Apple Watch Band Sizes Explained: Get The Perfect Match

Each Apple Watch Apple WApple Watch atch comes with a easy Sport Band, which may be made to suit any wrist size. However, the sector of Apple Watch bands is as diverse because the folks who put Apple Watch on them, and if Apple Watch you’re looking for a Solo Loop or every other band that’s Apple Watch not adjustable, you may want to realize a way to use the Apple Watch band size chart and other metrics to find the right suit.

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Apple Watch Model SizesApple Watch Series 1: 38 mm and forty two mmApple Watch Series 2: 38 mm and 42 mmApple Watch Series 3: 38 mm and 42 mmApple Watch Series 4: 40 mm and forty four mmApple Watch Series 5: 40 mm and 44 mmApple Watch Series 6: forty mm and forty four mm

Keep in mind that large Apple Watches have longer band alternatives, and smaller watches will offer shorter band options. The Sport Loop band for the forty mm watch can healthy a hundred thirty–200 mm wrists, even as the band for the forty four mm watch can healthy a hundred and forty–220 mm wrists.

Quick Metric vs. Imperial Conversions for Apple Watch Sizing

These can are available available when measuring your wrist circumference with a view to calculate your Apple Watch band size.

Apple Watch Sizes

Apple Watch sizes seek advice from the duration from the pinnacle of the device to the bottom, now not from one side to the other.

38 mm is 1.forty nine inches40 mm is 1.fifty seven inchesforty two mm is 1.65 inchesforty four mm is 1.seventy three inches

Apple Watch Band Lengths

These lengths can be added to the Apple Watch length to about same the circumference of your wrist, deliver or take a few millimeters. We suggest the usage of Apple’s watch band length chart for the satisfactory in shape, but those measurements can nonetheless are available accessible!

130 mm is 5.12 inches140 mm is 5.fifty one inches200 mm is 7.87 inches220 mm is eight.66 inches

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Step 1: Which Apple Watch Do I Have?

Remember: Apple Watch size is the size of the tool itself, with out the band. Apple Watch band sizes coordinate with the scale of each device to make certain a cushty match and right wear. When buying a new Apple Watch band, it’s vital to select one which suits the size of your watch. Luckily, the same band will suit each Apple Watch version as lengthy as it’s the equal tool length. 

The quickest manner to find out which Apple Watch length you have got is to do away with the watch out of your wrist and study the engraving on the back.

You also can test the version in the settings to your iPhone. If you want to recognise more about the distinct Apple Watch fashions and their many distinguishing functions, we will help with that.

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Step 2: Which Band Fits My Apple Watch?

The smaller Apple Watch will be either 38 mm or 40 mm, relying on the model. The larger Apple Watch could be both forty two mm or forty four mm, relying on the version. The 2  mm distinction is within the show rather than the watch. That means that an Apple Watch band that suits a 38 mm Series three Apple Watch can even healthy the forty mm Series 6 Apple Watch. Likewise, a band that suits a 44 mm Series five will match a forty two mm Series 2.

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Step three: How to Measure Wrist Size for an Apple Watch Band

Now which you apprehend the way to measure Apple Watch band size, you need to learn how to degree wrist length! The safest aspect to do for great effects is to the Apple Watch band length chart. This reliable manual helps you to cut out a paper band to help you get the correct fit, and it genuinely works!

It can be easy to sincerely estimate Apple Watch band sizes in terms of the Sport Band and Sport Loop because the alternatives are S/M for shorter bands or M/L for longer bands, and they are adjustable. However, now not all bands are! The Solo Loop, as an example, does have a few stretch to it, however it is now not feasible to alter it. 

If you don’t have a printer and also you need to degree your wrist in a pinch, cut a strip of paper or a string. Use a pen to mark the dimensions of your wrist at the paper or string, then measure it with a ruler. You can then input the measurements on Apple’s internet site by clicking the Start your dimension button to get the appropriate size.

Pro Tip: Even in case you aren’t going to shop for your band on Apple’s internet site, you can use their sizing tools to discern out what length to get! Just pretend you’re looking for an Apple Watch and follow the steps.

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Using a Hand Apple Watch Measurement App

If you don’t have a printer or a ruler, you can usually use a hand size app that will help you degree your wrist. Keep in mind that this is not the maximum correct size and can bring about an unwell-becoming band.

Open the Measure app (It’s a unfastened inventory app that comes together with your iPhone). Follow the on-display screen instructions until the white semicircles appear in ambitious, indicating which you are geared up to Apple Watch degree. Position the spot within the center of the white semicircles at the start line of your dimension and tap the plus button.  Move the spot in the middle of the semicircles to the ending factor of your dimension and faucet the plus button. Tap the measurement to look it in centimeters.

To take a look at the accuracy of the dimension, I used a ruler. The Measurement app was 3mm (zero.1) off. Depending at the type of band you are considering shopping for, this will be a small enough margin of blunders to be just pleasant. However, if you are thinking about a Solo Loop, I strongly advocate waiting until you can use a printer and taking benefit of Apple’s respectable measuring manual device.

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Step 4: Understanding Different Band Sizes

Apple sells a few top notch Apple Watch bands for males and females on their internet site and of their stores. These are length alternatives for official Apple Watch bands:

Apple Watch Sport Band: S/M (shorter) and M/L (longer) are available for every watch length. Bands are adjustable like a belt with notches.Apple Watch Sport Loop Band: One size band for each watch size. The magnet allows for custom changes. Apple Watch Solo Loop Band: Comes in 12 sizes for every watch size. They are not adjustable, so ensure to use Apple’s sizing manual.Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band: Comes in 12 sizes for each watch size. They are not adjustable, so make sure to apply Apple’s sizing guide.Apple Watch Leather Bands: One size band for every watch size. Bands are adjustable like a belt with notches.Apple Watch Milanese Loop Band: One length band for each watch size. The magnet allows for custom changes.  Apple Watch Silver Link Bracelet: One size band for each watch length. Links may be eliminated or brought to acquire an appropriate healthy.

Although you may’t beat the exceptional of authentic Apple Watch bands, you could also store on Etsy or Amazon for more particular designs at cheap charges. There are also options to get custom Apple Watch bands! These may have special sizing courses, as Apple does now not make or propose them.

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Step 5: Buying the Correct Size on

Buying your Apple Watch band on Apple’s website is a superb manner to ensure you are getting pinnacle great. Plus, in case you get the incorrect length, you may be capable of alternate it for a higher in shape.

Select the band you want to purchase. For this situation, I will use the (PRODUCT)RED Solo Loop. Pick your shade and case size. Remember that the 40 mm will match a 38 mm watch and the 44 mm will fit a forty two mm watch.  Select Start your size. If you don’t already know your wrist size, download the printable tool and follow the furnished instructions. There is a video manual that assist you to.If you already measured your wrist with a ruler, faucet Everyday objects. Tap Got it. What’s next? Enter your measurements in inches or centimeters.Tap Get your band length. From right here, you could proceed with the on-display directions to make your buy!

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Bonus: Caring For Your Apple Watch Bands

People regularly wonder, ‘is it horrific to trade my Apple Watch band every day?’ The answer is no! According to Apple, it’s far perfectly safe to your watch and bands to trade them as frequently as you want. As lengthy as you get rid of and put on Apple Watch bands efficiently, there shouldn’t be any wear and tear associated with changing them. However, if you are the use of 0.33-celebration Apple Watch bands, the band could potentially put on out over the years.

Pro Tip: Apple Watch bands can get a little gunky in case you put on them every day. Make positive you learn how to smooth the bands nicely without unfavourable them!

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Whether you’re purchasing for Apple Watch bands for women or guys, identifying how to measure wrist size to achieve the best suit may be tough. We wish this article helped you make a greater informed selection when finding out among Apple Watch band sizes!

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