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I highly recommend this hotel.  We stayed here for 5 days. Our stay was very pleasant Florida href=”https://www.astanfy.com/product-category/silk-poster/” target=”_blank”>Florida and the hotel was extremely clean, great service all the way around. Food was delicious.

I would like to give a special thanks to our butter Brian Bernabe for his excellent service. Thank you for accommodating all of our needs, and for being extremely pleasant to deal with. I Would definitely come back again


Showed up to meet friends for a drink. I walked up to the door, where the doorman let in several people. He specifically pointed to me and told me, “We’re at capacity, we can’t let you in. Hotel guests only.” He’s obviously lying, as he continues to let in other people and my friends are not hotel guests. Nearly 20 people walked out – so I’m not sure how they were at capacity. Classless. I don’t care for rudeness- and I definitely don’t like it when I’m being lied to. I used to love this place- now I HATE it. That’s what happens when you insult your customers. Wasted hours getting ready and taking a Lyft to this place- only to be insulted. Absolutely ruined my evening and weekend. I felt unwelcome and publicly humiliated. Never, never again.


Worst New Years experience ever!!! I use to love Faena.. but you have to hear what they did to me, my mother and fiancé… there are two gentlemen at the front desk, Christopher and Recardo, who are on permanent robot mode.. meaning they are “sorry” but do not even try to help. I can see there are available rooms online yet there were “non available when I asked for a second room.” These two incompetent man were rude and made us wait until 5 pm to get our room (we arrived at 11am) I ask for the room I always get and at 4pm when nothing was ready they said they had changed my room and gave me a complete downgrade!!! I waited all day to get not even half of what I paid for. I told them I would have booked some where else if I knew and Christopher said “I’m sure there are other places available.” I am with my elderly mother who was cold because she was out all day in the sun and it was getting dark. Thank you Faena for nothing!!!!! Being here is the biggest mistake of 2019 and it just Florida started. This hotel really needs to get its act together. Btw room service didn’t deliver for about 3 hours… good luck in the future!!


This is a beautiful and well designed property, but it’s guest services are inconsistent, inefficient, and poorly managed.  Our room was without a hair dryer which Florida required multiple calls over a couple if hours and finally a request for a manager.  Same for dental kits/bandages.  Same for a non-working coffee maker, except it was two days of calls.  Management then provided to send a complimentary gift after our dinner at La Cava.  It was never delivered.  Our room service again took much longer than promised.  It’s 5 star beauty us being tarnished by 2 star service.


Opulent. Elegant. Flamboyant.

Three words to describe the new Faena hotel that has just opened up on South Beach.  

Public areas in the hotel are stunning.  They spared no expense.  The style may not be everyone’s taste as its really over the top.  I get a strong Versace vibe going on here.

You may even catch a glimpse of the owner/developer/operator Alan Faena who can’t be missed in his all white ensemble with oversized fedora flowing from room to room.

This, along with the Faena district, is a huge win for Miami Beach.  Can’t wait to spend more time here and try out the restaurant.


Great hotel, friendly staff, surprisingly inconsistent as has been mentioned. Beautiful rooms but basic room service is spotty at best. Had to call the front desk so many times.


Ummmm can we say fancy! The bar area is amazing with live music from one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. They have a clue downstairs that I would not recommend, but they still get 5 starts for the upstairs bar!


An absolutely gorgeous location for events, as I experienced during Art Basel. There were installations in every public space making it a great place to get a drink and wander around taking in the art. People there were very well dressed so I would advise to dress up a little if you’re looking to mingle. I sat down in the art déco garden lounge with Mediterranean flair to enjoy my drink and the view. It was just a pity that the drinks were served in plastic cups, taking away from the elegant atmosphere.


Faena Hotel Miami is a disaster! The  management is terrible. First, the hotel is short staffed at the beach even though it’s high season. Second, the housekeeping was lacking. Every time we asked for something, it took an hour or longer to receive. Third, to top everything off, the living room bar, the only bar in the hotel with music, sells tables on the side to non-guests who are willing to pay so they can join the scene at the hotel, instead of letting their hotel guests, who are spending a fortune staying here, have tables. This is ridiculous. Fourthly, the hotel staff is completely uneducated and some don’t even speak English. Fifth, the food is a disaster. We were here for 4 days and during that that time, the restaurant at the beach was out of 3 of the 6 dishes they offer every single day. Sixth, even though the hotel claims it is non-smoking, they sell cigars on the beach but only if purchased with expensive rum. In my opinion, this hotel is overpriced and my whole experience here was very frustrating! I would not recommend anyone spend a dime here!!!!!! This place is a complete rip-off and a joke!!!!!!!!!!


We liked the decoration and the lobby very much… the staff was very helpful. We had a great lunch and enjoyed our time in the outdoor area.

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