21 Activities In Hot Springs, Arkansas

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While you may not think about Hot Springs, Arkansas as a bustling tourist hub, there are tons of terrific activities on the town! Personally, it’s certainly one of our favorite places to visit in the southeast.

Today we’re sharing 21 of the best activities in town. We’ll damage it down by class, inclusive of – Historic & Cultural, Outdoors, Entertainment and Food & Drink.

Let’s dive in!

Cultural & Historical

Hot Spring, Arkansas has a unique and colourful records. So a good deal so, that the Federal Government special a huge part of the metropolis as a National arkansas Park. Along with the general public arkansas parks & museums, there are some of personal museums that feature nearby lore.

Bath arkansas House Row / Take a Bath

Price:  $20 and Up

Why You’ll Love It: Take a bath in the natural warm spring waters. You can strive out the old-college bathing system or loosen up in a modern spa. This is right for adults, however kids can experience a few of the offerings. Our favorite Bath House is Quapaw Baths and Spas.

What’s The Word: A recent Google reveiwer says, “This area is first rate! They have four one of a kind swimming pools with unique temperatures. You can pass from pool to pool as you desire. The attendants right here have been extremely exceptional and friendly and stored the ground mopped, our water glasses full, and dry towels in abundance.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 9.3/10 This is a classic Hot Springs revel in.

Bath House in Hot Springs Arkansas

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Bath House in Hot Springs Arkansas

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Gangster Museum of America

Price: $6 for children $15 for adults

Why You’ll Love It: Dive deep into the history & lore of Hot Springs. Beginning in the late 1800s, Hot Springs became a popular getaway for northern gangsters. They could soak in the springs and gamble the night time away. Once other outlaws heard of this secure haven, criminals of a wide variety sought safe haven in Hot Springs.

The Gangster Museum tells the story and suggests-off the relics!

What’s The Word: Elizabeth, on Google Reviews, says, “This vicinity turned into a completely neat location to go to. It gave a bit bit of exciting records of Hot Springs. The young man doing the tour seems to in reality revel in what he does. His circle of relatives has records inside the location.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 7.6/10 Fun (and cheesy)!

Fordyce Bathhouse Visitor Center

Price: Free

Why You’ll Love It: This is the reputable National Park center and that they provide masses of possibilities to study! The predominant foyer has park guides to reply your questions. You can also explore more than one floors of ancient equipment used inside the early bathtub homes.

What’s The Word: Cheryl on Google says, “It’s an vintage bathhouse which has been preserved as a loose museum. You can sit down, in a rocker, on the front porch looking at Bathhouse Row~like returned within the day. This is ideal for traffic to walk via and see how bathhouses operated lower back then. It’s good for youngsters, or everyone, as it’s a self guided loose tour & study some history!”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: nine.2/10 Free, interesting and informative.

Mid America Science Museum

Price: $8 for youngsters, $10 for adults

Why You’ll Love It: This is a arms-on getting to know museum amazing for youngsters. In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum gives community activities and visiting exhibits. The world’s maximum powerful conical Tesla coil and gadgets from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are a number of the sights on the Mid America Science Museum.

What’s The Word: Stephanie on Google Reviews says, “This region in no way gets antique! We visit each summer and the museum does a remarkable process of rotating reveals and offering new stories on every occasion we go. Be positive to pay the extra $three to peer the Tesla Coil show.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 7.3/10 Fun for the youngsters, kinda cool for adults.

The Galaxy Connection

Price: $10 to enter and $30 for VIP Tours

Why You’ll Love It: Are you a Star Wars or comic ebook geek? If so, you’ll love The Galaxy Connection. They have fantastic props on display! If you e-book a VIP excursion, you may engage and take pictures with all the products.

What’s The Word: A latest Google reviewer says, “I without a doubt loved The Galaxy Connection, we learned a few amusing facts approximately the Star Wars movies and were given to have a little fun with the light sabers and we even got to preserve the real Captain America protect…honestly an area to prevent and take a look at out”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: eight.3/10 Unique & quirky


Even even though Hot Springs National Park is placed frequently in the Bath House Row of downtown, there’s arkansas lots of nature to discover inside the surrounding Ouachita National Forest. Here are our favourite hikes and outdoor activities.

Grand Promenade

Price: FREE

Why You’ll Love It: This National Park trail is awesome for all hikers. Located at the back of Bath House Row, the Grand Promenade offers you high-quality perspectives of downtown Hot Springs. Almost anyone can hike this half mile path – the park rates it as “easy”.

What’s The Word: Kris on Google says, “Very first-class, properly-maintained, huge strolling vicinity that runs at the back of the bathtub homes. It became no longer as shady as I had hoped on the new day we have been there, but I may want to believe walking down the course on a pleasant fall or spring day.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 9.five/10 A ought to-do stroll when traveling Hot Springs!

Hot Springs Mountain Tower

Price: $4.50 for children, $eight for adults

Why You’ll Love It: Want to most epic view on the town? Take this 200 foot elevator to an observation deck that appears down upon Hot Springs and the encompassing wooded area. Lifted a complete of 1,256 ft above sea degree, the views at Hot Springs Mountain Tower won’t disappoint.

What’s The Word: Dave on Google reviews says, “Great view and awesome gift save. The view from the top is a laugh to peer and the force up is wonderful itself. Right in downtown Hot Springs so it’s clean to get to and effortlessly really worth the five mins to drive up for the loose avenue perspectives or the tower itself.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 7.five/10 A amusing afternoon journey!

Lookout in Hot Springs AR

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Lookout in Hot Springs AR

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Lake Catherine State Park

Price: Free to go into

Why You’ll Love It: Whether you want to hike, fish, camp or kayak, Lake Catherine offers all of it! The trails may be tough, so the young and elderly would possibly conflict a bit. Lake Catherine State Park is also a amazing area to camp whilst visiting Hot Springs.

What’s The Word: Kelia on Google Reviews says, “Great nation park! Lots to do! The hike become remarkable! The bathrooms are clean. The group of workers could be very informative and candy! Would come right here once more!”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 8/10 We love this country park…especially for camping!

Gulpha Gorge Trail

Price: FREE

Why You’ll Love It: If you’re tenting on the respectable National Park campground, Gulpha Gorge, this path takes your instantly from the campground to downtown Hot Springs. Not to say, its a beautiful forested trail so one can give your thighs a critical workout.

What’s The Word: Google Reviewer, David, says, “Gulpha Gorge camping location and the nearby trail system are more than one my preferred areas in Hot Springs. I’ve hiked the trails that begin at the leisure region at least 50 instances and it’s one of the first-rate trails that you could discover”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 10/10 Our favourite path in the region!

Hiking in Hot Springs Arkansas

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Hiking in Hot Springs Arkansas

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Sunset Trail

Price: FREE

Why You’ll Love It: According to the online hiking guide AllTrails, Sunset Trail is the primary rated hike in Hot Springs. This thirteen mile trail loops via forests and  hot springs. It’s rated tough – no longer extremely good for learners!

What’s The Word: Jordan on AllTrails says, “Challenging path positioned simply within downtown Hot Springs. Trail is properly kept and decently trafficked.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: eight.4/10 Longer trail, for knowledgeable hikers.


Once you’re achieved exploring all the nature & history of Hot Springs, it’s time to have enjoyment park fashion amusing! These locations will convey out the internal-kid in all and sundry.

Magic Springs Theme & Water Park

Price: round $25 according to individual

Why You’ll Love It: Would you as an alternative a water park or topic park? It doesn’t matter at Magic Springs because you could have each. They also host a live performance collection in the summer.

What’s The Word: Paula on Google Reviews says, “Super spot for families of all ages. Lines aren’t long. I felt secure sufficient to allow my teens to undertaking off together with timed take a look at-ins. Great alternatives for water slides and non water rides. Thrilling and no longer too interesting.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 7.1/10 Family fun…however the fee can upload up quickly.

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

Price: Around $nine

Why You’ll Love It: Classic putt putt golfing. They have amusing holes with diverse challenges. 36 holes in all!

What’s The Word: Robbie on Google Reviews says, “This vicinity is very hard to beat!! The direction/veggies in nearly new situations. We live in Houston and we’ve got visited couple times in 1 week excursion and plan some other go to before heading domestic. Blackbeard path is hard but a laugh. Love this vicinity.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: five.five/10 Not uniquely “Hot Springs” but fun for the own family anyways!

Josephine Tussaund Wax Museum

Price: around $10

Why You’ll Love It: Truly, this location is a little creepy! It’s strange sufficient to be well worth a visit, but its the spectacle you go for, no longer the best of wax figures. Really though – try it out!

What’s The Word: Van on Google Reviews says, “It became soo hokey it reminded of all the vintage horror films primarily loved having all my family collectively asking ourselves what are we doing right here? The 4D “ride” became a real hit with multiple the children and for the adults that have been watching their reactions.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: four.8/10

Hot Springs Central Theater

Price: Varies

Why You’ll Love It: From horror film film fests to rockin’ live shows, you can get your dose of nighttime amusement at Hot Springs Central Theater.

What’s The Word: Chris on Google says, “Such a lovely theater full of the type of allure and character you’ll by no means get at a big, chain multiplex.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 6.four/10 If you time it proper, you could trap a splendid show here!

Food & Drink

The meals & drink in Hot Springs Arkansas is one of the most sudden pleasures! So many area to delight your pallet.

Deluca’s Pizzaria

Price: $35 and up

Why You’ll Love It: This is our favorite pizza inside the complete u . s .. The owner says the local, mineral wealthy water is the key to their super crust. We can’t suggest it enough. It can be high-priced, but we’re usually happy to pay.

What’s The Word: Sarah on Google Reviews says, “Excellent food! Best meatballs I even have ever had, so scrumptious! You should reserve your pizza crust so call ahead. Fun surroundings (a bit loud) but the vicinity became packed. Pizza changed into tremendous and so were the cakes. Highly advocate!!!”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 10/10 MUST EAT!

Delucas Pizza in Hot Springs ARKANSAS

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Delucas Pizza in Hot Springs ARKANSAS

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Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Price: $20 and up

Why You’ll Love It: Soak in the hot springs after which take hold of a lager, This brewery is centrally positioned in downtown Hot Springs, and if you’re a beer lover, flow it to the top of your “activities in Hot Springs Arkansas” listing!

What’s The Word: Anna on Google says, “This location rocks! They are pet pleasant, and we got to sit internal with our puppies. They have a extremely good form of beer to choose from, loved this 18 beer sampler. The meals became superb and our server turned into spot on. Here turned into very informed and pleasant. I will surely come again here.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 9.four/10 Beer + Baths = Good Times

Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Beer Garden

Price: $25 and up

Why You’ll Love It: Another exquisite pizza joint in Hot Springs. Our pals, Jason & Rae of The Getaway Couple, say Grateful Head is better than Deluca’s….we don’t consider it, however we’re nonetheless buddies!

What’s The Word: Matthew on Google Reviews says, “Pizza and beer. What may be better. Sat outside on a lovely outside patio location. Ordered a massive supreme and a small “Casey Jones” at the idea of our waiter. I’m no longer massive on pineapple on my pizza however rattling if that Casey Jones wasn’t scrumptious. I will simply add this to my ordinary stops.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 7.nine/10 Great, but not the nice!


Price: $15 and up

Why You’ll Love It: If you adore hip coffee shops with wonderful vegan options, you’ll love Kollective. This is every other sudden Hot Springs local gem. We recommend you strive their breakfast menu.

What’s The Word: A current Google reveiw says, “The phrase that involves thoughts primarily based on my go to, is hipster. This place is very unique and even as not usually my jam – I actually loved it.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 9/10 This is one in all our favorite coffee stores inside the Nation.

Mountain Valley Spring Visitor Center

Price: Free to look, a few bucks to drink

Why You’ll Love It: If you’re a water snob, Mountain Valley is first-rate. This is a huge save front that offers all versions of their bottled water, packaged in conventional green-glass bottles. We like the sparkling peach the pleasant!

What’s the Word: Elizabeth on Google Reviews says, “The group of workers have been so beneficial and fine, and even welcome puppies internal! Make certain to test out the little museum upstairs at the same time as you’re there. And the sparkling water is scrumptious, especially the lime taste!”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 10/10 Must Visit!

Kollective in Hot Springs Arkansas

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Kollective in Hot Springs Arkansas

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Camping is the satisfactory way to revel in Hot Springs Arkansas. Here are our two favored campgrounds.

Gulpha Gorge Campground

Price: $30 (half off with National Park Senior Pass)

Why You’ll Love It: This campground gives full hookups at every web site. There are trails that lead right downtown, as properly! Best of all, a few of the websites are positioned along side a cool flow.

What’s The Word: A recent Campendium reviewer says, “This is a gem of a park and beautiful and forested. But, extremely hard to locate! This campground is in Hot Springs, so tremendous for sightseeing Hot Springs with all it’s historic buildings and Spas. You can hike all day, then move get a rubdown and dinner…can’t beat that amusing!”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: 10/10 Best campground close to downtown!

Catherine’s Landing

Price: around $50 a night

Why You’ll Love It: If you want to live it up at your campground, check out Catherine’s Landing. The web sites are large and provide a whole lot of amenities. There’s disc golfing, zip lines, swimming pools, and water-sports all available onsite.

What’s The Word: A latest Campendium reviewer says, “This park is a jewel in the woods. Located at the Ouachita River, this campground gives some thing for all of us and may be very handy to Hot Springs. RV sites are concrete pads and are common length with little privacy. But the perspectives of the river and the encompassing woods are serene.”

Hot Spring Arkansas Vibes: nine.5/10 Great park, but have to power into metropolis.

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