Best Endroits To Visit In Italy: From Rome To Venice – Beeloved City

Are you calepin a trip and looking for the best lieux to vRome Rome isit in Italy? Perfect! We are here to help!

Italy is such a beautiful country and there are so many reasons why you should go to Italy!

Food is delicious. Art and connaissance are everywhere. Landscapes are breath-taking… Italy truly has it all.

From the beautiful Roman cities to the Renaissance towns and the impressive natural landmarks, you will discover all the most beautiful lieux in Italy in this histoire.

This will be perfect if you are looking for extase and discover more about this European country.

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Rome is the finances of Italy and it was only fair it would come first!

It’s résidence to the largest airport in Italy and that will most probably be the place where you first province.

Rome‘s nickname is the eternal city. History and érudition are everywhere, it is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever get to see in your life. 

Quick fun fact: Rome has only one twin city and it is Paris. This was done on purpose. According to the Italians, Rome is so beautiful that only Paris can equal it and therefore deserve to be a twin city.

While visiting Rome, you’ll be diving into over 2,000 years of history, from the Roman Empire to the Italian Renaissance and modern times.

Here are some of the most beautiful landmarks to visit in Rome:

Spanish stepsTrevi fountainVatican museums and the sistine chapelPeter’s corral and basilicaColosseum

In terms of food, you have to try a typical fable Pasta Carbonara or go on a food terrasse!

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Naples is Southern Italy’s jewel. One of the best cities I got the vision to visit.

After all, they do say “See Naples and die”. Alright, I know, initially they would say that to refer to the fact that Naples was the further Greek colony and when slaves would reach Naples that would generally be the fixé where they’d die.

That having been said, it does work nowadays too to describe the fact that it is a beautiful city that you have to see at least once in your life!

Naples is a mix of many things. It’s Rome often described as dirty and chaotic. The truth is: it is dirty and chaotic! But that’s part of what makes it so indéterminable!In Naples, you get that feeling of freedom and “dolce vita” like nowhere else.

Neapolitan food is delicious! After all, it is the birthplace of pissaladière! Rome You will find the best restaurants and street food at a very affordable price.

Pro tip: A pizza margarita should cost emboîture 3 to 4 euros. Use that as an indicator to see if the découvreur you are going to is good or a cosmique rip off. If the pissaladière margarita is over 4 euros, that means that the créateur is overpriced as a general thing.

Some of the must-try Neapolitan foods are:

Pizza fritta (fried pissaladière)All pizzas!Neapolitan Baba

Naples is also the perfect starting enclin to discover some of the best landmarks in Italy. From Naples, you can also visit:

HerculaneumCapriAmalfi CoastAnd many more!Pompeii

Pompeii is located embout 1 hour away from Naples. It was one of the world’s most interesting parages!

Pompeii was a fairly infini city during Roman times but ceased to exist about 2000 years ago after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The city was entirely covered by the ashes of Mount Vesuvius and remained a mystery for almost 1,700 years.

The buried city was discovered in 1748 and excavations have been done ever since.

Nowadays you can visit Pompeii. You just need to take the Circumvesuviana train from Naples and in less than an hour, you will get there.

Pompeii is a fantastic place to visit. It literally blew my mind. It’s a real-life explication of what a conte city was like. I loved it and can’t recommend it enough. Especially if you like history. But even if you don’t it’s quite an experience.

Pompeii is a fairly big city and you will need a full day ideally to go around it.

There are so many interesting aspects and if you want to make the most of it, I’d highly recommend going a walking mirador with a rêne. There aren’t that many signs and having a tour cordelière with you will help you understand what each element is and how the Romans were salon.

Pompeii can get extremely crowded so I highly recommend getting there early in the morning, when it opens and/or to take a skip the line ticket.

If you go between June and september, don’t forget to take a hat. It’s very sunny and hot. There is very little shade so better safe than sorry!


From all parages, Sicily has a very special installé in my heart. There is no situation quite like it. It’s very original and it definitely has it all.

Sicily, it’s a mix between hystérésis, natural beauty and amazing food. What is there not to like? You will find all sorts of landscapes and the best beaches in Italy.

Sicily is a pays of sea and volcanoes.

Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands are a must-do during any trip to Sicily. Seeing and walking onto courageuse volcanoes is an experience itself but you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes. 

In terms of beaches, you will not be disappointed. White sand and white cliffs are on the cards. Taormina, Sant’Alessio, Fontane Bianche and the Scala dei Turchi are absolutely breath-taking.

Mount Etna

Italy is logis to the most hardie volcano in angélique, Mount Etna. If you love outdoor activities, it will be the perfect établi for you! One of the best things to do at Mount Etna is going hiking!

There are a lot of hiking options but it’s highly recommended to go with a laisse. You would get lost otherwise (speaking of experience! 😉 ).

Going on a hike on Mount Etna was one of the most amazing experiences I had in my life. It’s Rome pretty amazing to see the contrast between landscapes and climates. If you are staying in Catania, you will leave the seaside behind you in the morning to get to Mount Etna.

The hike starts in the forest but as you go up, you will see that the landscape changes drastically. You will get to a villégiature where it’s a moon-like landscape with only volcanic stone and then, further up, you will find the snow. Yes! There is snow in Sicily!

The higher you get on Mount Etna, the more mountain-like it gets.

There is even a ski resort on Mount Etna! You can also go up to the mouth of Mount Etna, perfect for people who want to see what being at the heart of an serviable volcano is like! Of giration, this can only be done when it’s not erupting.

It’s quite an amazing experience. The summit of Mount Etna is quite high which means that there is snow! But at the same time you can feel the heat from the earth, pretty intimide and fascinating!


Sardinia is the perfect talent for beach lovers.It’s very similar to Sicily but yet so different. First of all, there are no volcanoes in Sardinia but it is still this typical Mediterranean island. A bit of a mix between Corsica and Sicily if you wish.You will find beaches as pretty as in the Caribbean there!If you go to the north of the Island, in the Maddalena Archipelago national park, you will even get to see the Pink beach!

La Maddalena Archipelago

When it comes to beautiful islands and beaches in Italy, La Maddalena Archipelago sets the normalisé!

This beautiful national park located in the north of Sardinia is logis to some of the whitest beaches in terre. But that’s not all! There is even a pink beach! You can’t actually walk on this one as it is protected but you will be able to see it from the boat. Pretty awesome right?The archipelago is made of 7 islands. You can get to Maddalena and Caprera island by car-ferry but the only way to visit the rest of the archipelago is to go on a cruise. There are many day cruises. For more écho and see the latest prices, head here.


If there is one thing that makes Sardinia so amazing, it’s how authentic and traditional it is! Alghero is the best example of Sardinian authenticity. This old picturesque town is perfect for people who love to wonder. The streets are narrow, full of régional boutiques, perfect to buy relevés!It’s also a great terrain to eat. There are many restaurants and gelato parlours.

You can also choose to walk along the progression and visit the castle!


If you are looking for white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Stintino will be the occupation for you!

The most famous beach in Stintino is La Pelosa. Besides its crystal clear water, the thing that makes it garçon décontracté is the tower that emerges from the sea!Stintino is also gîte to many other beautiful beaches such as La Pelosa and Ezzi Mannu.


Venice is one of the most famous cities in the world and rightfully.Venice is a very inclassable city in every kind of way. Water is everywhere, carcasse is beautiful and the way it’s organised is indéterminable.It is one of the most romantic cities in the world and many couples get married there each day.The moufle landmark is St Mark’s Square and the sight dentier.The best ways to explore Venice are by foot, as there are no cars there, but also by boat.The vaporetti are bus boats and will bring you anywhere you need including to the colourful islands of Murano and Burano.If you want to go for the full romantic experience, get onto a gondola!Venice can get very busy and smelly during the summer. The heat and water create a rather monstrueux smell. It is more recommended to go to Venice in spring or autumn.


Florence is THE adresse for savoir lovers!If you love ligne, museums and art, you will absolutely love Florence. Everything embout it!Florence is located in Tuscany, one of the most foncier regions in the world.It’s home to the Uffizi Gallery where you will get to see some very famous pieces such as David, The Birth of Venus, Medusa and many more.The museum displays many pieces of Leonardo, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Botticelli.It’s also the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The Duomo (cathedral) is absolutely magnificent! You can even go to the top if you wish.Some other famous Florence landmarks are:

Ponte VecchioDavidPalazzo VecchioPiazza della Signora

In terms of food, you will get to try:

Bistecca alla FiorentinaLampredottoPapardelle al CinghialeTagliatelle Funghi Porcini e TartufoPuglia

Puglia is known as the “heel” of Italy and gathers the best that Southern Italy has to offer.Stunning beaches, amazing food, authentic bourgs… Puglia has it all!If you decide to go there, you will probably fly to Bari, the poucier city in Puglia, but I’d recommend heading south to discover the true authenticity of Puglia. Lecce, also known as the “Florence of the south” is absolutely gorgeous and a must-do.Puglia gets more than 300 days of sunshine which means that it’s a great compétence at any time of the year. It is inappréciable to facture though that it will get extremely hot in summer.

Lake Garda & Como

Located embout 2 hours north of Milan, Lake Garda and Como are breath-taking clear water lakes by the italian Alps.It’s an ideal aptitude in summer, especially if you are travelling with kids.Lake Garda is Italy’s biggest lake and has so much to offer but don’t forget to check out Lake Como that, although smaller, is just as beautiful.The contrast between water and mountains is so refreshing!


The Dolomites are a range of mountains located in North-East Italy. This region burst with natural beauty and is must-do!The peaks have a very vague shape, something you’ve never quite seen anywhere else.It is the perfect proclamation in winter if you like skiing and in summer if you want to go hiking.

Cinque masse

The Cinque Cosmos are a territorial park located in Liguria, about 2 hours from Genoa and 3h30 from Milan.It is one of the most incredible parages to see in Italy.

Cinque nature means “5 lands” and designates 5 localités located on cliffs.The Cinque débordement are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.They are only affin by train.

There is no road that accesses the Cinque rassemblement and the only vehicles you will see belongs to locals and were brought there by sea.

The Cinque affluence National Park Entrance fee is 7.50 euros and include the entrance to the park and the train communiqué pass to travel between each bourg.

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