OracleProtean, Thought, Inevitable, FateWeb of Istus (net)GGHer Symbol is a Gold SpindleMictlantecuhtliLEGod of Death, Darkness, Murder, and the Underworld.Death, Destruction, Evil, Law, Mysticism, Pestilence, Tyranny, WarMurder, Rage, Devil, BloodDaggerGGHis symbol is a skeletal canine (itzcuintli, the dog totem) or a skull and crossbones.NerullNEGod of Death, Darkness, Murder, and the Underworld.Darkness, Death, Evil, Pestilence, Trickery, UndeadMurder, Devil, Deception, LossScythe, Dagger, SickleGGHis Symbol is a Skull, ScythePelorNGGod of the Sun, Light, Strength, and Healing.Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Protection, Strength, SunAgathion, Resurrection, Purity, Light, ResolveHeavy MaceGGHis Symbol is a Stylized Sun-FaceQuetzalcoatlLNGod of the Air, Birds, and SnakesAir, Animal, Domination, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Sky, Good, TravelCloud, Feather, Memory, Agathion, Purity, ExplorationDagger,

Light MaceGGHis symbol is a feathered snake with wings.RaoLGGod of Peace, Reason and SerenityCompassion, Good, Inquisition, Knowledge, Law, Mind, Nobility,PactArchon, Thought, MartyrLight MaceGGHis Symbol is a White Heart of Wood or MetalTezcatlipocaCEGod of the Sun, Moon, the Night, Scheming, Betrayals, and Lightning.Air, Chaos, Evil, Mysticism, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery, Sun, War, WeatherCloud, Demon, Thought, Divine, Trade, Day, Blood, Storms?GGHis image is a jaguar.UvotNGGod of Prosperity.Animal, Earth, Healing,Plant, Protection, Sun, WeatherFur, Caves, Ressurection, Growth, Light, SeasonsScytheGGHis symbol is an outline of fruit.

Human Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolBreekaNGoddess of Living Things.Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, WaterCloud, Fur, Caves, Growth, OceansQuarterstaffIGHer holy symbol is a headdress of wooden beads and animal teeth.CelestianNGod of Stars, Space and Wanderers.Destiny, Knowledge, Night, Oracle, Protection, Portals, TravelThought, Defense, ExplorationShortspearIGSeven Stars (Gems)CoatlicueNGoddess of Birth, Death, and Earth.Animal, Death, Earth, PlantWind, Caves, GrowthPickIGa necklace of severed hands and a skirt fabricated from living, writhing serpentsEhlonnaNGGoddess of Forests, Woodlands, Flora and Fauna, and Fertility.Animal, Celerity,Elf,Good, Family, Plant, Purification, SunFur, Agathion, Growth, DayLongbow, LongswordIGUnicornErythnulCE, CNGod of Hate, Envy, Malice, Panic, Ugliness, and Slaughter.Battle, Chaos, Evil, Fear, Hatred, Greed, Madness, Mysticism, Trickery, WarDemon, Insanity, Deception, BloodHeavy MaceIGBlood Red Drop or Hideous MaskFharlanghnN, NGGod of Horizons, Distance, Travel, and Roads.Cavern, Celerity, Luck, Protection, Travel, WeatherFate, Purity, Exploration, SeasonsQuarterstaffIGWooden disk carved with curved HorizonHeironeousLGGod of Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, and Valor.Battle,Courage,Glory,Good, Justice,Law, Nobility, Planning, WarHeroism, Honor, Archon, Leadership, Tactics,Longsword, BattleaxeIGSilver Lightning BoltHextorLEGod of War, Discord, Massacres, Conflict, Fitness, and TyrannyBattle, Destruction, Domination, Evil, Law, Tyranny, WarRage, Devil, BloodFlailIG6 Red Arrows going through down in a fanHuhueteotlCEGod of Fire and the Motion of Time.Destruction, Evil, Fire, MysticismRage, Demon, Smoke,????IGHis symbol is an photo of himselfKordCGGod of Athletics, Sports, Brawling, Strength, and Courage.Chaos, Competition, Courage, Good, Luck, StrengthAzata, Fate, FerocityGreatsword, BastardswordIGStar composed of spears and macesLendorLNGod of Time, Tedium, Patience, and Study.Destiny, Knowledge, Law, Mind, Oracle, Protection, Rune, TimeThought, Inevitable, DefenseGreatswordIGCrescent Moon in front of New Moon with StarsNolaNGGoddess of the Sun.Air, Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, SunCloud, Smoke, Honor, Agathion, DayJavelinIGHer symbol is a gold or copper picture of the solar.Obad-HaiNGod of Nature, Woodlands, Freedom, Hunting, and Beasts.Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, WeatherWind, Fur, Caves, Ash, Growth, Oceans, SeasonsQuarterstaffIGOak Leaf and AcornOlidammaraCNGod of Music, Revels, Wine, Rogues, Humor, and Tricks.Chaos, Luck, Trickery, SongProtean, Fate, Thievery,RapierIGLaughing MaskPholtusLG, LNGod of Light, Resolution, Law, and Order.Good, Knowledge, Inquisition, Law, Moon, Nobility, SunArcane, Thought, Inevitable, Martyr, LightQuarterstaffIGFull Moon (Luna) eclipsed by Crescent (Celene)ProcanCNGod of Seas, Sea Life, Salt, Sea Weather, and Navigation.Animal, Chaos, Luck, Ocean, Storm, Travel, Water, WeatherFeather, Protean, Fate, Exploration, Oceans, StormsTridentIGTrident over Cresting WaveRalishazCN, CEGod of Chance, Ill Luck, Misfortune, and Insanity.Chaos, Destruction, Insanity,LuckProtean, Catastrophe, CurseQuarterstaffIGThree Sticks of BoneSaint CuthbertLNGod of Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, and Discipline.Destruction, Domination, Good,Law, Protection, Strength, JusticeRage, Archon, Defense, ResolveClub, Heavy MaceIGStarburst of Rubies, Wooden Billet,

Crumpled HatSehanine MoonbowNGMysticism, Dreams, Journeys, Death, Moon, TranscendenceAfterlife, Chaos, Good, Illusion, Knowledge, Moon, Travel,Azata, Memory, ExplorationQuarterstaffIGFull Moon crowned with the aid of Crescent of HazeTharizdunCN, CEGod of Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, and Insanity.Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Dream, Evil, Force, Insanity, Knowledge, Madness, RuneDemon, Night, Catastrophe, Daemon,Memory, Insanity, NightmareSpiral of DecayIGDark Spiral, Inverted PyramidTlalocLEGod of Rain.Air, Evil, Law, Pestilence, Plant, Water, WeatherCloud, Devil, Growth, Ice, StormsJavelinIGHis image is a deer totem, called a mazatlTlazoteotlNGoddess of Earth Mother, Agriculture, and Nature.Animal, Community, Earth, Plant, WaterFur, Caves, Growth, OceansSickleIGHer symbol is an ear of cornTonatiuhNEGod of Sun and Misfortune.Destruction, Evil, Sun, WarCatastrophe, Daemon, Light, BloodShortbowIGHis symbol is a solar face.TrithereonCGGod of Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, and Self-Defense.Chaos, Good, Protection, Retribution, Strength,Azata, Defense, ResolveLongsword, Great Club,

ShortspearIGRune of PursuitUlaaLGGoddess of Hills, Mountains, and Gemstones.Earth, Good, LawCaves, Archon,WarhammerIGMountain with a Ruby HeartVoganCGGod of Weather and Storms.Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, Sky, Water, WeatherWind, Azata, Restoration, Ocean, StormsSpearIGHis symbol is a rain cloudWee JasLN, LEGoddess of Magic, Death, Vanity, and Law.Afterlife, Death, Domination, Inquisition, Law, Magic, Mind, Repose, SpellUndead, Devil, DivineDaggerIGRed Skull in front of a FireballZilchusLNGod of Power, Prestige, Money, Business, and Influence.City, Knowledge, Law, Mind, Pact, Trade, TrickeryMemory, Inevitable, ThieveryDaggerIGHands Clutching a Bag of Gold

Human Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAlliturLNGod of Ethics and ProprietyGood, Knowledge, Law, NobilityAgathion, Thought, Archon, MartyrShortspearLGPair of Classed HandsAtroaNGGoddess of Spring, East Wind, and Renewal.Air, Good, Plant, Renewal, SunWind, Agathion, Growth, LightSlingLGHeart with and Air-glyph WithinBeltarCECNGoddess of Malice, Caves, and PitsCavern, Chaos, Earth, Evil, WarDemon, Caves, BloodSpiked GauntletLGMonstrous Fangs last to biteBereiNGGoddess of Home, Family, and Agriculture.Community, Creation, Family, Good, Harvest, Plant, ProtectionHome, Agathion, Growth, PuritySickleLGSheaf of Wheat StalksBernaCNGoddess of Passion and ForgivenessChaos, Courage, Healing, ProtectionProtean, Restoration, PurityShort SwordLGHer image is a crimson metal heart, preferably red goldBlereddNGod of Metal, Mines, and Smiths.Craft, Creation, Earth, Fire, Metal, StrengthMetal, Ash, ResolveWarhammerLGIron MuleBralmLNGoddess of Insects and Industriousness.Animal, Community, Law, Pact, Planning, StrengthFeather, Inevitable, ResolveQuarterstaffLGGiant Wasp in the front of a SwarmCamazotzCEGod of Bats, Vampires, and the Underworld.Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Pestilence, ProtectionFeather, Demon, Rage, DefenseDaggerLGHis image is a large bat.CyndorLNGod of Time, Infinity, and Continuity.Law, Oracle, Protection, Time, TravelInevitable, Defense, ExplorationSlingLGHourglass of black & white on it’s sideDaltCGGod of Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, and Keys.Chaos, Craft,Good, Protection, Travel, TrickeryAzata, Defense, Exploration, ThieveryDaggerLGLocked Door with Skeleton Key beneathDellebLGGod of Reason, Intellect, and Study.Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, PlanningArchon, Memory, ArcaneDartLGLarge White BookFortuboLG, LNGod of Stone, Metals, Mountains, and Poster Guardianship.Community, Earth, Good, Law,Metal, Mysticism, ProtectionMetal, Archon, PurityWarhammerLGGlowing-headed HammerGeshtaiNGoddess of Lakes, Rivers, Wells, and Streams.Ocean, Plant, Thirst,Travel, Water, WeatherGrowth, Exploration, Oceans, StormsShortspearLGWaterspoutGlickta DeathbringerNEDestruction, Hatred, Murder,Destruction, Death, Knowledge, EvilRage, Murder, Thought, DaemonShortswordLGHand Holding a Bloody DaggerJascarLGGod of Hills and Mountains.Earth, Good, Law,Metal, ProtectionCaves, Archon, PurityWarhammerLGSnow-capped Mountain PeakJoramyNGoddess of Fire, Volcanoes, Wrath, Anger, and Quarrels.Battle, Destruction, Fire, WarRage, Ash, BloodQuarterstaffLGVolcanoKatayLNGod of Decay, inevitability, Order, and Time.Destruction, Knowledge, Law, Oracle, Repose, RuneCatastrophe, Memory, Inevitable, AncestorsDaggerLGHis symbol is a copper diskKundoLGGod of Building, Noise, Music, and Defense.Community, Earth, Good, Law, Nobility, ProtectionMetal, Archon, Leadership, DefenseShort SwordLGHis image is an ornate but practical shield or Poster breastplateKurellCNGod of Jealousy, Revenge, and Theft.Chaos, Darkness,Luck, Retribution, TrickeryProtean, Curse, Thievery, LossShortswordLGGrasping Hand preserving a Broken CoinLirrCGGoddess of Prose, Poetry, Literature, and Art.Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, SongAzata, Thought, Arcane, TradeShortspear, RapierLGIllustrated BookLlergCNGod of Beasts and Strength.Animal, Chaos, Courage, StrengthFur, Azata, FerocityBattleaxe,LongswordLGGreat Bear, Snake, AlligatorLydiaNGGoddess of Music, Knowledge, and Daylight.Good, Knowledge, Sun, Song, TravelAgathion, Thought, Day, TradeShortspear, (shaft of light)LGSpray of Colors from an Open HandMeyanokNEGod of Serpents, Poison, Discord, Darkness, and Famine.Animal, Destruction, Evil, Pestilence, TrickeryFeather, Catastrophe, Daemon, DeceptionDagger, Light CrossbowLGa set of scales and weights.MouqolNGod of Trade, Negotiation, Ventures, Appraisal, and Reciprocity.Knowledge, Pact, Travel, Trickery, TradeMemory, Trade, Deception,Dagger, Light CrossbowLGa set of scales and weights.MyhrissNGGoddess of Love, Romance, and Beauty.Beauty, Charm, Community, Domination, Good, Healing, ProtectionAgathion, Restoration, PurityShortbow, WhipLGThe Lovebird.NoreboCNGod of Luck, Gambling, and Risks.Chaos, Luck, TrickeryProtean, Deception, FateDaggerLGPair of Eight-sided DiceOspremLNGoddess of Sea voyages, Ships, and Sailors.Law, Ocean,Protection, Travel, WaterInevitable, Defense, Exploration, OceansTridentLGDolphin, Sperm Whale, or BarracudaPhaulkonCGGod of the Air, Wind, Clouds, Birds and Archery.Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, Sky, War , WeatherWind, Feather, Azata, Tactics, StormsLongbow, DaggerLGWinged Human SilhouettePhytonCGGod of Nature, Beauty, and Farming.Beauty, Chaos, Good, Harvest, Plant, Sun, WaterAzata, Growth, Light, OceansScimitarLGScimitar in front of an Oak TreePyremiusNEGod of Fire, Poison, and Murder.Death, Deceit, Destruction, Evil, FireMurder, Catastrophe, Daemon, SmokeLongsword, WhipLGDemonic Face with ears like Bat WingsRaxivortCEXvarts, Rats, Wererats, BatsAnimal, Chaos, Evil, Trickery, MoonFur, Demon, DeceptionFalchion, DaggerLGBlue Flaming HandRed FoxNGod of Crafts and Thievery.Animal, Plant, TrickeryFur, Growth,Thievery.ClubLGA giant fox with bright purple fur.SotillionCGGoddess of Summer, South Wind, Ease, and Comfort.Air, Chaos, Charm, Good, Healing, PlantFeather, Azata, Restoration, GrowthNetLGPure Orange TigerSyrulNEGoddess of Lies, Deceit, Treachery, and False Promises.Deceit, Domination, Evil, Knowledge, Mind, TrickeryDaemon, Thought, DeceptionDaggerLGA forked tongueTelchurCNGod of Winter, Poster Cold, and the North Wind.Air, Chaos, Cold, Storm, Strength, WinterCloud, Protean, ResolveShortspear, ShortbowLGLeafless Tree in a Field of SnowUrbanusNGGod Cities.City , Good, Knowledge, Protection.Agathion,Arcane, DefenseHeavy MaceLGa constructing surrounded with the aid of a wallVatunCNGod of the Northern Barbarians, Cold, Winter, and Arctic Beasts.Air, Animal, Chaos, Cold,Storm, StrengthWind, Fur, Protean, FerocityBattleaxeLGSun Setting on a Snowy LandscapeVecnaNEGod of Destructive and Evil Secrets, Magic and IntrigueDestruction,, Evil, Illusion,Knowledge, Madness, Magic, Planning, TyrannyCatastrophe, Daemon, Memory,Insanity, ArcaneDagger, QuarterstaffLGLeft Hand clutching a Human EyeVelniusNGod of the Sky and Weather.Air, Travel, Storms, Water, WeatherCloud, Exploration, Oceans, StormsShortspearLGBird perched on a CloudWentaCGGoddess of Autumn, West Wind, Harvest, and Brewing.Air, Chaos, Family, Good,Harvest, PlantCloud, Azata, GrowthClubLGLarge Mug of BeerXan YaeNGoddess of Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, and Mental Power.Celerity, Darkness, Knowledge, Night, Trickery, WarMemory, Thievery, Blood, NightFalchionLGA black lotus blossom.XanagNGoddess of Metals and Beauty.Creation, Domination, Earth, FireMetal, SmokeShort SwordLGHer holy symbol is a circle with seven strains radiating from it.XerboNGod of the Sea, Sailing, Money, and Business.Animal, Knowledge, Ocean, Trade, WaterFeather, Memory, OceanTridentLGDragon TurtleZodalNGGod of Mercy, Hope, and Benevolence.Compassion, Good, Healing, ProtectionAgathion, Resurrection, PurityUnarmed StrikeLGHand partly wrapped in Grey Cloth

Human Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAl-AkbarLGDemi-God of Guardianship, Faithfulness, Dignity, and Duty.Community, Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionArchon, Resurrection, PurityFalchionDGThe Cup and TalismanAyaillaNGDemi-Goddess of LightGlory, Good, SunHonor, Agaithion, LightSpearDGHer symbol is a phoenixCasNEDemi-God of Vengeance and SpiteDestruction, Pain, Spite, StrengthRage, FerocityHeavy MaceDGA rack of blood-tipped antlersChaavCGDemi-God of Joy.Chaos, Good, Joy, TrickeryAzata,DeceptionQuarterstaffDGHis symbol is a gaggle of wildflowersChitza-AtlanLEDemi-God of Centaurs, Guarding the Underworld, and the Dead.Evil, Law, Pestilence, Protection, ReposeDevil, Defense,SpearDGHis symbol is a mummified centaur.DamaranNEDemi-God of Vermin and Cowardice.Animal, Evil, Pestilence, TravelFur, Daemon, TradeJavelinDGHis symbol is ribbons of black steel.Earth DragonLEDemi-God of Earth, Weather, and Hidden Treasure.Earth, Evil, Law, Protection, WeatherCaves, Devils, Defense, StormsPickDGIts image is a coiled dragon.EstannaNGDemi-Goddess of Hearth and Home.Community, Good, ProtectionAgathion,DefenseDaggerDGHer image is a hearthGreen ManCNDemi-God of Growth and Abundance.Plant, SunGrowth, LightClubDGHis image is the hop.HurakonCNDemi-God of Floods and Unrestrained Fury.Chaos, Destruction, Water, WeatherProtean, Catastrophe, Oceans, StormsSpearDGHis holy symbol is an photograph of floodwaters.IuzCEDemi-God of Deceit, Pain, Oppression, and Evil.Chaos, Deceit, Evil, Mind, Suffering, Torment, Trickery, Tyranny ,Demon, DeceptionGreatswordDGGrinning SkullKyussNEDemi-God of the Creation and Mastery of Undead.Corruption, Death, Destruction, Evil,Repose, UndeathUndead, Rage, Daemon, SoulsClubDGSkull with worms in its eyes and jawLastaiCGDemi-Goddess of Pleasure, Love, and Passion.Chaos, Good,, PleasureAzataGrasping PoleDGHer symbol is a peachMayaheineLGDemi-Goddess of Protection, Valor, and Justice.Law, Good, Protection, WarArchon, Defense, TacticsBastard SwordDGHer image is a downward pointing sword with a V on either aspect.MerikkaLGDemi-Goddess of Farming, Agriculture, and Home.Family, Good,Harvest, Law, Plant, ProtectionArchon, Growth, PuritySickleDGBasket of Grain, lengthy ScrollPhieranLGDemigod of suffering, persistence, and perseveranceEndurance, Good, Law, ProtectionArchon, PurityUnarmed StrikeDGHis symbol is a damaged chain or a shattered rackRuddCNDemi-Goddess of Chance, Good Luck, and Skill.Chaos, Competition, Destiny, Good, LuckAzata, FateRapier, ShortbowDGBull’s Eye TargetStern AliaDemi-Goddess of Oeridian Culture, Law, and Motherhood.Family, Inquisition, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionMemory, Inevitable, DefenseShort SwordDGan Oeridian female’s face.VaraNEDemi-Goddess of Nightmares and Fear.Destruction, Dream, Evil, TrickeryCatastrophe, Daemon, DeceptionJavelinDGHer symbol is a necklace of mummified animal ft.WastriLEDemi-God of Amphibians, Bigotry, and Self-Deception.Animal, Deceit,Law, Purification, Scalykind, WarFeather, Inevitable, BloodGlaive-guisarmeDGGray ToadYe-CindCGMusic, Magical SongsChaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, SongAzata, Memory, ArcaneLongswordDGRecorderZagygCNDemi-God of Humor, Eccentricity, Occult Lore, and Unpredictability.Chaos, Insanity, Knowledge, Magic, Rune, SpellProtean, Memory, ArcaneClubDGRune of InsanityZuokenNDemi-God of Physical and Mental Mastery.Courage, Knowledge, Mind, Strength, WarThought, Resolve, TacticsUnarmed StrikeDGStriking Fist

Human Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAzor’alqLGHero-God of Light, Purity, Courage, and Strength.Good, Sun, WarArchon, Light, TacticsScimitarHGArmed guy atop a summitCharmalaineNKeen Senses and Narrow EscapesLuck, ProtectionFate, DefenseLight MaceHGburning boot printDaernLNHero-Goddess of Defenses and Fortifications.Earth, Law, ProtectionMetal, Inevitable, DefenseShortspearHGShield striking from a parapetDaoudNHero-God of Humility, Clarity, and Immediacy.Magic, TravelArcane, TradeQuarterstaffHGMulti-coloured patch of clothGadhelynCNHero-god of Independence, Outlawry, Feasting and HuntingChaos, Plant, AnimalProtean, Growth, FurLongbowHGLeaf-shaped arrow headGendwar ArgrimLNThe Doomed Dwarf, Hero-god of Fatalism and ObsessionLaw, WarInevitable, BloodDwarven WaraxeHGWar-awl bearing destroy of DestructionHewardNGHero-God of Bards and Musicians.Good, Knowledge, TravelAgathion, Thought, ExplorationShort SwordHGHeward’s holy image may be any musical tool.JohydeeNGHero-Goddess of Deception, Espionage, and Protection.Good, Protection, TrickeryArchon, Defense, DeceptionShort swordHGSmall, stylized masks of onyxKelanenNHero-God of Swords, Sword Skill, and Balance.Battle, Travel, WarExploration, TacticsAny martial swordHGNine swords in a star form, points outKeoghtomNGHero-God of Secret Pursuits, Natural Alchemy, and Extraplaner Exploration.Good, Knowledge, TravelArchon, Thought, ExplorationShortsword and ShortbowHGRound disk bisected by an up-pointing arrowKurothCNHero-God of Theft and Treasure Finding.Chaos, Luck, TrickeryProtean, Fate, ThieveryDagger, rapierHGGold coin with image of a key set into itMurlyndLGHero-God of Magical Technology.Good, Knowledge, Law, Nobility , WarArchon, Thought, TacticsLongsword, Light crossbowHG6-factor megastar with spherical factors.NazarnNHero-God of Formal and Public Combat.Battle, Luck, WarFate, TacticsShortswordHGChain wrapped shortswordRoykynNEHero-goddess of CrueltyEvil, Trickery, SufferingDaemon, DeceptionSpiked GauntletHGfurled scroll dripping darkish fluidTsolorandrilLNHero-God of Wave Motions.Knowledge, Law, OracleThought, Inevitable,Spiked ChainHGSphere with wave-shape patternVathrisLNHero-God of Anguish, Lost Causes, and Revenge.Destruction, Law, Retribution, WarInevitableLongspearHGA black spear

Atmoshepric Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolKorielLGGod of Ki-rin, Learning Protection, and Vigilance Against Evil.Air, Good, ProtectionFeather, Archon, PurityUnarmed StrikeIGHis image is the horn and eyes of a ki-rin.QuorlinnNGod of Kenku, Trickery, Disguise, and Thievery.Knowledge, TrickeryThought, ThieveryQuarterstaffLGHis symbol is a masks with a large fake nose.RemnisNGod of Giant Eagles, Sky, and Service.Air, TravelWind, ExplorationJavilenLGIts symbol if an Eagles FeatherStillsongNGunknown portfolio.Earth, TravelCaves, ExplorationNoneDGHis image is a translucent, golden sphere of crystal.SyranitaNGGoddess of Aarakocra, Protection, and Watchfulness.Air, ProtectionCloud, DefenseJavilenLGan aarakocra female with purple-gold feathers.

Aquatic Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAnguileusisLEGod of Anguillians.Evil, WaterDevil, OceanTridentDGA being that resembles a move between a human and an eelBlibdoolpoolpNEGoddess of Kuo-toa, Darkness, Insanity, and Revenge.Destruction, Evil, WaterRage, Daemon, OceanTridentIGdessA pearl lobster’s head and clawsEadroNGod of Locathah and Mermen.Animal, Protection, WaterFeather, Defense, OceanTridentIGHis image is a spiral, indicating increase thru unity.PanzurielNEGod of Murder, Confusion, and Subversion.Destruction, Evil, War, WaterCatastrophe, Daemon, Blood, OceanDaggerIGHis image is a left footprint, a kraken’s head, or a squid eye surrounded by using 9 tentacles.PersanaNGGod of Tritons and Architecture.Knowledge, Protection, WaterThought, Defense, OceanTridentIGHis symbol is a trident and conch.SekolahLEGod of Sahuagin, Plunder, Hunting, and Tyranny.Law, Mysticism, Strength, Tyranny, WarDevil, Ferocity, TacticsTridentIGHis holy image is a white shark or a dorsal fin growing from the water.SurminareNGGoddess of Selkies, Beauty, and Peace.Healing, Protection, WaterRestoration, Purity, OceanUnarmed StrikeLGHer holy image is a calm oceanTrishinaLGGoddess of Dolphins, Love, Fidelity, the Young, and Play.Good, Protection, Sun, WaterArchon, Purity, Light, OceanNoneLGHer symbol is a dolphin with a calf.Water LionNUnknown, but hates sharksWaterOceanNoneLGIts symbol is a tuna fishYeathanNEGod of the Evil Depths.Destruction, Evil, WaterCatastrophe, Daemon,OceanTridentDGHis symbol is a dark bluish-inexperienced spiral with a black middle.

Bugbear Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolGrankhulCEGod of Hunting, Senses, Surprise, and Stealth.Celerity, Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Travel, TrickeryDemon, Memory, Exploration, DeceptionLongswordLGHis image is ever-open eyes in darkness.HruggekCEGod of Bugbears, Violence, and Combat.Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Mysticism, Strength, TyrannyDemon, Memory, Divine, FerocityMorningstarIGHis image is a morningstarSkiggaretCEGod of Fear.Darkness, MadnessNight, InsanityShort SwordDGHis symbol is a black claw.StalkerNEGod of Hate, Death, and Cold.Death, EvilUndead, DaemonShort SwordDGIts symbol is a creeping shadow.

Dragon Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAasterinianCNGod of Learning, Invention, and Pleasure.Illusion, Luck, Trade, Travel, TrickeryFate, Trade, ThieveryUnarmed StrikeLGHer image is a grinning dragon’s head.AstilaborNGod of Acquisitiveness, Status, and Wealth.Cavern, Dragon, Metal, Protection, WealthDefenseUnarmed StrikeLGHer image is a gemstone with twelve facets.BahamutLGGod of Good Dragons, Wind, and Wisdom.Air, Cold, Dragon, Good, Law, Luck, Nobility, Protection, StormWind, Azata, Luck, Leadership, PurityLongswordLGHis symbol is a celebrity over a milky nebula.ChronepsisNGod of Fate, Death, and Judgment.Destiny, Dragon, Knowledge, ReposeMemory, SoulsUnarmed StrikeIGHis image is an unblinking draconic eye.FaluzureNEGod of Decay, Undeath, and Exhaustion.Darkness, Death, Dragon, Evil, UndeathLoss, Undead, Daemon,Scimitar or ClawLGHis symbol is a draconic skull.GaryxCNGod of Fire, Destruction, and Renewal.Chaos, Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Fire RenewalProtean, Rage,BiteLGHis symbol is a reptilian eye superimposed over a flame.HlalCGGodess of Humor, Storytelling, and Inspiration.Chaos, Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Fire RenewalAzata, Rage, Demon, SmokeStaffLGHer symbol is a unmarried flame called the Light of Wit. Another image of Hlal is an open e book.IoNGod of Dragonkind, Balance, and Peace.Knowledge, Magic, Strength, TravelThought, Arcane, Resolve, ExplorationBite, ClawGGHis image is a multi-colored metallic disk.LendysLNGod of Balance and Justice.Destruction, Dragon, Law, Protection, RetributionCatastrophe, Inevitable, DefenseClawLGHis symbol is a sword balanced getting ready to a needle.RaisLGGoddess of Intellect and Silver DragonkindKnowledge, MagicMemory, ArcaneNoneLGA Silver DragonSardiorNGod of Neutral Dragons, Night, Psionics, and Secrets.Knowledge, Mind, Scalykind, TrickeryThought, DeceptionClawLGHis symbol is a ruby with an internal glow.TamaraNGGod of Life, Light, and Mercy.Dragon, Family, Good, Healing, Strength, SunAgathion, Restoration, Resolve, LightClawLGHer symbol is a seven-pointed star on a area of black.TiamatLEGoddess of Evil Dragons, Conquest, and Greed.Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Greed, Hatred, Law, Scalykind, Trickery, TyrannyRage, Devil, DeceptionClaw, BiteLGHer symbol is a 5-headed dragon

Drow Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolKeptoloCEDemi-God of Males, Flattery, Intoxication, Rumor, and Opportunity.Chaos, Domination, Evil, Knowledge, TravelDemon, Thought, TradeShort SwordDGHis image is a stylized mushroom, which symbolizes intoxication and male fertility.KiaransaleeCEDemi-Goddess of Slavery, Vengeance, and Undeath.Chaos, Death, Evil, Madness, PestilenceDemon, Undead, NightmareNoneDGHer symbol is the silver-ringed hand of a woman drow.LolthCEGoddess of Drow, Spiders, Evil, Darkness, and Chaos.Chaos, Destruction, Domination, Evil, Oracle, Pestilence, TrickeryDemon, Rage, DeceptionLight MaceIGHer image is a black spider with the head of a girl drow.VhaeraunCEGod of Thievery and Territory.Chaos, Drow, Evil, Travel, TrickeryDemon, Exploration, ThieveryDagger, Short SwordA BlindfoldZinzerenaCNDemi-Goddess of Deception, Humiliation, Ambush, and Assassination.Chaos, Luck, TrickeryProtean, Curse, DeceptionShort SwordHGHer image is a shortsword draped in a black cloak, symbolizing her hidden menace.

Dwarven Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAbbathorNEGod of Greed.Evil, Luck, TrickeryDaemon, Fate, DeceptionHand AxeIGHis holy image is a jewelled dagger.Berronar TruesilverLGGoddess of Safety, Truth, Home, and Healing.Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionArchon, Restoration, DefenseLight MaceIGA Flaming HearthClanggedin SilverbeardLGGod of Battle and War.Good, Law, Strength, WarArchon, Ferocity, Resolve, TacticsDwarven Waraxe, Battle Axe, War Hammer, MaulIGClangeddin’s holy image is depicted through two crossed battleaxes.DiinkarazanCEGod of Vengeance.Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, MadnessLoss, Murder, Rage, Demon, NightmareDaggerDGHis image is a spiral of gray, black, and white.DiirinkaCEGod of Magic, Savants, Knowledge, and Cruelty.Chaos, Domination, Dream, Evil, Madness, Magic, TrickeryDemon, Insanity, Divine, DeceptionDaggerIGHis symbol is a spiral of gray, black, and white.DumathoinNGod of Exploration and Mining.Community, Earth, Knowledge, Oracle, ProtectionCaves, Memory, PurityWarhammer,Military PickIGHis holy image is a reduce, faceted gem interior of a mountain.Dugmaren BrightmantleCGGod of Scholarship, Discovery, and Invention.Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Oracle, RuneAzata, Thought, Arcane, LanguageShort SwordLGHis symbol is an open e-book.Gendwar ArgrimLNHero-God of Fatalism and Obsession.Law, WarInevitable, TacticsHGWar-awl bearing damage of DestructionHanseathCNGod of War, Carousing, and Alcohol.Chaos, Strength, Travel, WarProtean, Ferocity, Exploration, BloodGreataxeLGGolden MugLaduguerLEGod of Duergar, Crafts, Magic, and Protection.Domination, Evil, Law, Magic, Mind, ProtectionDevil, Arcane, DefenseWar HammerIGHis holy symbol is a protect with a damaged crossbow bolt motifMoradinLGGod of Dwarves, Creation, Smithing, Protection, Metalcraft, and Stonework.Creation, Earth, Good, Law, and ProtectionMetal, Archon, PurityWar Hammer, Battle AxeGGHis image is a hammer and anvil;Muamman DuathalNGGod of Expatriates, Urban Dwarves, Travellers, and Exiles.City, Community, Good, Protection, TravelAgathion, Defense, TradeHeavy MaceLGHis image is an upright mace over a single leather-based boot trimmed with fur, or a mace clutched by using a couple of gauntleted fists.MyaNGGoddess of Clan, Family, and Wisdom.Good, Healing, KnowledgeAgathion, ResurrectionMorningstarGGStylized Mother and ChildrenRoknarNEGod of Greed, Intrigue, Lies, and Earth.Destruction, Earth, Evil, TrickeryCatastrophe, Caves, Daemon, DeceptionDaggerLGHandsTharmekhûlNGod of the Forge, Fire, and Warfare.Destruction, Fire, WarRage, Ash, BloodWarhammerDGFlaming WarhammerThautamNGod of Magic and Darkness.Earth, Luck, MagicMetal, Fate, ArcaneHeavy PickIG3 Stones on a CircleValkaunaLNGoddess of Oaths, Death, and Birth.Death, Law, WaterUndead, Inevitable, IceHeavy FlailIGShaking HandsVergadainNGod of Wealth and Luck.Knowledge, Luck, Mind, Pact, TrickeryThought, Fate, ThieveryLongswordIGHis holy image is a circular gold coin.

Elven Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAerdrie FaenyaCGGoddess of Air, Weather, Avians, Rain, and Fertility.Air, Animal, Chaos, GoodCloud, Feather, AzataSlingLGA winged ElfAlobal LorfirilCGGod of Hedonism, Mirth, Magic, and Poster Revelry.Chaos, Good, Magic, TrickeryAzata, Arcane, ThieveryDaggerDGGlass of WineAraleth LetheranilCGGod of Light.Good, Protection, SunAzata, Purity, LightShortswordLGA white shaft of light, small on the top and largest on the bottomCorellon LarethianCGGod of Elves, Magic, Music, Arts, Crafts, Poetry, and WarfareCelerity, Chaos, Community, Good, Liberation, Magic, Protection, WarAzata, Arcane, Defense, TacticsLongsword, LongbowGGHis image is a crescent moon.Deep SashelasCGGod of Aquatic Elves, Oceans, Knowledge, Beauty, and Water Magic.Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Ocean, WaterAzata, Memory, OceanTridentIGA DolphinElebrin LiothielCGGod of Nature, Gardens, Orchards, and the Harvest.Chaos, Good, Plant, SunAzata, Growth, LightQuarterstaffIGAcornErevan IlesereCNGod of Mischief, Change, and Rogues.Celerity, Chaos, Domination, Elf, Luck, Madness, TrickeryProtean, Fate, Insanity, ThieveryDaggerIGHis image is a nova celebrity with asymmetrical rays.Fenmarel MestarineCNGod of Wild Elves, Outcasts, Scapegoats, and Isolation.Animal, Chaos, Plant, Travel, TrickeryFur, Protean, Growth, Exploration, ThieveryDaggerLGHis chief image is a pair of elven eyes in darknessGadhelynCNHero-God of Independence, Outlawry, Feasting, and Hunting.Chaos, Plant, AnimalProtean, Growth, FurLongbowHGLeaf-fashioned arrow headHanali CelanilCGGoddess of Love, Romance, Beauty, Fine Art, and artists.Chaos, Community, Domination, Good, Magic, Nobility, ProtectionAzata, Divine, Martyr, PurityUnarmed StrikeIGHer symbol is a golden fountainKirith SotherilNGGoddess of Divinations and Enchantments.Knowledge, MagicThought, ArcaneDaggerLGRainbow-striped sphereLabelas EnorethCGGod of Time, Longevity, and History.Celerity, Chaos, Destiny, Good, Knowledge, Mind, Oracle, RuneAzata, Memory, LanguageDaggerIGHis symbol is the setting sunMelira TaralenCGGoddess of Bards and MinstrelsKnowledge, CommunityThought, HomeLong BowLGA golden lute on a blue backgroundNaralis AnalorNGGod of Healing, Easing of Pain, and Death.Healing, Magic, TravelResurrection, Divine, TradeDaggerLGA white dove-shieldRellavar DanuvienNGGod of Frost Sprites and Protection from Cold.Repose, WaterSouls, IceSpearLGA silver spear with a white circle to both facet of the shaftRillifane RallathilCGGod of Wood Elves, Woodlands, Nature, and Druids.Celerity, Chaos, Good, Mysticism, Plant, Protection, TravelAzata, Growth, Defense, ExplorationLongbowIGHis image is an okaytree.Sehanine MoonbowCGGoddess of Mysticism, Dreams, Far Journeys, Death, Full Moons, and Transcendence.Chaos, Dream, Good, Knowledge, Oracle, Repose, Travel, TrickeryAzata, Memory,

ExplorationQuarterstaffIGFull Moon topped by means of Crescent of HazeSolonor ThelandiraCGGod of Archery, Hunting, and Wilderness Survival.Animal, Celerity, Chaos, Good, Plant, War, WeatherFur, Azata, Growth, Tactics, SeasonsLongbowIGHis symbol is a silver arrow with inexperienced fletchingTarsellis MeunniduinCNGod of Winter, Mountains, and Snow Elves.Earth, WaterCaves, IceClubIGSnowcapped mountainTethrin VeraldéNGGod of Bladesingers.Protection, WarDefense, TacticsAny SwordDGA long and a quick sword lying parallel to each other on a disk their blade suggestions angled toward the upper left; 1 / 4 moon lies above the swords, whilst a full moon lies

underneathVandria GilmadrithLNGoddess of War, Guardianship, Justice, Grief, Vigilance, and Decision.Law, Protection, WarInevitable, Defense, TacticsLongswordIGAn unseathed swordYe’CindCGDemiGod of Music and Magical Songs.Chaos, Good, Knowledge, MagicAzata, Memory, ArcaneLongswordDGRecorder

Giant Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAnnamNGod of Magic, Knowledge, Fertility, and Philosophy.Creation, Force, Knowledge, Magic, Plant, SunMemory, Arcane, Growth, LightUnarmed StrikeGGHis symbol is a pair of crossed palms, held arms collectively with their arms facing downwardDiancastraCGHero-Goddess of Trickery, Wit, Impudence, and Pleasure.Chaos, TrickeryAzata, DeceptionDaggerHGHer image is a sea-green streakGrolantorCEGod of Hill Giants, Ettins, Ogres, Hunting, and Combat.Chaos, Competition, Death, Earth, Evil, Madness, MysticismDemon, Murder, Caves, Nightmare,ClubIGHis holy symbol is a wood clubHiateaNGoddess of Nature, Agriculture, Hunting, Females, and Children.Animal, Community, Fire, Good, Plant, Sun, WeatherFur, Family, Agathion, Growth, Light, SeasonsSpearGGHer image is a flaming spearIallanisNGGoddess of Love, Mercy, and Beauty.Good, Healing, Strength, SunAgathion, Restoration, Resolve, DayNoneLGHer image is a garland of flowers.KarontorNEGod of Deformity, Hatred, and Beasts.Animal, Cold, Evil, Madness, StrengthFur, Daemon, Insanity, FerocityClubLGHis image is the pinnacle of a wintry weather wolf.KostchtchieCEDemon prince of Wrath.Chaos, Evil, Fury, WinterDemonMaulDLHis symbol is a hammer rimmed in bloody iceMemnorNEGod of Pride, Mental Prowess, and Control.Death, Domination, Evil, Knowledge, Mind, Sky, TrickeryUndead, Daemon, Memory, DeceptionDaggerIGHis symbol is a skinny black obeliskSkoraeus StonebonesNGod of Stone Giants.Earth, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, SummonerCaves, Restoration, Thought, PurityWar HammerIGHis holy image is a stalactite.StronmausNGGod of Sun, Sky, Weather, and Joy.Air, Good, Protection, Sky, Sun, WeatherWind, Agathion, Day, SeasonsWar HammerGGHis image is a forked lightning bolt descending from a cloud that in part obscures the sun.SurtrLEGod of Fire Giants.Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, Purification, Strength, WarRage, Devil, Ash,GreatswordIGHis image is a flaming swordThrymCEGod of Frost Giants, Cold, Ice, and Magic.Chaos, Cold, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Strength, WarDemon, Rage, Caves, Ferocity, BloodGreat AxeIGHis holy symbol is a white, double-bladed greataxe.VaprakCEGod of Combat and Greed.Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Greed, Madness, Strength, WarDemon, Rage, Insanity, Ferocity, BloodGreat ClubLGHis image is a taloned hand

Gnoll Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolGorellikCEGod of Hunting, Hyenas, and Hyenadons.Animal, Strength, TravelFur, Ferocity, ExplorationSpearDGHis holy image is a white, mottled hyenadon’s headYeenoghuCEDemon prince and God of Gnolls.Chaos, Demonic, Evil, FuryDemonFlailDLHis holy image is a 3-headed flail

Gnome Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolBaervan WildwandererNGGod of Forests, Nature, and Travel.Animal, Gnome, Good, Plant, TravelFeather, Agathion, Growth, ExplorationDaggerIGHis holy symbol is athe raccoonBaravar CloakshadowNGGod of Illusions, Protection, Deception, and Hatred of Goblinoids.Good, Magic, Mind, Protection, TrickeryAgathion, Arcane, Defense, DeceptionDaggerLGHis symbol is a cloak and dagger.Callarduran SmoothhandsNGod of Svirfneblin, Protection, Earth, and Mining.Cavern, Craft, Earth, Gnome, Good, Healing, ProtectionCaves, Agathion, Restoration, DefenseShort SwordIGHis image is a golden ring with a ruby superstar on it.Flandal SteelskinNGGod of Mining, Smithing, and Fitness.Creation, Earth, Fire, Good, Oracle, StrengthCaves, Smoke, Agathion, ResolveWar HammerIGHis image is a flaming hammer.Gaerdal IronhandLGGod of Protection, Vigilance, and Combat.Courage, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, WarArchon, Leadership, Defense, TacticsBattle AxeLGHis image is a heavily armored GnomeGarl GlittergoldNGGod of Gnomes, Protection, Humor, Trickery, Gemcutting, and Smithing.Community, Craft, Creation, Gnome, Good, Protection, TrickeryFamily, Agathion, Defense, DeceptionHand Axe, Battle AxeGGHis symbol is a gold nugget.Gelf DarkhearthCNGod of Entropy and Revenge.Chaos, Destruction, WarProtean, Catastrophe, BloodWar HammerIGHis holy symbol is a black anvil that is splt in , set in opposition to a murky red heritage.The GluttonCEGod of Disaster and Greed.Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthDemon, Catastrophe, FerocityMace, HeavyLGTooth-Filled MouthNebelunCdGod of Inventions and Good Luck.Air, Knowledge, Magic, TravelCloud, Thought, Arcane, TradeLongswordLGHis symbol is a bellows and lizardRill CleverthrushLNGod of Invention, Creation, and the Sky.Air, Knowledge, Magic, TravelCloud, Thought, Arcane, TradeLongswordLGRubyRoykynNEHero-Goddess of Cruelty.Evil, Trickery, SufferingDaemon, DeceptionSpiked GauntletHGfurled scroll dripping darkish fluidSegojan EarthcallerNGGod of Earth and Nature.Animal, Community, Earth, Good, Mysticism, SummonerFur, Home, Caves, AgathionPickIGHis symbol is a glowing gemstoneSheyanna FlaxenstrandCGGoddess of Love, Beauty, and Passion.Chaos, Fire, Good, HealingAzata, Smoke, RestorationHeavy FlailIGCrown & 2 GobletsUrdlenCEGod of Greed, Bloodlust, Evil, Hatred, and Blind Destruction.Chaos, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Greed, Madness, PestilenceDemon, Rage, Metal, InsanityHeavy MaceIGHis symbol is a is the white mole

Goblin Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolBargrivyekLEGoblin God of Cooperation and Territory.Community, TravelFamily, ExplorationFlailLGKhurgorbaeyagLEGoblin God of Slavery, Oppression, and Morale.Domination, Evil, Inquisition, Law, Protection, TyrannyDevil, DefenseWhipLGHis image is a whip with pink and yellow stripes.MaglubiyetNEGod of Goblins, War, and Rulership.Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, WarProtean, Rage, Daemon, Deception, BloodBattle AxeGGHis symbol is a iron fistNomog-GeayaLEGod of Hobgoblins, War, and Authority.Courage, Evil, Law, Strength, Tyranny, WarDevil, Ferocity, TacticsBroadsword, Hand AxeLGHis image is a crossed longsword and handaxe.

Hag Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolCegiluneNEGoddess of Larvae, Hags, and the Moon.Evil, Knowledge, MoonDaemon, ThoughtQuarterstaffLGHer image is an overflowing black cauldron.

Halfling Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolArvoreenLGGod of Protection, Vigilance, and War.Good, Law, Protection, WarArchon, Defense, TacticsShort SwordIGTwo Crossed ShortswordsBrandobarisNGod of Stealth, Thieves, and Adventuring.Celerity, Luck, Travel, TrickeryFate, Exploration, ThieveryShort Sword, DaggerLGHis image is a halfling’s footprint.CharmalaineNHero-Goddess of Keen Senses and Narrow Escapes.Luck, ProtectionFate, DefenseLight MaceHGburning boot printCyrrollaleeLGGoddess of Friendship, Trust, and Home.Community, Good, Healing, Inquisition, Law, Pact, ProtectionFamily, Archon, Resurrection, DefenseClubIGHer symbol is an open door.Sheela PeryroylNGoddess of Nature, Agriculture, and Weather.Air, Celerity, Earth, Plant, WeatherFur, Caves, Growth, StormsSickleIGHer image is the daisy.UrogalanNDemi-God of Earth, Death, and Protection of the Dead.Earth, Law, Protection, ReposeCaves, Inevitable, Purity, AncestorsFlailDGHis image is the silhouette of a dog’s headYondalla (Dallah Thaun)LG (LE)Goddess of Halflings, Protection, Fertility, Children, Security, Leadership, Diplomacy, Wisdom, the Cycle of Life, Creation, Family and Familial Love, Tradition, Community, Harmony, and Prosperity. (Goddess of secrets and techniques, lies, 1/2-truths, flattery, manipulation, and stealth).Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery (Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery)Azata, Memory, Fate, DeceptionShort SwordGG/IGHer symbol is a guard with a cornucopia motif

Kobold Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolDakarnokLEGod of Destruction and Havoc.Evil, Law, Protection, TrickeryDevil, Defense, TrickerySpiked ClubDGHis image is a black spiked membership over a damaged skullGaknulakLEGod of Protection, Stealthy, Trickery, and Traps.Dream, Evil, Law, Protection, TrickeryDevil, Defense, TrickeryBattle AxeDGHis symbol is a cauldron with whirling elipses.KuraulyekNEGod of Urds.Protection, Travel, WardsDefense, ExplorationDaggerDGHis Symbol is a couple of feathered wingsKurtulmakLEGod of Kobolds, Trapmaking, Mining, and War.Evil, Law, Luck, TrickeryDevil, Defense, Fate ThieverySpearIGHis image is the cranium of a gnome

Mongrelfolk Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolMeriadarLNGod of Patience, Meditation, Tolerance, Arts, and Crafts.Law, Protection, TrickeryInevitable, Defense, DeceptionNoneIGHis symbol is an artistically adorned bowl

Orcish Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolGruumshCEGod of Orcs, Conquest, Survival, Strength, and Territory.Chaos, Destruction, Domination, Evil, Mysticism, Strength, Tyranny, WarDemon, Rage, Ferocity, BloodSpearGGHis symbol is an empty eye socket, or a unmarried unwinking eyeBahgtruCEGod of Strength and Stupidity.Chaos, Evil, Orc, StrengthDemon, FerocitySpiked GauntletIGBroken ThighboneIlnevalNEGod of Warfare and Leadership.Courage, Destruction, Evil, Mysticism, WarRage, Daemon, TacticsLongswordIGHis symbol is a bloodied longswordLuthicNEGoddess of Female Orcs, Fertility, Medicine, Healing, Servitude, Caves, and Homes.Community, Earth, Evil, Healing, ProtectionHome, Caves, Daemon, Restoration, DefenseUnarmed StrikeLGHer image is an orcish rune that means homeShargaasNEGod of Darkness, Thieves, Stealth, Night, and Undead.Chaos, Death, Evil, Mysticism, Pestilence, TrickeryDaemon, Undead, ThieveryShortswordIGHis image is a skull on a purple crescent moonYurtrusNEGod of Death and Disease.Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness, PestilenceMurder, Catastrophe, Daemon, NightmareUnarmed StrikeIGWhite Hands

Reptillian Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolJazirianLGGod of Couatls, Community, Peace, Learning, and Parenthood.Air, Community, Good, KnowledgeFeather, Home, Archon, ThoughtBiteGGsymbol is a couatl with its tail in its mouthLaogzedCEGod of Troglodytes and Eating.Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilDemon, Murder, RageJavilenDGIts symbol is an oozing toad-lizard, or a lizard’s head.MerrshaulkCEGod of Yuan-ti, Poison, and Somnolence.Chaos, Destruction, Domination, Evil, Mind, Plant, TyrannyDemon, Catastrophe, DecayBiteIGThe god’s holy symbol is a cobra’s headParrafaireCNGod of Guardianship.Illusion, Protection, Scalykind, WarDefense, TacticsBiteDGHis symbol is a male naga head with feathered earsRamenosCEGod of Bullywugs, Somnolence, Intoxication, and Decay.Chaos, Evil, WaterDemon, IceLight MaceLGHis symbol is a frogSemuanyaNGod of Lizardfolk, Survival, and Propagation.Animal, Fate, Healing, Plant,Protection, Renewal, Scalykind, War, WaterFeather, Restoration, Growth, Defense, Blood, OceansSpiked ClubLGThe image of Semuanya is a single reptile eggSess’innekCEDemon lord of Lizardfolk, Civilization, and Domination.Darkness, Destruction, Tyranny, WarNight, Rage, TacticsLong SwordDLHis image is a green, clawed, reptilian handShekinesterN (or CE or LG relying on issue)Goddess of Nagas, Destruction, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Protection.Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mind, Oracle, ProtectionProtean, Rage, Devil, Archon, Thought, Archon, DefenseBiteGGShe has a one of a kind symbol for each of her aspects: because the Weaver her image is a mask, as the Empowerer her image is a reflect, and because the Preserver her symbol is a grain jar.

Shapeshifter Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolBaladorCGGod of Werebears, Protection, and Fraternity.Animal, Community, ProtectionFur, Family, DefenseBiteLGHis symbol is a glass of mead.FerrixNGoddess of Weretigresses, Play, Curiosity, and Hunting.Animal, Knowledge, StrengthFur, Memory, FerocityBiteLGHer image is a couple of inexperienced cat eyes.DaragorCEGod of Marauding Beasts, Bloodlusts, and Pain.Animal, Death, TravelFur, Catastrophe, ExplorationBiteLGHis symbol is a werewolf’s head.EshebalaCEGoddess of Vanity, Charm, Green, and Cunning.Animal, Charm, Earth, TrickeryFur, Love, Metal, DeceptionBiteLGHer image is a lady fox.KaraanCEGod of Lycanthropes and Bestial Creatures.Bestial, Chaos, DestructionDemon, RageGreat ClubDGHis symbols are gnawed, broken bones and bloody tooth.SquerrikLEGod of Wererats, Thievery, Disguise, and Concealment.Animal, TrickeryFur, Deception, ThieveryShort SwordLGRat’s head with bared yellow tooth

Sylvan Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolCaoimhinNGod of Food and Shy Friendship.Animal, CharmFeather, LustDaggerDGHis symbol is a tiny bowl and pin.DamhCNGod of Dance, Song, and Celebrations.Charm, CommunityLove, FamilyClubLGHis symbol is flutes, pipes, and a drum.EachthighernCGGod of Healing, Loyalty, and Protection.Healing, Glory, ProtectionRestoration, Honor, DefenseBiteLGHis image is a unicorn horn.EmmantiensienCGGod of Treants, Trees, and Deep and Hidden Magic.Air, Magic, TrickeryClouds, Arcane, DeceptionUnarmed StrikeIGHis symbol is a couple of acornsFionnghualaNGGoddess of Swanmays, Communications, and Sorority.Charm, CommunityLove, FamilyShort SwordDGHer symbol is a white feather.Nathair SgiathachCGGod of Mischief and Pranks.Luck, TrickeryFate, DeceptionBiteIGHis symbol is a smileOberonNGGod of Nature, Wild Places, and Animals.Animal, Travel, WeatherFur, Exploration, SeasonsLong SwordLGHis symbol is a white stagQueen of Air and DarknessCEGoddess of Magic, Darkness, and Murder.Air, Chaos, Darkness, TrickeryWind, Demon, Night, DeceptionDaggerIGHer unholy image is a black diamond.SkerritNGod of Centaurs, Community, and Natural Balances.Animal, Healing, Plant, SunFur, Restoration, Growth, DayLong BowLGHis symbol is an very welldeveloping from an acorn.SquelaicheCNGod of Trickery and Illusions.Magic, TrickeryArcane, DeceptionDaggerDGHis image is a clover leaf or a pointed red hat.TitaniaCGGoddess of Faerie folk and Realms.Charm, Community, Good, LuckLove, Family, Azata, FateNoneGGHer image is a white diamond with a blue famous person glowing in its centerValarianNGGod of Good Magical Beasts.Animal, Fey, GoodFur, AgathionUnicorn HornLGSilhouette of a Unicorn RampantVerenestraNGoddess of Female Faeries, Charm, and Beauty.Charm, ProtectionLove, PuritySapLGHer symbol is a filigree-edged silver reflect.

Undead Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolAffluxNEGod of Inquiry, Necromancy, and Death.Knowledge, Evil, Deathbound, UndeathThought, DaemonShortswordLGDrop of BloodDoresainCEGod of Necromancy and Ghouls.Chaos, Evil, HungerDemonScimitarDGHis symbol is a ghoul skull.Evening GloryNGoddess of Love, Beauty, and Immortality.Charm, Magic, ProtectionLove, Divine, PurityDaggerLGOpen Hand with a Heart-Shaped HoleKanchelsisCEGod of Blood, Debauch, Magic, and Vampirisim.Charm, Darkness, Death, EvilLust, Night, Uudead, DemonBiteIGHis symbol is a bat with glowing crimson eyes.MellifleurNEGod of Lichdom and Magic.Death, Evil, Luck, MagicUndead, Daemon, Curse, ArcaneUnarmed StrikeLGHis symbol is a crystal vial held in a skeletal hand, with a ring on its fourth fingerOrcusCEDemon Prince of the Undead.Chaos, Death, Demonic, Evil, Undeath.Demon, UndeadHeavy MaceDLHis image is a mace with a human skull as the head.

Underdark Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolDark GodNEGod of Eternal Darkness, Cold, Decay, Enfeeblement, and Paralysis.Chaos, Destruction, Dream, Evil, Force, Knowledge, Madness, RuneDaemon, Catastrophe, Thought, Nightmare, WardsDaggerIGHis holy symbols are a darkish sprial rune and a two-tiered inverted ziggurat known as an obexElder Elemental GodNEGod of Elemental Forces and Magic.Chaos, Destruction, Dream, Evil, Force, Knowledge, Madness, RuneDaemon, Catastrophe, Thought, Nightmare, WardsDaggerIGHis holy symbols are a darkish sprial rune and a -tiered inverted ziggurat known as an obexGreat MotherLEDeity of Beholders, Magic, Fertility, and Tyranny.Chaos, Death, Evil, Hatred, Law, Magic, Protection, Strength, Summoner, TyrannyDevil, Murder, Arcane, Defense, ResolveBiteGGIts symbol is an egg with an eye peering out of its middle.GzemnidCEGod of Beholders, Gases, and Fogs.Air, Chaos, Death, Evil,Cloud, Demon, MurderBiteLGBronze rod held in tentaclesIlsensineLEGod of Illithids, Mental Domination and Magic.Evil, Knowledge, Law, Magic, MindDevil, Thought, ArcaneUnarmed StrikeGGIts symbol is a mind with two tentacles, or a stylized illithid face with four tentacles, rendered in jade greenIlxendrenCEGod of the Ixzan. Cruelty, Mutation, and VampirismChaos, Death, Evil, Suffering, WaterDemon, Undead, IceBiteLGHis symbols is glowing crimson almond-formed eyes and blue barbed tail.MaanzecorianLEGod of Illithids, Knowledge, and Philosophy.Evil, Law, Knowledge, OracleDevil, ThoughtUnarmed StrikeIGHis image is a silver crown set with a red gem.Patient OneNEGod of Aberrations.Corruption,Darkness, Evil,Darkness, DaemonLight FlailLGMouth surrounded by Dark-Colored EyesPiscaethcesLEGoddess of Aboleths, Domination and Oppression.Domination, Evil, Law, Knowledge, TyrannyDevil, MemoryNoneIGHer image is a sphere of mucus surrounded by way of droplets of the equal substance.PsilofyLNGod of Myconids, Community, Healing, and Philosophy.Knowledge, Law, PlantMemory, Inevitable, GrowthNoneIGHis image is a mycelium basket protecting a crystal vial.

Misc Deities

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsSub-DomainsWeaponRankHoly SymbolRaxivortCEGod of Xvarts, Rats, Wererats, and Bats.Animal, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryFur, Demon, DeceptionFalchion, DaggerLGHis image is a fiery blue handSixinLEGod of Xills.Evil, Law, Strength, TravelDevil, Ferocity, TradeShortswordLGFour purple shortswords, pommels collectively, forming an Poster XAengristLGGod of Law and Order in Cold Climates.Law, Protection, War, WinterArchon, Purity, TacticsBastard SwordIGTowers on a Gray GlacierKaelthiereNEGoddess of Evil Fire.Destruction, Evil, Fire, WarCatastrophe, Daemon, Ash, BloodSpearIGA Flickering FlameRallasterCEGod of Murder, Torture, and Psychotic Behavior.Destruction, Evil, PainRage, DemonShort SwordLGsymbol is a toothy mouth clamped down on a bloody, razor-thin bladeScahrossarLEGoddess of Exquisite Pain.Death, Evil, PainMurder, Devil,WhipLGHer Holy Symbol is someone on the RackXammuxNEGod of Indifference and Forbidden Knowledge.Darkness, Evil, KnowledgeLoss, Daemon, MemoryShort SwordLGThe image of the Xammux is a pair of glistening, razorsharp metallic calipers.

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