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Coins of america USD COIN dollar (oUSD COIN ther than the ones of the sooner Continental currency) were first minted in 1792. New cash had been produced yearly and they make up a treasured thing of the United States forex machine. Today, circulating cash exist in denominations of one¢ (i.e. 1 cent or $0.01), five¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, and $1.00. Also minted are bullion (together with gold, silver and platinum) and commemorative cash. All of those are produced by way of the USA Mint. The coins are then sold to Federal Reserve Banks which in turn are accountable for setting cash into circulate and chickening out them as demanded with the aid of the usa’s economy. USD COIN

Current coinage[edit]

Today, four mints perform in the United States generating billions of cash every year. The foremost mint is the Philadelphia Mint,[1] which produces circulating coinage, mint sets and some commemorative coins. The Denver Mint[2] additionally produces circulating coinage, mint sets and commemoratives. The San Francisco Mint[three] produces ordinary and silver proof coinage, and produced circulating coinage till the Nineteen Seventies. The West Point Mint[four] produces bullion coinage (which include proofs). Philadelphia and Denver produce the dies used at all the mints. The proof and mint units are manufactured each 12 months and comprise examples of all the 12 months’s circulating cash.

The producing mint of each coin may be without problems recognized, as maximum coins undergo a mint mark. The identifying letter of the mint may be determined at the front facet of maximum coins, and is frequently positioned close to the year. Unmarked cash are issued by means of the Philadelphia mint. Among marked coins, Philadelphia cash bear a letter P. Denver coins endure a letter D, San Francisco cash undergo a letter S, and West Point cash bear a letter W. S and W cash are hardly ever, if ever, observed in standard stream, although S cash bearing dates prior to the mid-Nineteen Seventies are in move. The CC, O, C, and D mint marks have been used on gold and silver coins for numerous periods from the mid-nineteenth century until the early twentieth century by way of transient mints in Carson City, Nevada; New Orleans, Louisiana; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dahlonega, Georgia.Most such coins that still exist are now inside the palms of creditors and museums.

Coins in movement[edit]Value






Common ReferenceObverse








Reverse1¢19.05 mm (zero.750 in)1.fifty two mm (zero.060 in)1909–19423.11 g (forty eight.0 gr)copper 95%tin/zinc 5%plainAbraham LincolnWheat1909–1958wide2wheat cent, wheat penny, wheatie1943: ?steel/zinc1rare21944–1946: ?salvaged brass composition1wide21947-1982three.eleven g (forty gr)copper ninety five%tin/zinc 5%wide2Lincoln Memorial1959–2008widecent, penny1982–present2.50 g (38 gr)Core: zinc ninety seven.five% Plating: copper 2.5%1see article: 2009 redesignLincoln bicentennial designs2009Union shield2010–present5¢21.21 mm (0.835 in)1.95 mm (0.077 in)5.000 g (77.16 gr)copper seventy five%nickel 25p.c3plainThomas Jefferson (profile)Monticello1938–2003widenickelsee article: Westward Journey nickelLewis & Clark bicentennial designs2004–2005Thomas Jefferson (portrait)Monticello2006–present10¢17.ninety one mm (0.705 in)1.35 mm (0.053 in)2.268 g (35.00 gr)copper ninety one.sixty seven%nickel 8.33p.c4118 reedsFranklin D. Roosevelttorch, all rightbranch, olive branch1946–presentwidedime25¢24.26 mm (0.955 in)1.75 mm (0.069 in)5.670 g (87.50 gr)119 reedsGeorge WashingtonBald eagle1932–1974, 1977–19985widequarter, sector dollarBicentennial colonial navy drummer(1975) 19765Washington crossing the Delaware2021see article: 50 State quartersState Quarter Series1999–2008see article: D.C. and U.S. Territories quartersD.C. and U. S. Territories Quarters2009see article: America the Beautiful quartersAmerica the Beautiful Quarters2010–202150¢30.61 mm (1.205 in)2.15 mm (zero.0.5 in)11.34 g (a hundred seventy five.0 gr)a hundred and fifty reedsJohn F. KennedySeal of the President of the USA surrounded with the aid of 50 stars1964–1974, 1977–present5limited6half, half dollar, 50-cent pieceIndependence Hall(1975) 19765$138.1 mm (1.500 in)2.fifty eight mm (0.102 in)22.sixty eight g(zero.eight oz)(350 gr)reededDwight D. EisenhowerApollo eleven undertaking insignia1971–1974, 1977-1978limited6large dollar, Ike dollarLiberty Bell superimposed over the Moon1975-197626.50 mm (1.043 in)2.00 mm (0.079 in)8.10 g(125 gr)reededSusan B. AnthonyApollo eleven assignment insignia1979–1981, 19998limited 6SBA, Suzie B., Anthony$126.forty nine mm (1.043 in)2.00 mm (zero.079 in)8.10 g(125 gr)Core:  100% CuCladding:  77% Cu,  12% Zn,   7% Mn,  4% NiOverall:  88.5% Cu,      6% Zn,   3.five% Mn,     2% NiplainSacagaweaBald eagle in flight2000–2008limited7dollar coin, gold(en) greenback, Sacagaweasee article: Native American $1 Coin Actincused inscriptionsNative American Themes2009–gift[7]see article: Presidential greenback coins7Each deceased presidentStatue of Liberty2007–2016, 2020 (after 2012 now not for stream)dollar coin, gold(en) greenbacksee article: American Innovation dollars9Statue of Liberty10Various designs, honoring an innovation or innovator from every state2018–2032 (not currently circulated)These pics are to scale at 2.five pixels in step with millimetre. For table requirements, see the coin specification desk.[edit]

The mass and composition of the cent changed to the modern-day copper-plated zinc core in 1982. Both kinds have been minted in 1982 without a distinguishing mark. Cents minted in 1943 were struck on planchets punched from zinc-coated metal which left the resulting edges uncoated. This caused a lot of these cash to rust. These “metallic pennies” are not likely to be determined in flow these days, as they were later deliberately eliminated from stream for recycling the metal and via creditors. However, cents minted from 1944 to 1946 have been made from a unique salvaged WWII brass composition to replace the metallic cents, but nevertheless keep fabric for the conflict attempt, and are extra common in circulate than their 1943 opposite numbers.

The wheat cent become mainstream and common for the duration of its time. Some dates are rare, however many can nonetheless be discovered in circulation. This is partly due to the truth that unlike the formerly silver denominations (dollar, half dollar, zone, and dime), the composition of the pre-1982 cent, nearly pure copper, is not a lot more valuable over face cost for it to be hoarded to the intense quantity of the silver denominations.

Nickels created from mid-1942 through 1945 were manufactured from 56% copper, 35% silver and 9% manganese. This allowed the stored nickel metallic to be shifted to commercial production of navy elements for the duration of World War II. Few of these are nonetheless discovered in flow.

Prior to 1965 and passage of the Coinage Act of 1965 the composition of the dime, zone, half-greenback and dollar cash was ninety% silver and 10% copper. The half of-dollar continued to be minted in a forty% silver-clad composition between 1965 and 1970. Dimes and quarters from earlier than 1965 and half of-dollars from earlier than 1971 are normally no longer in circulate due to being eliminated for their silver content.

In 1975 and 1976 bicentennial coinage became minted. Regardless of date of coining, each coin bears the twin date “1776-1976”. The Quarter-Dollar, Half-Dollar and Dollar cash have been issued within the copper 91.sixty seven% nickel 8.33% composition for fashionable circulation and the Government issued six-coin Proof Set. A unique three-coin set of 40% silver cash were additionally issued by using the U.S. Mint in both Uncirculated and Proof.

Use of the 1/2-dollar isn’t as substantial as that of other cash in trendy circulate; maximum Americans use dollar cash, quarters, dimes, nickels and cents best, as these are the only coins most customarily observed in trendy circulation. When observed, many 50¢ cash are fast hoarded, spent, or delivered to banks. As massive numbers of 1/2 bucks are usually held by way of banks or available to order, they’re frequently trendy via coin roll hunters for the motive of trying to find silver cash, proofs, and cash not supposed for movement.

The Presidential Dollar collection functions photos of all deceased U.S. Presidents with four coin designs issued each 12 months inside the order of the president’s inauguration date. These coins commenced circulating on February 15, 2007. Starting 2012, those cash have been minted only for collectible sets due to a massive stockpile.

The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin turned into minted from 1979 to 1981 and 1999. The 1999 minting was in reaction to Treasury elements of the dollar becoming depleted and the lack of ability to accelerate the minting of the Sacagawea dollars by means of a 12 months. 1981 Anthony bucks can now and again be found in stream from evidence sets that had been broken open, but those bucks have been now not minted with the cause that they circulate.

Although dollar cash have no longer been struck for move seeing that 2011, the American Innovation dollar is considered a move coin via the USA Mint.[8]

Since 2019, every American Innovation dollar coin capabilities a special privy mark, modified annually, positioned simply under “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

Bullion coins[edit]

Non-circulating bullion cash had been produced every 12 months when you consider that 1986. They may be located in gold, silver, platinum (considering that 1997), and palladium (given that 2017). The face fee of those coins is legal as soft, but does no longer absolutely mirror the value of the precious steel contained therein. On May eleven, 2011, Utah became the primary nation to just accept these cash because the fee of the precious metal in not unusual transactions. The Utah State Treasurer assigns a numerical precious metal price to these cash each week based on the spot metal fees. The bullion coin types encompass “S” (San Francisco, 1986-1992), “P” (Philadelphia, 1993 – 2000), and “W” (West Point, New York, 2001–present).[9]

Commemorative cash[edit]

Modern commemoratives were minted due to the fact that 1982. A list is to be had right here.

Composition of US Modern Commemorative CoinsTypeTotal WeightDiameterCompositionFace ValuePrecious Metal ContentHalf Dollar11.34 g30.61 mm (1.205 in)Cu 92%, Ni 8p.c50¢none12.50 gAg ninety%, Cu 10%silver 10.25374 g (~0.36169 oz)Dollar26.seventy three g38.1 mm (1.500 in)Ag 90%, Cu 10%$1silver 24.057 g (~0.773 ounces)Ag 99.9percentsilverHalf Eagle8.539 g21.59 mm (zero.850 in)Au 90%, Ag 6%, Cu four%$5gold 7.523 g (~0.2418 oz)Eagle16.718 g26.ninety two mm (1.060 in)Au 90%, Ag 6%, Cu four%$10gold 15.05 g (~zero.484 oz.)Bi-metallic Eagle16.259 g26.92 mm (1.060 in)Au 48%, Pt 48%, alloy 4p.cgold, platinumFirst Spouse Gold Bullion14.a hundred seventy five g26.49 mm (1.043 in)Au ninety nine.ninety ninep.cgold 14.a hundred seventy five g (~0.456 oz.)Obsolete and canceled cash[edit]Half cent: 1⁄2¢, 1793–1857

Silver center cent: 1¢, 1792 (no longer circulated)

Large cent: 1¢, 1793–1857

Ring cent: 1¢, 1850–1851, 1853, 1884–1885 (now not circulated)

Two-cent billon: 2¢, 1836 (no longer circulated)

Two-cent bronze: 2¢, 1863–1873

Three-cent bronze: three¢, 1863 (no longer circulated)

Three-cent nickel: three¢, 1865–1889

Trime (Three-cent silver): three¢, 1851–1873

Half dime: five¢, 1792–1873

Twenty-cent piece: 20¢, 1875–1878

Gold dollar: $1.00, 1849–1889 (some early commemoratives had been minted in USD COIN this denomination)

Quarter eagle: $2.50, 1792–1929 (a few early commemoratives had been minted in this denomination)

Three-dollar piece: $3.00, 1854–1889

Stella: $4.00, 1879–1880 (now not circulated)

Half eagle: $5.00, 1795–1929 (a few contemporary commemoratives are minted on this denomination)

Eagle: $10.00, 1795–1933 (a few modern-day commemoratives are minted in this denomination)

Double eagle: $20.00, 1849–1933

Half-union: $50.00, 1877 (now not circulated, some early commemoratives have been minted on this denomination)

Union: $100.00 (planned however no longer minted, some modern-day commemoratives are minted on this denomination)

Note: It is a common misconception that “eagle”-based nomenclature for gold U.S. coinage become merely slang. The “eagle,” “1/2-eagle” and “sector-eagle” have been in particular given these names within the Coinage Act of 1792. Likewise, the double eagle changed into particularly created as such through call (“An Act to authorize the Coinage of Gold Dollars and Double Eagles”, title and segment 1, March three, 1849).

Some cutting-edge commemorative coins have been minted in the silver dollar, half of-eagle and eagle denominations.

See additionally US coin sizes, displaying all most important U.S. coin series and scaled pictures in a unmarried chart.

The regulation governing obsolete, mutilated, and worn coins and foreign money, such as types which can be now not in production (e.g. Indian cents), can be discovered in 31 U.S.C. § 5120.

Mill cash[edit]

Although the time period mill (additionally mil or mille) become defined within the eighteenth century as 1⁄1,000 of a dollar or 0.1¢, no coin smaller than zero.5¢ has ever been officially minted inside the U.S. However, unofficial mill coins, also known as “tenth cent” or “tax-assist cash”, fabricated from diverse substances—plastic, wooden, tin, and others—were produced as late because the Sixties by means of a few states, localities, and personal groups for tax bills and to render change for small purchases.

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References[edit]External hyperlinks[edit]

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Page of 1792 Mint and Coinage Act (Describes the primary completely regulated U.S. coinage gadget)

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Vermont Sesquicentennial half of greenback


Oregon Trail Memorial half greenback

Hawaii Sesquicentennial 1/2 dollarvte

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Gadsden Purchase half dollar (cancelled)


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Oregon Trail Memorial half dollar

Maryland Tercentenary 1/2 dollar

Texas Centennial 1/2 dollar

Daniel Boone Bicentennial half dollar


Texas Centennial half dollar

Daniel Boone Bicentennial half greenback

Arkansas Centennial 1/2 dollar

California Pacific International Exposition 1/2 dollar

Connecticut Tercentenary half of dollar

Hudson Sesquicentennial half dollar

Old Spanish Trail half dollar


Oregon Trail Memorial half of dollar

Texas Centennial 1/2 dollar

Daniel Boone Bicentennial 1/2 dollar

Arkansas Centennial 1/2 dollar

Arkansas-Robinson 1/2 dollar

California Pacific International Exposition half of dollar

Cleveland Centennial half greenback

Wisconsin Territorial Centennial half of dollar

Long Island Tercentenary 1/2 dollar

York County, Maine Tercentenary half dollar

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial half of greenback

Lynchburg Sesquicentennial half greenback

Elgin, Illinois, Centennial half dollar

Albany Charter 1/2 dollar

San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge half of greenback

Rhode Island Tercentenary 1/2 greenback

Cincinnati Musical Center 1/2 dollar

Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial 1/2 dollar


Oregon Trail Memorial 1/2 dollar

Texas Centennial 1/2 dollar

Daniel Boone Bicentennial 1/2 dollar

Arkansas Centennial 1/2 greenback

Norfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial 1/2 greenback (dated 1936)

Delaware Tercentenary 1/2 greenback (dated 1936)

Battle of Gettysburg half of dollar (dated 1936)

Roanoke Island, North Carolina 1/2 dollar

Battle of Antietam half dollar

New Rochelle 250th Anniversary 1/2 greenback (dated 1938)


Oregon Trail Memorial half greenback

Texas Centennial half of dollar

Daniel Boone Bicentennial half of dollar

Arkansas Centennial 1/2 dollar

Coronado Expedition half of dollar (cancelled)


Oregon Trail Memorial half of dollar

Arkansas Centennial half of greenbackvte

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United States commemorative cash (Forties)

Fifties →


Iowa Centennial half greenback

Booker T. Washington Memorial half greenback


Booker T. Washington Memorial 1/2 greenback

Wisconsin Statehood half greenback (cancelled)


Booker T. Washington Memorial half dollar

Minnesota Territorial Centennial 1/2 greenback (cancelled)


Booker T. Washington Memorial half of greenbackvte

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United States commemorative coins (Nineteen Fifties)

Seventies and 1980s →


Booker T. Washington Memorial half of dollar


Booker T. Washington Memorial half of dollar

Carver-Washington half of greenback


Carver-Washington half of dollar


Carver-Washington 1/2 greenback

Northampton, Massachusetts Tercentennial half of dollar (cancelled)

City of New York Tercentennial 1/2 greenback (cancelled)

Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial half dollar (cancelled)vte

← 1950s

United States commemorative cash (Nineteen Seventies and USD COIN 1980s)

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Bill of Rights commemorative cash

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1994 World Cup commemorative coins

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Black Revolutionary War Patriots dollar


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Yellowstone National Park greenback

George Washington 1/2 eagle

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Library of Congress bimetallic eagle

Leif Ericson Millennium commemorative coins

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2002 Winter Olympics commemorative cash

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First in Flight Centennial commemorative coins

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Marine Corps 230th Anniversary dollar

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Little Rock Central High School Desegregation greenback

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Civil Rights Act of 1964 dollar

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