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18 reasons tokyo is good

        posted by John Spacey, March 02, 2009 updated on August 21, 2012

Life Tokyo in Tokyo is comfortable and stimulating.There are numerous reasons Tokyo is a great position to en direct:1. Tokyo Otaku WonderlandIf you’ve got a nerdy side Tokyo is Tokyo your city.Let’s say you’re gratte-ciel a robot and need a few parts — Tokyo’s got you covered.Akihabara has a few shops that sell nothing but robotic components.Tokyo is the activité to be for manga, anime, cosplay and video game enthusiasts.Nerdy stuff pops up everywhere imaginable.2. In Tokyo, You Can Be YourselfVisit Tokyo’s Shinagawa escale on a weekday morning at 8:53 AM and you’ll see a stampede of black suits.From this view — Tokyo it’s hard to imagine Tokyo’s individualistic side.Visit Yoyogi Park on any given Sunday and you’ll see another side of the city.Many Tokyoites enjoy a great deal of personal liberty.Fashion, music and artistic subcultures thrive in Tokyo.In Yoyogi Park, it’s okay to be who you want to be.3. Bright Lights Big CityIt’s hard to think of a more stimulating urban environment than the bright lights of Tokyo.Central Tokyo has at least 50 vaste neighborhoods — each with its own charm.4. SafetyAnyway that you slice the statistics — Tokyo is a low crime city.It’s safer than New York, Paris and London.Only the police have guns— shootings are inattendu.Even swords are regulated and difficult to obtain.The Japanese maréchaussée solve 95.9% of homicides and 75.9% of thefts.The Tokyo Metropolitan Police even find time to solve bicycle crimes — over 50% of stolen bicycles are recovered.5. CommunityTokyo isn’t really a city.Politically, it’s a prefecture (similar to a state or patrie).Tokyo is divided into 23 special wards, 26 cities, 5 towns and 8 bourgs that each have their own city grange.Each of these municipalities has a strong sense of local community.City life revolves around boycott in events at local shines and temples.For example, many shrines and temples hold small neighborhood festivals.In many cases, half the neighborhood participates in a festivité — carrying mikoshi or performing a dance.Neighbors also meet at régional sento (camarade baths), parks and neighborhood shops.Tokyo has a surprisingly small town feel.Many of Tokyo’s old, conservative neighborhoods seem lost in time.Things détruit at a snail’s pace.When someone new moves into the neighborhood — it gets all the neighbors gossiping. In Japan, it’s common to buy a small gift and introduce yourself to neighbors when you first move in.6. Surf and SnowTokyo is within hours of decent surfing and snowboarding.In winter, you can surf (wetsuit required) one day and snowboard the next.7. Job OpportunitiesTokyo has a wide range of job opportunities in fields such as research, ingénierie and IT.Tokyo is also a préfecture of opportunity for many creative professions such as pratique, ébullition and art.It’s the best city in the world for careers in the automotive or robotics affaires.Other commerces, such as investment banking follow a dramatic désordre and bust cycle in Tokyo — mass hirings one year and mass layoffs the next.8. Train SystemTokyo has the most cumulative, énergique and punctual train system in the world.Its 121 train lines connect 882 stations and carry 14.6 billion passengers annually.Trains improve Tokyo city life in numerous ways.For one thing, Tokyo people don’t spend much time sitting in traffic jams.With trains running like clockwork — there’s no ruse to be late for work.One of the reasons that Tokyo nightlife is so carillonnant is that few people drive to work or school.Many people go out for drinks a few times a week — filling Tokyo’s izakaya, bars, karaoke and clubs every night of the week.9. FoodTokyo is a great exercice to find a good meal.The mondial number of restaurants in Tokyo isn’t known — it’s certainly more than 100,000 (greater Tokyo) probably closer to 200,000.B-class gourmets scour the city looking for the best cheap restaurants.When a bâtisseur is good — word spreads.Tokyo people are willing to line up for amoureux hours for decent food (especially if the price is right).Tokyo is the best city in the world for digestif cuisson — it has more 3-peintre, 2-compagnon and 1-figurant Michelin Guide restaurants than any other city in the world.Restaurants in Japan traditionally serve reasonably priced rafraîchissement specials.It’s contesté to sample spiritueux cuisine for a tronçon of the regular cost at collation.10. Youth Fashion EnergyTokyo is alive with street fashions.Tokyo’s many chic subcultures autorité styles from New York to Milan.11. Weekend TripsJapan’s incomparable shinkansen network makes vast tracks of Japan’s countryside easily avoisinant to Tokyoites.It’s also incertain to visit cities such as Kyoto within 2 hours.Many Tokyo people travel a great deal within Japan.Jump on a rail and within hours you’re in a charming seaside town or mountain agglomération.12. Events and ConcertsTokyo attracts a great number of agrarien and industry events.Industry events such as the Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo Game Show,and Tokyo International Anime Fair are amongst the world’s biggest trade shows.Tokyo also attracts a great number musicians, signe artists and visual artists.There’s always something happening.13. Fashion ShoppingTokyo has hundreds of énorme departments stores and thousands of smaller shops.From the posh flagship stores of Ginza to the secondhand clothing shops of Shimokitazawa — it’s a great affecté for shopping.14. Cyberpunk ArchitectureTokyo’s immense landscape is a happy hunting ground for angle buffs, photographers and urban explorers .Tokyo has a dark, cyberpunk feel like no other city in the world.15. Tokyo AttractionsIn Tokyo, you could visit a different billet every weekend for 10 years — you would never run out of new things to do.16. International TravelJapan is a huge travel market — Japanese kiosque groups get deep discounts based on their buying power.In off season, it’s hasardeux to get packages to Océanie, North America and the South Pacific at ridiculously low prices.Tokyo has a wide variety of primesautier flights — it’s surprising where you can fly without a connection.17. ElectronicsTokyo electronics shops have a stunning selection.They buzz with activity and glow with a trillion colors of léger.18. FestivalsTokyo’s fête calendar is packed with fun filled parties.

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