Bchd – The Total Node Built For Bitcoin Cash Developers

BCHD is a mature, complete node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol BITCOIN CASH

BCHD is an opportunity BCH implementation written in Go. It is a hundred% compatible with the Bitcoin Cash protocol, and comes full of developer-friendly functions.

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Latest Release v0.18.1

If you want to get right of entry to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, BCHD gets you there rapid

You no longer need to run an indexing server along your node

In the beyond, developers needed to installation more software program like Electrum X or BitPay’s Insight together with their complete node. Not anymore! BCHD is unmarried application that each validates blocks and serves index data.

Learn how a lot work this protects you

Get up and running rapid!

Developers walking most complete node implementations, inclusive of Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin ABC, or Bitcoin Unlimited, have to install more software program that connects to their node, computes the desired indexes, and serves the facts thru a public API. These servers often leave a great deal to be favored.

They have a tendency to be tough to put in, run, and keep strolling in a manufacturing environment. Further, the APIs exposed through those servers aren’t that top notch. Insight BITCOIN CASH uses a REST API BITCOIN CASH for some types of information but then calls for the use of WebSockets and socket.io for others. Libbitcoin makes use of ZMQ which requires developers to import a big C dependency. Electrum servers use a clunky and cumbersome stratum API. And so on.

We need builders to start building as speedy as viable. Now you certainly download the BCHD binary and run it. That’s it!

The gRPC API is an absolute satisfaction to work with

gRPC is a new framework created through Google that blows away legacy systems like JSON-RPC, REST and WebSockets. No count what programming language you select, having access to your node’s information with gRPC will sense easy.

Learn why gRPC is so brilliant

Welcome to the future of ingesting records

Here’s a short video made to introduce builders to our API and gRPC in standard.

Prefer to study? Here are only a few advantages of gRPC:

No extra hunting down API documentation or dealing with poorly documented APIs .No extra home made JSON call objects.  All requests and responses are strongly typed and code-generated, with tips available within the IDE.No extra coping with methods, headers, body, and coffee-stage networking. Everything is dealt with with the aid of gRPC.No extra second-guessing the which means of errors codes. gRPC repute codes are a canonical manner of representing issues in APIs.No extra one-off, server-aspect request handlers to keep away from concurrent connections. gRPC is based on HTTP2, which multiplexes more than one streams over the equal connection. So no more head-of-line blocking off.No more troubles streaming information from a server. gRPC helps both one-to-one RPCs and one-to-many streaming requests. No more awkward REST / WebSocket blend APIs.No greater facts parse mistakes while rolling out new binaries. gRPC permits back and forth-compatibility of requests and responses.No want to write down any client code as the protoc compiler will autogenerate customer libraries – consisting of wire serialization and deserialization code – for pretty much every major language. The compiler writes heaps of strains of code so you don’t have to.

Ready to give it a spin? We presently have a public BCHD server going for walks at bchd.greyh.at:8335. Feel BITCOIN CASH free to try it out!


Want to get commenced in a hurry? BCHD now has the option to download a pruned reproduction of the blockchain. The complete sync takes simply over an hour.

Address & UTXO Indexes

BCHD offers an index of every deal with and transaction on the Bitcoin Cash chain. For developers, BCHD is an out-of-the-container solution that just works.

BCH Wallet

If your assignment requires Bitcoin Cash pockets capability, the backend code is already written for you. Take a have a look at bchwallet on GitHub.

SLP brings the strength of tokens to Bitcoin Cash

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) allows builders to create absolutely new BITCOIN CASH asset lessons on the BCH blockchain. This consists of the whole thing from in-sport gadgets to enterprise inventory shares. We’ve introduced complete SLP help to BCHD—which includes SLP Graph Search. This way you could fast index, validate and question SLP transactions.

Learn more BITCOIN CASH about SLP

BITCOIN CASH Create tokens with Bitcoin Cash.

SLP has everything you need to without problems trouble, switch and control your personal crypto token. Simple Ledger Protocol affords the simplest and fastest token device in existence. SLP tokens can be created in seconds, and transactions price less than a penny.

For greater information, visit simpleledger.cash.

Neutrino’s patron-aspect filtering is the future of SPV wallets

Client-side filtering manner users no longer have to disclose their Bitcoin addresses to a third birthday party to discover in the event that they have received a transaction. BCHD is the only implementation that supports this innovative technology.

Learn greater about Neutrino

Rethink light wallets

Most SPV wallets ship user info to third-birthday party servers to clear out their transactions. This is a massive leak of personal records, in addition to an introduced strain on the ones nodes.

Neutrino pulls records directly from the Bitcoin Cash community and filters transactions right at the purchaser device. This preserves users’ privateness and consequences in a more robust pockets network.

Want to recognise even greater? Check out the primary Bitcoin Cash Neutrino wallet wherein we go into greater detail.

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Latest Release v0.18.1

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QWhy could I run BCHD in preference to Bitcoin Cash Node or Bitcoin Unlimited?

AWe’d like to see BCHN / BU retain on as primary mining nodes, at the same time as BCHDservices the app builders that need better APIs.

QCan I mine with BCHD?

ABCHD is especially designed for app builders, but we’ve got mined blocks ontestnet, and would like to paintings with miners to mine blocks on mainnet.

QAre alternative Bitcoin implementations appropriate for the community?

AThis question has been disputed within the Bitcoin space for years. We tend toagree with Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Séchet while he says that multiple implementations help hold”each person sincere.”

QWhat are some advantages to coding BCHD in Go?

ADave Collins, the original developer of BTCD, indexed a few advantages that Go has over C++ that make itexcellent for Bitcoin.

Integrated take a look at infrastructurePlatform impartial codeSimpler parallelism and awesome assist for concurrencyNo energetic reminiscence management which ends up in putting off an entire class of the maximum commonplace securityvulnerabilities like buffer overflowsBuilt-in profiling and documentation centersSignificantly quicker compilation instancesFeatures

QWhat is the roadmap for BCHD?

AShort answer: to stay in consensus at the same time as developing the maximum function-richnode implementation Bitcoin Cash has to offer.

You can examine our complete cutting-edge roadmap right here

QHow is FastSync viable?

AFastSync mode operates like a quasi-pruned node in that it does now not have a fullcopy of the blockchain going returned to genesis. But in contrast to pruned mode it’ll not delete old ancient blocksas it is going.

The manner it really works is this:

Download a snapshotted reproduction of the UTXO set at block peak 556767 from IPFS.Validate the ECMH hash of the UTXO set against a hardcoded checkpoint to make sure validity.Then sync complete blocks to the end.

QDo you still support JSON-RPC?

AYes. Along with gRPC we also help traditional JSON-RPC.

QWhat can I make with bchwallet?

AWhy not construct a next-gen SPV mobile wallet? You can easily bring together bchwallet torun on iOS or Android, after which just control it with the gRPC API.

Want some idea? We built our personal Neutrino wallet on bchwallet. Check out the source code on GitHub.

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Latest Release v0.18.1

If you would like to help fund our efforts you may send Bitcoin Cash to the cope with underneath.


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