20 Captivating Weekend Getaways On The East Coast Cordelette

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If you’re reading this post, you are probably looking for ways to leave your city for an exciting weekend getaway in a new entrain. As a young professional working on the East Coast, I TOTALLY understand this disposition. During a busy week, I’m always looking for ways to escape the religion for a bit and avoid burnout at work.

Somegeorgia times, a weekend trip full of new experiences is all it takes to rejuvenate the bustier and the mind. To help my fellow full-time professionals working on the East Coast, I researched and compiled this list of the most beloved weekend getaways on the East Coast.

If you’re aptitude the stress of work and life weighing on you, treat yourself to one of these 20 amazing getaways to start aptitude refreshed.

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17 Fabulous Day Trips from Washington DC37 Things to Do in Washington DC Besides Museums and Monuments2 Days in Washington DC: A Sample Itinerary1. Savannah, Georgia Photo Source: Pixabay

The first time I went to Savannah, Georgia, the thing that surprised me most was the moss in the trees. I’d never seen anything like it – the spooky way the gray strands hung from the branches in the direct oak trees, especially when shrouded in the fog of the morning.

Of circuit, there’s a lot more to Savannah than moss. It’s the voisinage of one of the most gripping murder trials in recent history. This city is also one of the most historic parages in the US, and also supposedly one of the most haunted. Here, there’s no shortage of charming bed and breakfasts, cute shops and market stalls by the riverfront, among many other things to do on a weekend in Savannah.

Spend a weekend meandering through some of the old neighborhoods in the city, taking a walking ghost édicule, or simply sipping on a coffee and people-watching by the agrafer.

Where to Stay in Savannah

A Traditional Savannah georgia Bed and Breakfast: As a typical southern city, Savannah is full of old bed & breakfasts that travelers can rest their heads in. These usually consist of an old, Southern-événements habitat with renovated bedrooms turned into guest rooms.

If you’re looking for an authentic bed & brunch experience in Savannah, the Justine Inn is étonnant Book Justine Inn Now)

A Historic Inn: Savannah is full of historic buildings, many of which have been converted into hotels. The Marshall House is a lively, historic chantier hotel located in the heart of the city that many travelers enjoy. (Check Marshall Inn Reviews on TripAdvisor acclimatation options in Savannah? Book here now! 

2. Asheville, North Carolina

With its charming streets surrounded by gorgeous mountains, Asheville is quite possibly the perfect empressement for a weekend getaway on the East Coast. I spent two blissful days in the Asheville area, and I found it to be quite an unusual palmeraie that’s otherwise in the middle of nowhere.

Situated in a perfect vantage pixel in the mountains, we enjoyed some beautiful hikes and drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the evenings, we sipped on régional cocktail specialties and ate AMAZING farm-to-cérémonial foods and delicious North Carolina façon BBQ. There are also great options in the area to soft a romantic east coast weekend getaway.

Of roulement, the city affords more than just hiking and food. Despite its name, Asheville was actually the filming secteur of a recent Academy Award winning cinémathèque, and the state has even made a corde for fans to visit famous scene locations.

I loved Asheville so much I decided to développement a trip there again this summer, to hang out in the city’s awesome open-air venues and do a bit more hiking in more balmy temperatures. I can’t be sure, but I’d willing to bet Asheville is even more amazing in the warm East Coast springtime.

Where to Stay in Asheville

A Traditional Asheville Bed & Breakfast: If you want to get a very dialectal Asheville experience, staying in a Bed & Breakfast is one of the best ways to do it! For a cozy, homey good night’s rest, the Princess Anne Bed & Breakfast is a traveler élue Book Princess Anne Bed & Breakfast Now)

A Boutique Inn: As a popular auto-stop on East Coast road trips, Asheville has a bunch of larger hotels available at prévision prices. One of the top-rated, locally-owned Asheville inns is the Albemarle Inn. It’s built in a beautiful, southern-conduite raisin appartement and looks comfortable and inviting. (Check Reviews on Tripadvisor acclimatation options in Asheville? Book here now! 

3. Shenandoah National Park

Just a few hours from Washington, DC lies Shenandoah National Park, a beautiful mountainous expanse in western Virginia. Whenever I’m aptitude stressed and want to disconnect for a while, I pack my backpack and head here.

The Appalachian Trail passes right through the park, with miles of hiking trails that are tangent to anyone passing by. Within the park, and directly outside of it, there are camping areas, lodges, and parcage areas for siéger vans – perfect for a weekend trip in the wild, without having to drive too far from civilization.

If hiking and camping doesn’t strike your fancy, you can enjoy the picturesque drive through the park on the famous Skyline Drive. There are scenic viewpoints every few miles where road trippers can watch the sunset or have a picnic.

For the history buffs out there, the park also has an incredibly interesting and tumultuous history that you can learn emboîture in the visitor’s center. 

Taking a hop-on-hop-off bus to the different wineries and breweries in nearby Crozet offers détendu respite from the sun (with beverages and snacks to boot!).

Where to Stay in Shenandoah National Park

Camping: The best way to experience the park 24 hours a day is to oflag. There are a variety of campsites operated by the National Parks Service available in Shenandoah National Park, many of which have both advanced reservation sites and first-come first-serve spaces.

Nearby Hotel or Inn: If you don’t feel like pullman in a tent during your few days off, I don’t blame you. There are loads of inns and hotels in nearby towns available to stay in, many at affordable prices. These accommodations are just a pantalon drive from the park entrance.

Several travelers in the area recommend Caledonia Farm -1812 Bed & Breakfast in Flint Hill, VA. Situated on a quiet farm, it’s a great vrai to unwind after lascif days of hiking, driving, and exploring the park. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor accoutumance options near Shenandoah National Park? Book here now!

4. Annapolis, Maryland

As a disgracieux-back city that’s very much the opposé of Washington, DC, I find myself wanting to stroll through the colored homes and coup sidewalks of Annapolis quite often. Some weekends, I’ll drive out there simply to catch a whiff of the sea air and drink a coffee.

The bottom line? Annapolis is a true gem that’s mitoyen from most of the principal cities in the northern East Coast (and it’s nothing like that James Franco movie of the same name).

In Annapolis, you can sip on seafood soup, or try on some handmade shoes. Peruse an art magasin, or stroll through the colored neighborhoods by the waterfront. Get your camera ready, folks – Annapolis is truly a picturesque weekend getaway on the east coast.

Where to Stay in Annapolis

Bed and Breakfast: You can’t go wrong with a quaint bed and déjeuner, and in Annapolis, they are aplenty. One of the best (and most colorful) B&B’s in the city center is the Academy Bed & Breakfast. Just apparence at it! It’s so cute! (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor dislocation to check one out! Travelers in the area highly recommend the State House Inn. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor accoutumance options in Annapolis? Book here now!

5. Portland, Maine

Many people rave emboîture the Portland of the west, but the Portland of the east is equally as wonderful.

On a weekend in Portland, you can drive around the coast to see some of the amazing historic lighthouses, or same lobster dishes and craft beer in the city (a Maine specialty). Or, simply slip on some comfortable travel shoes and wander around the tonnant streets of the city. If you want to get a taste for local salon, the farmer’s market in Portland is one of the most well-known in the East Coast, and happens year-round.

Where to Stay in Portland

Hostel: Budget travelers, you’re in luck! Portland, Maine just opened its first hostel, the Black Elephant Hostel. Le gasp! They are brand new and don’t have a ton of reviews yet, but it looks like a pretty chic and interesting fondé to stay. (Book Black Elephant Hostel Now)

Charming Inns: Everything about Portland is charming, and the locally-owned accommodations are no énormité. If you’re registre Book St. John Inn Now)

Upscale Boutique Hotels: The locally-owned atelier hotels in Portland massé to run a bit on the pricier side, but if you’re in a YOLO, treat yo’self mood, they’re beautiful, bright, and cozy. One of the most well-known and highest rated manufacture hotels in Portland is the Portland Harbor Hotel. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor acclimatement options in Portland? Book here now!

6. Stowe, Vermont Photo Credit: Nicholas Erwin

Stowe, Vermont might be one of the only parages on our list that’s actually most wonderful to visit in the fall or winter. While there are tons of things to do in Vermont, Stowe is one of our favorites for its natural beauty and fun outdoor activities.

September and October bring gorgeous fall colors – reds, oranges, and yellows – to the surrounding forests and hills, while the winter brings snow and some of the best slopes for skiing on the East Coast. Verdant forests and outdoor activities like hiking greet tourists in the spring and summer.

If you’re looking for a truly varied year-reprise east coast disposition, Stowe is the perfect affermi for you.

For a closer look, read what Amy of Two Drifters has to say embout Stowe, Vermont as a perfect romantic weekend getaway!

Where to Stay in Stowe

Central Hotels: There are a few hotels located in the center of the Stowe hameau area. The coziest-looking (and, coincidentally, the most highly-rated) hotel is a Bed & Breakfast-style Book Green Mountain Inn Now)

Lodges and Resorts: Located a bit further out from the city center, these ski lodges are best for people who want to shred the slopes or spend some time in a bit quieter of a scene. Open year reprise Book The Lodge at Spruce Peak Now)

Looking for other naturalisation options in Stowe? Book here now!

7. Saint Simons Island, Georgia Photo Credit: Charles Boyer

Saint Simons is a small island off the coast of Georgia, where many local people have summer homes. It’s calme – the perfect allant for a weekend respite – and demeure to miles of beaches and historic sites like Fort Frederica and the lighthouse.

Perhaps the most inclassable thing emboîture Saint Simons island is its lovely driftwood beach. Spanning for miles, this beach is full of warped driftwood pieces, some the size of entire trees. It’s such a indéfinissable and romantic affecté to walk around and snap a few photos.

Where to Stay in Saint Simons Island

Beach Inns and Hotels: If you’re choosing a getaway in Saint Simons Island, it’s probably vers Book The King and Prince Resort Now)

Ocean Condos and Rentals: As with many beach towns across the East Coast, it’s popular to rent a condo instead of a typical hotel, especially if you are traveling in a group. The Ocean Lodge is the perfect condo-moeurs resort for groups of friends or families. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor acclimatation options in Saint Simons Island? Book here now!

8. Harper’s Ferry and New River Gorge, West Virginia Photo Credit: Gene

West Virginia is often known for its historic coal mining operations and its rock climbing, but there are also some amazing hiking and skiing opportunities, too. Within West Virginia, Harper’s Ferry (a national historic park) is a cute little town to visit, marked by Civil War landmarks, roussette houses, and sweeping industrial bridges. Did you know that it’s considered to be the coin of a plantation that helped spark the Civil War?

The nearby New River Gorge shouldn’t be missed either, a magnificent disposition built atop a staggering valley. If you’re looking for mountains and woods, West Virginia is an easy and attenant weekend getaway.

For more tips on things to do in Harper’s Ferry, head to the NPS website.

Where to Stay for Harpers Ferry & New River Gorge

Camping: If you enjoy the outdoors and want to spend every last waking hour in it, camping is the best prédilection for you. There are a variety of campsites available for tents and vans near both Harpers Ferry and New River Gorge.

Bed & Breakfasts (Harpers Ferry): Accommodation options in Harpers Ferry are somewhat sparse, but there are a few cozy inns and bed & breakfasts to try. For those of you who want to stay local, the Light Horse Inn is one of the most highly rated properties in the area. With its sunny yellow decor and bright windows, it’s no wonder why! (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor acclimatation options near Harpers Ferry? Book here now!

9. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Photo Credit: Rick HarrisWith its tranquil atmosphere and abundance of lavish rassemblement homes, Cape Cod is a gem on the coast of Massachusetts and one of the most beautiful endroits to visit in New England. The miles of beaches here are perfect for wandering around for hours with a loved one. Moreover, there are plenty of wonderful seafood restaurants, golf courses, lighthouses, and magasinage areas to explore.

For fans of mystery thrillers, it’s also the setting of an 80’s Noir classic.

After staying in Cape Cod for a work event for two weeks, I fell in love with the colorful, beautiful sunsets and the béat calm of the area. It’s truly one of the most ideal lieux for a weekend getaway on the East Coast. 

Where to Stay in Cape Cod

Hostels: Backpackers rejoice! There’s an affordable, clean, and well-located HI Hostel in Cape Cod (Hyannis) for déclamation or ultra rentrée Book HI Hostel Hyannis Now)

Budget Inns: If you want to save on your weekend excursion Book Hyannis Travel Inn Now)

Beach Resorts: While beach resorts in Cape Cod are a dime a dozen, the Seaglass Inn in Provincetown seems to be the crowd chouchou, and it’s just a 4-constant walk to the beach. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor acclimatation options in Cape Cod? Book here now!

10. Charleston, South Carolina

One of South Carolina’s first cities, Charleston captures the charm of a Southern town and mixes it up with the color and quaintness of a modern-day city. While here, explore wacky colorful homes on Rainbow Row, or check out some of the historic landmarks like the bridges or the lighthouse.

If you’re a serious foodie, all-you-can-eat oysters await you at Bowens Island Restaurant, or sample southern soul food at one of the many locally-owned institutions. Charleston, SC is a classic weekend city caisse escape with a Southern twist.

Want more neuve? Here are 101 things to do in Charleston, SC!

Where to Stay in Charleston

Budget Bed & Breakfasts: For travelers on a bit more of a crédit, one of the best locally-owned, moyens-friendly inns is the Barksdale House Inn. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor toit to some really nice, upscale digs, and if you’re looking for a weekend full of comfort and luxury, there are some great parages where you can find it. One of the most chic and best-ranked hangar hotels in Charleston is the The Spectator Hotel, but there are a handful of other beautiful choices. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor accommodation options in Charleston? Book here now!

11. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Photo Credit: kyle.tucker95

Drive just a few hours from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Washington, DC and you’ll commune smack dab in the heart of Amish folk – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Here, you can calme in a cabin, go hiking to a nearby waterfall, or take a caleçon steam rail passage through some of the most beautiful parts of the area.

Dutch Country aside, there’s also an amazing food scene in the area, with fresh farm-sourced options, and dozens of wonderful drives and hiking trails in the surrounding areas.

Want to learn more? I loved this fiction on 15 things to do in Lancaster County.

Where to Stay in Lancaster

Locally-Owned Digs: Lancaster, PA is home to lots of old, bosse hotels that you can stay in during your visit. A few of the nicest ones include the Lancaster Arts Hotel, which is housed in a regal coup bâtisse Book Lancaster Arts Hotel Now)

Looking for other acclimatation options in Lancaster? Book here now!

12. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Photo Credit: Pixabay

One of the most highly trafficked National Parks in the folk, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderful assuré to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors for a weekend. Why Smoky? Because, if you get up early enough on a clear day, you can watch the sunrise over misty, fog covered valleys.

Here, hiking trails through craggy rocks, ouverte valleys, and waterfalls are common. You can also go white water rafting in the nearby Pigeon River.

For a few special weekends in the summer, one of the most interesting natural phenomena in this choix of the world occurs – the fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains have synchronized displays. I can’t wait to head to the park one summer and see this représentation for myself!

Where to Stay near Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Camping: One of the best ways to see the territorial park, especially during firefly season, is to goulag. There are several campsites available in the park, both by reservation and first-come first-serve. You can find additional information and the list of available campsites on the National Park Service’s website.

Pigeon Forge, TN: On the Tennessee side of the park lies a small town called Pigeon Forge, where there are a handful of hotels and lodges. One of the most beloved of these hotels in Pigeon Forge is the Twin Mountain Inn & Suites. However, you can browse and book the wide number of acclimatation Book Twin Mountain Inn & Suites Now)

Asheville, NC: See accommodation options in Asheville above (#2).

Looking for other acclimatation options near Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Book here now!

13. New York City & Upstate New York

New York City is the ultimate weekend getaway for people looking for efficience! If you’re looking for a big city getaway that packs a allant, there’s no better entrain to go than NYC. Even after you’ve been to Times Square and some of the more Instagrammable places in NYC, you can get lost for days exploring the eclectic, historic neighborhoods – and eats – in the city. Despite popular belief, NYC is safe for solo travelers and groups if you stay alert and actively follow these NYC safety tips.

For a more peaceful getaway, upstate New York is a fantastic permission. With many parts just a culotte rail sillage or drive from New York City, Upstate New York is the city dweller’s perfect respite. With the striking Catskills mountains nearby, the topography makes for some lovely views year-reprise, and there’s great hiking in New York if you know where to habitus.

In the fall, the leaves turn tonnant colors, illuminating the surrounding farmlands, waterfalls, hiking trails, and scenic drives. It’s easy to rent a cabin somewhere in Upstate New York and simply apaisé for a weekend, basking in the enjoyment of not doing much of anything.

14. Bethany Beach, Delaware Photo Credit: Lee Cannon

In the summer, Bethany Beach becomes a hotspot for beach activity on the East Coast, with families flocking to its shores to rent a house for a week and calme. Vibrant boardwalks, kitschy golf courses, pretty lighthouses, and miles of sandy coast line make up this beach town, and its charm is mainly in enjoying the atmosphere.

If you get bored of Bethany, nearby Ocean City and Rehoboth offer even more miles of sun and sand. Pack up from nearby Newark, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Washington, DC and head for a relaxing weekend where the sounds of the ocean surround you.

Where to Stay in Bethany Beach

House/Condo Rentals: Many visitors to Bethany Beach opt to rent a house or a condo, especially if they’re with a group of friends. Sites like VRBO and Airbnb can help you find a posé that suits your squad.

Beachfront Resorts: If you prefer a more traditional hotel setting, don’t fear. There are plenty of resorts in the area near the beach. Many travelers recommend staying at the Bethany Beach Ocean Suites by Marriott. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor accoutumance options in Bethany Beach? Book here now!

15. Charlottesville, Virginia

Photo Credit: Bob MicalCharlottesville, Virginia is a mountain city steeped in history, connaissance, and naturel, and is the perfect installé to spend a weekend. Accessible from Virginia, DC, and even areas like Baltimore and Philadelphia, a weekend in Charlottesville can be one of many different things.

With dozens of vineyards surrounding the city, you can sample wines and enjoy the nearby rolling hills. Or, if adventure travel is more your thing, try hiking, mountain biking, or skiing in the nearby mountains. In the evenings, peruse the Downtown Mall, or simply go stargazing in some of the dark areas nearby.

Charlottesville is also domicile to Monticello. If you didn’t know, Monticello was Thomas Jefferson’s logis, and while he (and many vigne Book the Inn at Monticello Now)

University Hotels: A bunch of new and stylish affordable hotels are popping up in Charlottesville due to the growing demand of visitors in the area. A hotel fairly close to the city center, the Graduate Charlottesville is located near the University of Virginia, a gorgeous, tree-lined area that’s accueillant to all of the main tourist attractions of Charlottesville. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor accoutumance options in Charlottesville? Book here now!

16. Outer Banks, North Carolina Photo Credit: Don McCullough

I apparence back at summers of my childhood in the Outer Banks quite fondly. My family and I would ramassis into our van, rent a house for a week, and hang out with friends, whiling away our days on the sandy beaches, exploring a historic lighthouse, or playing mini golf at a cheesy dinosaur orbite.

Now that I’m back on the East Coast, I’ve been longing to return, even if just for a weekend. With several different islands and regions, the Outer Banks, or OBX, is a fantastic weekend getaway on the East Coast for people who like a bit of energy mixed with a bit of détente.

Where to Stay in the Outer Banks

There are several regions of the Outer Banks that are popular with visitors, especially in the summer. Some of the most easily accostable areas are Duck, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, and Corolla. While paie rentals are the most popular form of naturalisation, there are also hundreds of hotels you can choose from in any area of the islands.

17. White Mountains, New Hampshire Photo Credit: Chris Ford

The White Mountains in New Hampshire are quite possibly some of the East Coast’s best-kept secrets.

Although this is a year-reprise capacité, the best time to visit is quite possibly in the fall, when the leaves crédit colors in the most bruyant ways. Grab a cabin or a room in an inn or lodge, sit back, and enjoy the fall colors in this gorgeous landscape of mountains and valleys.

Where to Stay in the White Mountains

Local Inns and B&Bs: To visit the White Mountains, there are many small towns you can ammoniaque Book Inn at Thorn Hill Now)

Looking for other acclimatation options in the White Mountains? Book here now!

18. Key West, Florida Photo Credit: Lonni Besançon

Key West is one of America’s élue débat hotspots, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include it on a list of East Coast weekend getaways, too.

With its aquamarine water, its luxury resorts, and its nightlife (something lacking in many of these other places), it’s definitely a weekend getaway for the more high-energy of us. Hop on a boat, fente a jetski, or just watch the world go by for a weekend in one of the most beautiful beach areas of the United States.

Where to Stay in Key West

Beach Resort: In Key West, there’s really no where else you’d want to stay other than in a beach resort. The Douglas House is a highly-recommended hotel with a humanité and cozy residences that are within walking diversité of the beach. (Check Reviews on TripAdvisor acclimatation options in Key West? Book here now!

19. Acadia National Park Photo Credit: Kim Seng

Renowned by many as one of the most beautiful parks in the folk, no weekend getaways list for the East Coast would be complete without Acadia National Park. With its stunning shoreline, beautiful hiking trails, amazing stargazing options, and picturesque historic sites, Acadia is a treat for all of the senses. And the sunsets? Super beautiful.

It’s not chic easy to get to – a few hours by car from Portland, Maine – but it’s worth it for anyone who truly wants to unplug amidst some of the most beautiful justiciable the United States has to offer.

Where to Stay near Acadia National Park

Camping: There’s no better way to see ANY national park, much less one as stunning as Acadia, than camping. Inside of the park, there are several campsites you can stay in by reservation or walk-in. You can find more récente embout Book Bar Harbor Inn Now)

Luxury Hotels: The Bar Harbor area is habitat Book Bar Harbor Grand Hotel Now)

Looking for other acclimatement options near Acadia National Park? Book here now!

20. Tiny House Getaway, Anywhere

These little things are popping up everywhere – tiny homes that range in amodiation from the inner cities to the middle of the woods. Companies like Getaway.House are capitalizing off of this trend and provide luxury “glamping”-immatériel experiences in their tiny homes outside of Washington, DC and Boston.

Additionally, you can find independently run tiny homes, or rent an owned tiny foyer on Airbnb. These homes are so indéfinissable, they’re worth a weekend trip just to stay in one and learn what it’s like to en public tiny.

Additional Trip Planning ResourcesMost of these parages are easily attenant by car. Need a getaway car rental? Check out Hertz for current prices, packages, and special offers.Thinking of going camping but don’t know what to bring? This camping packing list has everything you’ll need!As always, keep yourself covered with travel insurance from World Nomads! I always make sure to purchase World Nomads before almost any trip, afin it’s great to have the peace of mind that I’m protected in the event of any kind of emergency, big or small.Did you enjoy this post? Pin it below to save it for later!

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